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I am assuming the new set up will require different values for the vertical aim ratio which is currently 48%. Can't wait to see what you come up with !

You can set it to 100% and set your config Y/X ratio to 0,48.

Now that I've had a chance to look at the new changes I'll be shooting for an equal turn speed between axes which is rare in console games (yay) and I'll be removing the Axial Deadzone. These two changes may allow BFV to have the most PC like look mechanic yet aside from the turn speed limit.

The axial deadzone setting wasn't working properly back in BF1 so you should test diagonal movements before going ahead.

For the USA method where we disable the ADS configuration page. Is it a bad idea to use ADS translator for hip as some people have done so for other games.
It's a bad idea because the ADS translator is for ADS without USA which has different aim mechanics. ADS with USA uses the same mechanics as hip.

Also, with USA off, since 360 turns are meaningless, what method can I use to tweak my 1.50x and 3.00x zoom levels such that they feels similar to 1.00x zoom. I've tried doing something like flicking my wrist from right to left and marking the spots, and doing it again with other zoom levels but there is some inconsistency there.
You can adjust scope sensitivities in a way so that every scope moves one field of view for the same mouse travel distance.

It's basically what USA does automatically:

Lastly, when you disable the ADS and use HIP translator with USA ON, do you know if one loses precision, micromovement etc since we're not using the specifically made ADS translator. ( I also never found out why we turn off ads though for USA ON option)
With USA on, ADS has the same aiming mechanic as hip so you don't lose precision.

Game Support / Re: Bo4 or bf5 has correct Y/X ratio?
« on: 10:03 AM - 12/10/18 »
This is new tho:

uh idk whether I want ADS FOV on or off. It just feels less snappy with it off but extra zoom helps at range if I got 1.00x zoom gun. What should I do????

What FOV are you using?

Given USA off.
If in my video settings I turn OFF ADS FOV option such that when I aim a 1.00 zoom weapon, it will actually change my FOV and zoom in closer. Will this affect my aiming speed or will I have to increase/decrease to keep it consistent with the ADS zoom that I had when my ADS FOV option was turned on.

If you don't use USA and play with ADS FOV on, you will have to change your sensitivity in order to maintain the same feel.

For example, when you play with 95 FOV with ADS FOV on, aiming with the long range scope is going to feel ~50% slower than default.

Game Support / Re: Bo4 or bf5 has correct Y/X ratio?
« on: 05:51 PM - 11/29/18 »
Just use the Hip translator for ADS if playing with USA - that fixes the problem.

Game Support / Re: Xim 4 BF V - Not working correctly
« on: 08:07 PM - 11/28/18 »
Sounds like you enabled some option that swaps thumbsticks.

Check your button configuration in BFV, you may have set it to a left-handed one.

Make sure the swap thumbstick option in your XIM config is disabled.

Setting it to Hip translator is for APEX only right?

No, XIM4 can do it too. In mouse>advanced>somewhere at the bottom.

Can u enlighten me how to create sub config for it? I already create secondary button ,but mouse up messing up wit me. I only use V1 rocket, so i think its ok to use sub config
No need for a sub-config if you only use the V1.

Just set the two buttons and mouse up to the same key.

The official's ST need to set the USA as OFF.

Yes, but you can have USA on if you use the Hip translator for ADS.

If you want the same feel with all scopes and weapons, use USA with coefficient 178% with all sensitivities set to 100% and XIM Hip translator set as ADS translator.

Hi evryone, how do u guys activate V1 Rocket when it need to press 2 button at once and move your mouse upward to activate? Anyone can teach newbie here? Thx !

In secondary buttons, assing one key to the 2 buttons. If you only use the V1 rocket, also assign this key to "mouse up". If you don't, you can create a sub-config with turn assist that activates when you press that key.

I made a short comparison before deleting the videos for measurements:
No USA on the left, USA 178% on the right. All at 20% input.

You can see how with USA 178% objects take the same time to go across the screen no matter the FOV.

Game Support / Re: Bo4 or bf5 has correct Y/X ratio?
« on: 04:00 PM - 11/25/18 »
There's an X/Y ratio problem in ADS when playing with uniform soldier aiming. Did you disable it?

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