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XIM 4 Discussions / BF4 Emblem XIM4 (PS4)
« on: 11:24 PM - 09/01/14 »
As a proud owner of a XIM4, just thought i'd share my BF4 emblem lol.

XIM 3 Discussions / Gunship in BO
« on: 03:41 PM - 08/10/11 »
Is it only me or the gunship in BO in uncrontrollable through xim3 even if i pick up the controller still cant controll it, i was thinking its the controller but if i connect the wired controller without xim3 i can controll the gunship.

Obsiv, is there anyway you could add compatibilty for logitech deluxe 250 keyboard xim3 doesnt recognize it, thanx

im guessing the logitech deluxe 250 is not supported on xim3 even with the beta update, , if possible OBs can you add compatibility for this hardware :D

Playstation / hyperkin adapter
« on: 05:25 PM - 10/22/08 »
does anybody know if hyperkin adapter works good with xim, tried looking for adapters that are listed but its hard to find, only found that and its now listed, but need to know if it works before buying it dont wanna waste money on it...

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