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Support / WOW its been a while... XIM2!!
« on: 08:16 PM - 10/11/11 »
Ok so I am on windows 7 x64.
I FINALLY got it to calibrate upon installation. 
I receive error code 407 (unable to connect to xim hardware)
It tells me to recalibrate (which I have done several times). 
This may also be a factor -I do not currently have a console with me I am trying to get it ready for when I do get one. i borrow a friends for the time being.
When i run xim.exe there are no errors also. 
You guys have always been the best support around.  Hope xim2 hasnt been left in the dust yet :p

What do I change on my laptop to match my desktop so the same config feels the same.  Do we have a list of these potential things? - I feel like i should know these things but never had to use my laptop until last week.
I have cpl mouse fix on both. I use the Logitech desktop program for both.  And i matched both speeds of both mouse speeds on the actual windows settings.
Anything else im missing?

General Discussion / Falling out of a plane
« on: 04:20 PM - 08/19/10 »
So today I woke up and thought today is a good day to jump out of a plane. 
I must ask, who else has skydived?
it was an amazing experience.  My shoot even got tangled, but i was so relaxed and in a surreal state, i was not all that concerned.  it was such a high -no pun intended-
definitely one of the best choices of my life.

looks like a lot of things have happened since i left. 
Obsiv, love the updates. 
Toys, your still as flaming and worthless as always (XOXO)

The insurance finally agreed to pay for the new surgeries, so i can stop my payments.  I will be back soon enough! woot woot!

so someone has to update me on anything i missed - links are good

okay guys, I must say that this is probably one of the funniest things I've ever done. Yeah, I know I've been a. F. K. For a long time now. But that's okay because I have found some new toys to play with. Right now I'm using the Dragon speak naturally program. No I am not advertising for them, rather I am just telling you that this program actually works. And for those of you who torrents a lot, you have to download this. I have done everything from startup my Firefox window to navigate the pages inside this message to you without touching a mouse at all the entire time. I can speak as fast as I want or as slow as I want and it really does not make a difference. You should check out their webpage if you have any doubts. This has been very funny. I would never capitalize after every sentence, and mist, you know that. It types about 120 times faster than when I actually just type myself, and have an average of about 90 words her minute. It's actually pretty @#$% amazing. I really think that everyone should have this even if it's just to try it. I sure as hell know that I get my wireless headset for it it can be pretty sweet to walk around and navigate my big @#$% TV whenever I want.tell me what you guys think, as I have not edited this comment anyway. And I have used this in my summer classes to record the teachers make full transcripts of what they said. It's pretty cool stuff.

General Discussion / HA! this is why the xim exists
« on: 01:10 AM - 06/13/10 »
sure hackers exist on XBL.
they may even have the ability to do this on any xbox live (not the point of this topic, SO DONT DO IT).

I played CS 1.6 on my pc today.  i knew, or i thought i knew, this guy was hacking.  so, in 10 min, i find 1.6 hacks.  i hit my F12, and now i am hacking.  He was hacking, and i could SEE that he was hacking.  what a @#$% joke the pc has become in gaming (as far as competitive gaming is concerned- over the internet and not lans)...

General Discussion / Is this legit?
« on: 12:30 PM - 06/08/10 »

does it really do what it says?  is there a difference between this and trackers?

News Description with Vid on their site

The images, provided by a North Texas Tollway Authority traffic camera, show the Pepsi truck driving in the southbound lanes at Beltline Road Wednesday afternoon when a car apparently cut it off.

The truck driver over-corrected and crossed the concrete median barrier, ending up on its side sliding in the northbound lanes.
ITS THIS PERSONS JOB, their LIVELYHOOD to report accurate descriptions of events.  @#$% MAN!

This is miles from where I live, on a road i drive everyday, with this moron who rammed the truck...


General Discussion / Transformers 3 - Multi Player
« on: 01:02 PM - 06/02/10 »
This is not at all what the second was, but looks VERY interesting if they have similar mechanics from the 2nd one.



reading my news sites i came across two interesting points from this post.

with obama the CIA missile drones (predator missles) have increased in usage compared to bush -(my first thought was of course! - millions of people and i have been using predator missles all the time in MW2).

when he said the playstation mentality- i was thinking how old the UN guy was who said that statement.  Playstation, who owns a playstation or uses it over the XBOX metaphor nowadays. 

yaya its a "serious issue" they are talking about, because its not like the CIA hasnt done whatever its wanted anyways for over 40 years now.  so you go up to the cia and tell them to let you give an example of how to do a predator missle with no casualties - tellem youve logged 3 days of  experience in hardcore team deathmatch, theyll understand.

To me, there is a very scary reality within the relationship of computers and money. Money is a finite transactional representation of value or worth, agreed upon by other people to be that way which gives it that worth or value, economics 101. Computers are not finite with respect to representation. In other words, what happens when digital bank accounts do not represent the meaning or value of money anymore?


does anyone know how to do this (obsivs work)?

im an idiot and dont know how to do it as i dont even know how it works  :-\

dont wanna ask obsiv to make a vid as he is obviously busy with new and better things lol

General Discussion / Transformers 2/3 the game
« on: 08:11 PM - 05/12/10 »
if you can make a smart config for that game, i will by the xim3 obsiv  ;D (ill buy it anyways though)

 I tried to make a config for it and FAILED a few minutes ago. activision made the game and its badASS online.  probably one of the most under rated games on the 360.

I look forward to the 3rd - even though activision wont make it.  its going to be TF3-> MW2-> then reach for my lineup.   i hope anyone who likes mw2 type games will buy the 3rd one too.  i was ranked 4th in the world at one point!

yea its all random but its information people should knoW!  ::)

I never had and was wondering if it would be worth it to play with my xim2.  or is the game just bad on the xbox?

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