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General Discussion / Memory Switch Program- anyone?
« on: 02:24 PM - 01/27/09 »
has anyone ever heard or used the Memory Switch Program?
i know it looks corny, but ive heard that it is acutally very good.  i was wondering if anyone knew anything about this topic or the product itself, maybe competitors, cheaper version. since its a staggering $280--
I have a horrible memory, so thats why i am trying so desperately to recieve a similar product.

Configurations and Requests / any updated l4d configs?
« on: 01:36 AM - 01/27/09 »
and does the horizontal sensitivity still drag?

XIM 2 Discussions / macro possibility
« on: 02:07 AM - 01/26/09 »
i am not yet requesting this macro, but i am wondering if it is possible.
is there a way to bind a key so, in left 4 dead, i can punch/change weapon at the same time? ( im sure this would be practical)
more importantly would this be noticeable or get me caught, if they could find i was doing this, by the mlg or something?

XIM 2 Discussions / wireless keyboard
« on: 02:04 AM - 01/26/09 »
i have a logitech mx 5500 mouse and keyboard.  I was wondering if there would be a delay for the keyboard, as i am using a g5 as my mouse, or if it owuld even be possible to use my keyboard with the xim2?

XIM 2 Discussions / odd question
« on: 05:10 AM - 01/25/09 »
with the xfps i have currently, i can use a the guitar for guitar hero as a controller.  would this be possible for the xim2?

Clan Clash / Left 4 Dead
« on: 10:56 AM - 01/23/09 »
I was hoping to start a clan, or something, for  l4d.
any discussion, a list of players, or a @#$% will be much helpful in trying to find anyone who actually knows how to play the game

I was just wondering if anyone knew a good translation from the Xim to the computer, specifically in regards to counterstrike.  In other words, while i have little understanding of the mapping of the Xim2, I was hoping someone knew a ratio or settings that i could feel comfortable with that would remind me of counterstrike. 
i had a sensitivity of 4.5 with default computer mouse settings

i know its a lame question but i was hoping to maybe have another enthusiast of cs take pity and answer my question

XIM 2 Discussions / Can anyone make an XIM2 and sell it?
« on: 07:24 PM - 10/20/08 »
Is there anyway for someone to make an Xim2 and sell it to me? I read another post about questioning whether or not to get the wait for the new one or buy the first one.  I thought maybe this question could be answered a different way.  I am not trying to take any potential money away from XIM2 as a whole. in fact id appreciate it if the person who could make this product was apart of the administration.  I can only apologize that i never learned how to solder and i dont feel like buying( and then ruining) a controller.  If anyone has comments they would help alot thanks

General Discussion / Time Of Death For CounterStrike>?
« on: 04:17 PM - 10/20/08 »
I have been playing games since atari and dos.  Counter strike has remained the best game I have ever played.  When I die I NEVER blame a lag spike, true frames, fps, the engine, or really anything about the game.  I can only slam down on my keyboard because of myself.  I have yet to see another game, especially on the 360, that comes close to matching this quality of entertainment.  COD has a delay in the true frames(interp), as well as battlefield, and most other 360 games.  Halo3 is fun, but has little ways of really improving.  you cant kill several enemies at once because they have slow reflexes, since the guns and the game itself arent designed for this gamestyle. Is being a badass on games, like in counter strike, finally done>? Is honing your skills as more then a camper obsolete?

    I want to believe they are making games that let skill override this equality of hypocrisies but i dont see it anytime soon.  Its almost as though they are making games now so the best are only inches above the worst.  Just because you bought the game you are entitled strides of more power to effect then you deserve.  Its infuriating to see people believe they are good gamers because they found one small aspect of the game and abused it.  They look down at counter strike and i am just waiting for the day it will roll them over.

XIM 2 Discussions / How much longer- when to sell xfps
« on: 10:41 PM - 10/19/08 »
I have been waiting since May to hear the news that I can buy the XIM2.  I hate my XFPS and want to sell it.  If I wait until XIM2 comes out there will be a significant drop in my sale of the XFPS (assuming most people dont only know about XFPS as a solution to kb/m on the 360, as I did once).  I dont want just want to wine and cry, but does anyone know when the XIM2 will be up for sale>? I know you can make your own but I dont want to ruin new controllers in the process.  I dont know how to solder. If anyone knows anything please help me out.

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