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mine is not working what did you do?

now that was embarrassing. i had xim4. for 2 years. i guess i did this step once and never had to again  so i forgot.

Is working thank you for your help.

I cant get it to work! well i connect everything as i should but when i try to connect manager on pc or iphone nothing happends no blinks nothing.  i update firmware without problem.

I have Logitech G13 keyboard wired i also try with wireless keyboard not Bluetooth.  logitech k375s
Logitech Mouse g900
And i try another mouse also logitech g502

I have new ps4 pro with new controller is v2. bigger battery and buttons feels more comfy

now i changed in PS4 setting from Bluetooth to USB cable. i use original usb cord that i got with ps4.

All devices are recharged 100% and functional.  I had xim 4 before and it worked great with same setup. I sold it few days ago and purchase apex. and now is not working.  is it because controller is v2? that is my only logical explanation.

I really try it all. including factory reset.   It does not look that xim is broken.  but i dont know what it is..

Any help appreciated!

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