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General Discussion / Re: XIM Tester
« on: 11:01 AM - 08/16/22 »
Testers are usually selected through a battle royale. Once a year all participants will receive a XIM invitational letter with details where they will be picked up by a taxi. They are then brought to a nearby harbour from where a ship will bring them blindfolded to a remote island.
On the island there are several challenges. I cannot leak this years tasks but last year we had wrestling versus Gorillas among other things. The last survivor will not automatically win but must make it back into civilization on his/her own.

In the last two years we sadly didnt see an increase in new testers but I am sure the competitors this year are are much more determined to win! :)

General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 03:56 PM - 08/02/22 »
OK. Bored now, you win.

General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 12:47 PM - 08/02/22 »
You're making incorrect assumptions, bigmasta.

I didn't discover XIM until I was gifted a XIM4 by a friend who found he was just plain better using his dualshock. He wanted to play with me on console but knew I was awful with a controller as I was raised on PC. I bought a used PS4 and connected my XIM (CoD didn't have direct in-game support for mice, back then). I hated the experience: the mouse was much too slow and aiming with AA and a mouse screwed with my muscle memory. But I stuck with it as I really wanted to play CoD with my mates who were all on the PS4. Fortunately, I discovered this forum, and learned from the likes of RML, antithesis and others, how to minimise the effects of Aim Assist so that it didn't get in the way.

I don't post on these forums very often, these days, as my mates have all stopped playing CoD. To be fair, so have I and my PlayStation is gathering dust as I have gone back to PC. I prefer direct mouse aiming without aim assist.

Please don't be so quick to judge other's moral standards. Just look to your own.

General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 07:45 AM - 08/02/22 »
I thought you guys (XIM) were against stuff like anti-recoil.

Don't go down that road my friends, that's cheating. Stay on the straight and narrow. That's one reason a lot of us are sticking with you.
Couldn't agree more.
I've been a XIM fanboy for many years, but lost respect for the company with the introduction of Smart Actions.
OBsIV had always been adamant about XIM not being a cheat device on ethical grounds. And I have quoted, in these forums, many times, that you can't do anything with XIM that you can't do with a regular controller.
I bought a Nexus as soon as they were available, not because I wanted to game with it, but because I just wanted to support the amazing company that let me use my mouse to play CoD on console. But I doubt that I'll buy XIM's next KB&M adapter if it focuses on something like Smart Actions, as I do see them as cheating.
My moral compass is still intact. If the next XIM product proves that XIM Technologies have thrown theirs away, then I won't be buying the new device.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: xbox series X
« on: 08:33 AM - 06/30/22 »

Any chance the new Product will have script support and work with CV like titan?  If not will it still play nice with Titan2?
Whatever XIM makes tends to work with Titan Two because theyíre both USB HID compliant. The only change that was needed for XIM APEX on Titan Two was adding support for 500 and 1000Hz input and output polling.

Also, I suck badly with a controller and I mean genuinely terrible, but Iím competent with a NEXUS. The custom thumbstick curves alone make a huge difference. Motion Aim plays the same role as a mouse in an m/kb setup to fill in the gaps for HIP movement and doing most of the aim in ADS.

I was highly sceptical of NEXUS when we first heard about it in alpha testing, but NEXUS is to controllers what APEX is to other m/kb adapters. For the first time in my life, I can play shooters with a controller. And itís hella fun to boot. Sometimes I donít want to play sweats and just relax back in my chair or on the couch. NEXUS allows me to do just that.
...and how are you getting on with alpha testing the new product?

General Discussion / Re: COD: Modern Warfare II & Xim Apex
« on: 03:44 AM - 06/25/22 »
Game will have zero skill gap. Devs are a bunch of babysitting heathens.
Agreed. The game is now utter shite.
When CoD was at its best players competed against each other. Combat Records were front and centre. Leaderboards were highlighted. Lobbies stayed together. Now, players have to compete against the Devs: strict SBMM and watered-down Prestigeing virtually eliminates progression; maps, field upgrades and streaks are designed to punish aggressive players and protect campers. CoD is a pathetic shadow of its former self.

I've been suffering in the last few days from a malfunction that's plagued my xim apex.
The end result (I couldn't find a solution)
I thank those who tried to help me.
But I'm still optimistic I think the solution will be to focus on updates and improve them further.
I hope it will be updated as soon as possible before the release of ow2 beta 🥲💔

Here's my problem, and yet I haven't found a solution. I hope I find a solution because I bought it three days ago and I didn't enjoy it.


I am very free for any discussion or question that leads to solving my problem

You're trying to fix something that isn't an issue. The Apex is supposed to flash red when your mouse speed exceeds the turn cap set by the developer of the game. The hub that you photographed is doing what it should. I expect the charging cable that you showed in one of your other threads is also fine.
Ignore the flashing red lights, or better still, turn them off. As I advised in one of your other threads, slow down your mouse swipes (this is console, not PC) and get used to the turn cap you get on console.
Don't buy anything to solve your problem. There isn't a problem to solve.

Technical Support / Re: Strange problem.
« on: 06:36 AM - 06/13/22 »
The Apex is telling you that you have reached the turn-speed cap set by the game's developer. The red lights flash to tell you that faster mouse movement will not be registered by the controller. Slow down your mouse swipes or ignore the red lights.

...and the most configurable mouse in the world (which antithesis can't use, 'cos he's a leftie) is the Swiftpoint Z.
Unfortunately, it's no longer in production (due to the silicone/component shortage), but the Tracer has most of it's important features.

As well as all the points above, you've got to consider "Does Sony have the expertise and resources to detect XIM?" If the answer is "Hell, yes!" (they employee over 100,000 people and are worth $135b, ffs!), then you have to ask yourself "why haven't they banned the XIM?" The answer is, they just don't care.
Only a tiny percentage of console users use a XIM and the device doesn't impact negatively on sales. You might come across a bunch of unhappy whiners online that think XIMmers are taking all their jobs and all their women, but until they stop buying games and consoles because of us, Sony won't do diddly squat about the Apex. Fact, bro.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Banned on multiple accounts
« on: 02:28 AM - 04/06/22 »
The fact that OP is using multiple smurf accounts says it all.

I still havenít got to grips with it. Doubt that I ever will.

I've had my Nexus for over a month, and no import duty/tax bill yet (Fedex International).

Acting Unfairly to gain advantage
Ah. Then, by your definition, XIM is not cheating as it acts fairly to gain advantage.  8)

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