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Logitech G502
12000 DPI
500 Polling Rate
Steady Aim enabled for Hip and ADS
Progressive Delay (I use 100 for SMGS and QD ARs, 200 for ARs and 250 for the Locus)
7.8 Hip
4.15 ADS
Target Assist Enabled

Most consistent across all classes imo. Try it out and let me know what you think!

How do you reduce poling rate?

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM 4 On even when XBOX One is off?
« on: 05:31 PM - 11/08/15 »
Is this how it is supposed to be? I thought the latest firmware corrected this? Xbox is off but the XIM 4 and my connected G13 and G502 are on (lit up). Currently have the latest Firmware 20150816

I know that another firmware is on it's way in the next few days (I think that is what I heard) but am I doing anything wrong or have the Xbox One Set up incorrectly?

I also have the USB connected on the side of the Xbox one if that matters.

Ok cool. It is the new controller with the integrated audio jack.

I also have a scuf controller xbox one, will that work as well? I'm assuming it will.

If i have the regular xbox controller, it's fine then? I know that you're working on the elite controller. I'm assuming using the controller to be plugged in.

I'll be getting my xBox Elite tomorrow and I have updated to the latest firmware (although I think there will be another one around the 12th of Nov) on my XIM4.

The question is, was it necessary to update to the latest firmware? 

I have been using the XIM4 on my Xbox 360 and although it has worked well without any problems, the only annoying thing was when the XIM4 lights are on when the xbox is off so I went ahead and updated it.

So I currently have the XIM4 for my xbox 360 and from my understanding there are several new fixes/changes with the latest firmware currently available.

I will be getting an xbox one elite in two weeks and at that point, I need to make sure my XIM4 is ready and set to go when I plug everything back in.

A few questions:
  • Is there anyway to save the current game settings i have on my XIM4? In other words, a way to download and upload settings
  • Is it best to just start all over with all my configs?
  • Is there a way to upgrade firmware using a MAC?
  • Could I still use the XIM4 back and forth with the xbox 360 and Xbox one?

Thanks everyone for responding.

After thinking about it some more. I think I know what I need to do. Let me know if this doesn't make sense or there is a better way of doing it.

So what I'm trying to do is have one set of settings using LGS for both the G13/G502.

So what I did was...

1. I went into LGS and set the DPI and polling rate to max on the G502.
2. I created a profile (XIM Profile), I guess not relevant here but it will keep it contained, in the event I use the mouse for anything else.
3. Still using LGS, I assigned the mouse side buttons with let's say 8 or 9 to the keyboard.

4. I then went into BF:Hardline and using the XIM4 Manager, I assigned all the G13 keys.
5. Still using XIM4 Manager, I then assigned the 8 or 9 side mouse buttons with Grenade throwing for instance. I also did this for COD:AW using the SAME 8 or 9 side buttons. This way no matter what game, grenade throwing is assigned to my mouse.

Does this make sense?

Now, originally, the mouse side buttons was assigned to forward/backwards (internet explorer) but I unassigned it and added 8 or 9 so I can use the side buttons. When i unassigned the buttons and left it at that and used the XIM4 Manager, the XIM4 manager wouldn't pick it up unless I had something assigned to is using LGS.

Did I do something wrong? What I'm saying is that if I left it at forward and backwards on the side buttons would XIM4 pick up still?

First off, I love the XIM4! I just got it a couple days ago and as I'm playing around with the settings, right out of the box, it has worked to my expectations.

I do have a question when using the G13 with G502 Mouse. I'm curious does anyone use the same combination for the two different games?

What I'm trying to understand is if I make my configurations on the computer for both the G13 and G502, do I need to make changes on the XIM Manager? I seem to be getting mixed results but I think I may just need to test it out more.

For the time being, for both games, I have just used the XIM manager to assign the keys but I don't think I'm doing it right.

If I want to bind a key from the G13, I don't know how to bind it to the mouse or vice versa since the XIM detects it as a Joystick.

Does anyone have any suggestions or how I should set it up correctly?

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