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Been playing Overwatch on XIM for ages, I really want/need good settings for Genji & Tracer because I struggle with them bad.

If anyone of a high standard with these characters (Diamond/Masters/GM) can share there settings.. I'd like full settings, would very much appreciate it.

XIM Settings + Ingame settings such as aim assist window etc... also mouse dpi so I can convert.

I'm decent with most of the characters in the game apart from these 3... really need to start practicing with them.

Game Support / Fortnite Update
« on: 03:18 AM - 11/03/17 »
They've added an option for "uncapped framerate" in the settings... I've turned this on and the game and aiming feels way smoother now. I am on PS4Pro though. They issue a warning that turning this setting on could cause framerate drops and stuttering but I didn't encounter any at all... game feels very smooth now.

Game Support / Best Widowmaker Settings? [Overwatch]
« on: 08:34 AM - 08/15/17 »
Hi Guys,

I'd like to know the best settings for Widowmaker. (PS4)

I have G502 Mouse, 12k DPI, 1000Hz Polling.

Basically I'd like to know;

Aim Assist:
Aim Assist Window
Relative Scope:
Standard ST or CCC.

I never play Widow but would like to start practicing with her in quick play.

If theirs any other settings I need to know that I've missed from my above list, please add them.

« on: 09:17 AM - 08/11/17 »
If You Have A PS4 & From EU, With A Mic and would like to group.. add Taktikz

I'd like to try a 6 stack with a team full of XIMMERS. I'm currently 2600 SR, fluctuate between 2600-2800.


Game Support / Lawbreakers Question
« on: 07:57 AM - 08/11/17 »
This game looks really fast and frenetic, what is the turn speed limit like on the game on console? Does anyone know?

Is it like Overwatch/Destiny with low/limited turn speed or is it like Battlefield/COD with super fast turn speeds?

Need to know before I purchase.

Game Support / OW Widowmaker Question (Nav+Mouse)
« on: 09:15 AM - 05/25/17 »
Hi Guys,

I use Sony Nav + Mouse. G502 12K DPI.

I have my L2 Big Bumper Button on my Nav as Aim Down Sights/Secondary Fire.
How do I setup an ADS tab for Widowmaker whilst still using L2 Bumper?
Also What ingame ADS relative setting do I use? 100?

My concern is when I create an ADS in the XIM Manager, If I put L2 as ADS with a lower sensitivity on that xim tab, whenever I press my Secondary fire when not using Widowmaker it'll slow my sens down for other characters. Should I put a 1 second delay on the ADS Button activation? Also what ADS sensitivity is good for 12k dpi?

I also use the L1 button on Nav as Melee and I barely ever Melee anyway so thinking I could use L1 on Nav as ADS instead of L2.

I am confuzzled !

Game Support / BF1 Config Help Please
« on: 06:01 AM - 05/07/17 »
I created a new BF1 config but it still shows it as version .1 and not .2

Anyone know why? I restarted XIM app and tried create a new one again but still shows .1

Please help.

Game Support / Overwatch (Henrys Curves, Where Are They?)
« on: 07:29 AM - 03/24/17 »
Hi Folks,

I have just re-ordered Overwatch, should arrive tomorrow. Done a bit of research on the XIM settings to use for when it arrives, I see alot of people saying they use "Henrys Curves" .. I have scoured this forum searching for them but I can't seem to find them, anyone able to send me the link please or point me in the right direction?

I'd mega appreciate it so I can test them out.


Game Support / BF4 NAV + G502 FULL SET UP REQUIRED (PS4)
« on: 04:51 AM - 02/26/16 »
Hi Guys,

Does anyone have a full config code for a BF4 NAV + G502 Setup?

I tried setting my XIM up on it last night for vehicles etc and I just couldn't figure it out. Does anyone have a config I can use please, preferably with pictures of which buttons do what etc.

Thank you.

Support / [Q/A] How Do I Copy A Full Config?
« on: 05:55 AM - 02/25/16 »

I have a Destiny config set up, how do I obtain the FULL code in my XIM Manager to send to my friend? I want the full code so he only has to copy and paste one single code into his manager, and it'll have all my ballistics and buttons set up for him in one go.

Thank you.

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