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How do you post a picture on the forums lol. what do i type in between the img boxes? hahaha.

So its not the first time this has happened. First I thought it was the controller, then I realized it was the xim. 
I am on ps3 btw (didnt know if it made a difference).
Anyway, the shift button is selected as my sprint. it will not do it, AND, the controller will not sprint while connected to the xim. BUT when i take the controller off the xim it does sprint.

So I am all about zombies. I loved playing the game out of the box and had a brand new experience in a way that I never experienced zombies.
So from noobs to experts I will give the information I know and will ad onto it

Tranzit -
First thing you need to do is build the turbine IN THE FIRST ROOM YOU SPAWN. (this will save you money otherwise spent opening the first door)

To build the turbine, grab the mannequin from the central map, a toy plane’s wing under the nearby payphones, and a fan sitting by some seats near the window.
Take each part, one at a time, to the workbench to build the turbine. With the turbine, you’ll be able to open doors that would otherwise cost cash to get open.

Turning on the power-

You only need 3 parts in the lab room. Its very Easy.

The Circuit Board is located in a lower inner circular area, sitting up against a stack of crates. The switch is on a computer terminal, right in the corner. The zombie arm is on the ground.

With the turbine you dont have turn on the power - which is nice.

How to kill him

Other Achievements
(will be updated as I go through them)-

Is there anyway to play online, for the leaderboards, with only 3 people? Everytime I try to play with my friends we are matched with a 4th. I was wondering if there is anyway to get around this??

General Discussion / Ballistics Curve
« on: 09:43 AM - 11/08/12 »
So...I feel dumb lol.
Ive read about it, used posted ones, and still dont really understand it at all lol. 
Is it used to tighten the floaty aspect of big movements?
Can someone explain it to me from an XIM2 perspective?
I DO want to change my ST configs but have no idea what the changes to that graph means.

Why is the edge not purchasable through Amazon?
Why only on the XIM site?
 I am just curious.


If we make a list we can group up opening night with all xim users for the ps3= WRECKING the game until it breaks lol.

Yes, I know there is a list of users already but i dont know anyone on there personally or who is going to be online with blops2 opening night.

So take it or not. I just have a consistent 2:1 or higher ratio and thought we could group up FTW.

General Discussion / Anyone play heroes of Newearth?
« on: 11:52 PM - 10/15/12 »
Just curious if I am the only one on here lol

For those who dont, its exactly like DOTA from warcraft frozen throne.


Feedback / As expected
« on: 05:10 PM - 10/06/12 »

 I love the edge. Its so much easier then the xim2 in every way. The way to change the settings without using the computer is priceless.  Still dont know what the ballistics curve means and idk how people complain about the turning limits ( i mean maybe an extra button that lets you do a 180 but then its definitely "cheating"). Second best purchase for gaming since finding the razer imperator
I am very curious how many more have joined the xim community and made purchases since the xim2. Not so much the revenue but just the following. Even a list of how many served like mcdonalds would be great.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Quick Question
« on: 05:04 PM - 10/06/12 »
Sorry Sorry, searched and didnt find a list of switches people use for the m/kb. Just wanted to order one before sunday.

XIM EDGE Discussions / ST release question
« on: 10:41 AM - 09/25/12 »
So when does the smart translator release for BlackOps2 (1,2,3 days after the game is released)?

General Discussion / Gotham City Imposters - best class
« on: 12:01 PM - 03/22/12 »
SO what is the best class for a small to biggest characters?

Can anyone help me get the achievement on call of the dead and  Shangri-La so I can do the big bang theory achievement on the moon to get permanent perks>?


I was curious if anyone knew if this was a 100% m/kb translation to the ps3.  I am aware of everything about deadzones and yadayada.  I was just curious what everyone thought of this.  Obviously its for the ps3, and the xim is always the preferred choice.  jw though.

Playstation / Question about deadzone
« on: 10:21 AM - 10/14/11 »
I am using my mw2 xbox 360 config for the ps3 cod games.  I know the deadzone is different, but is it bigger or smaller? Circular or square? Of course its a million times better than a controller with any problems lol but its not tight enough when turning, to floaty and lacks exact precision. my deadzone is 6700 circular. Any help would be appreciated.

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