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If you enable USA, set it to 178% and use the hip translator for ADS.

always 1.0

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 09:51 PM - 11/23/19 »
We need a GTA V free aim ST.

An update (I don't know which one) made free aiming much better, as it completely removed time-based acceleration at lower inputs.

Rotational speeds haven't changed since release.

Game Support / Re: Borderlands 3
« on: 11:00 PM - 09/12/19 »

This is a temporary config for Borderlands 3 (waiting for the official ST), it's as close to 1:1 as I can get.

Game settings:
Look sens: 10
ADS sens: 10
Right stick:
Inner deadzone: 0.21
Outer deadzone: 0
Axial deadzone: 0

Uses Console Controller Crossover config
Y/X ratio set to 1.43 (anything between 1.4 and 1.5 should be fine)
Works for both hip and ADS (very similar if not same aim mechanics)
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Borderlands 3] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

- the diagonals are absolutely horrible
- I capped the max output to 98.5 because the time-based acceleration kicks in at 99%
- the first point of the curve is difficult to get right: 24.5 works for me, but anything between 23 and 25 should be fine
- deadzone set to 0.21 because I recycled the Excel spreadsheet from a BFV config
- I use 5000 DPI

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

You don't need an FOV slider for this method.

Just set your sensitivity so that the camera always moves the same on-screen distance per cm.

cm per 360 isn't a good method, measure it in cm per FOV instead.

Set an ads sensitivity that allows me to move to the edge of my screen perfectly in one swipe from the center of the mousepad to the edge..

This basically makes your mousepad a reflection of your monitor

Move from the right edge of your field of view to the left edge, set your sensitivity to get the same cm for each scope/game. This is going to make your feel consistent.

Game Support / Re: weird find.
« on: 09:10 AM - 08/26/19 »
maybe the controller was connected

Game Support / Re: Question/Idea on R6S ST for XIM Devs
« on: 12:53 PM - 08/05/19 »
So classic aim mechanics have better micro-movements, but what about time-based acceleration? Does the data suggest that classic and updated differ in this aspect?

cm/360 is not a good standard, use cm/FOV instead.

For example, this is a very good method:
Set an ads sensitivity [...] that allows me to move to the edge of my screen perfectly in one swipe from the center of the mousepad to the edge..

This basically makes your mousepad a reflection of your monitor

I use 13-14 cm per FOV.

Game Support / Re: Question/Idea on R6S ST for XIM Devs
« on: 12:03 PM - 07/25/19 »
We are taking another look at this game.

Don't forget to check the time-based acceleration - if different between classic and updated, could explain why some users preferred the other ST.

Yeah I definitely felt it. It was snappier but had this really weird acceleration to it.

I didn't feel the better snappiness - if there is a difference in time-based acceleration, it must be very small.

Did the technicians even check time-based acceleration?? I cannot find a single staff post talking about it.

It had other benefits. It feel less sluggish. But I guess on balance it was worse, but the benefits of being less sluggish must have felt pretty compelling at the time.

They never confirmed "updated" is less sluggish though... which is why I'm asking.

From what I understand, XIM technicians always weigh the positives and negatives of different game settings when choosing a configuration for the ST. In order to better understand why "classic" was chosen over "updated", the following questions need answering:

Aim smoothing has always been an issue in R6:S - do the updated aim mechanics have less aim smoothing than "classic" does?

If yes, do the better micro-movements of the classic curve outweigh the benefits of the updated aim smoothing?

(what's the reason why "updated" was initially chosen?)

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