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yes this curve definitly makes it better had to tweak it a little but thank you so much i was going crazy trying to figure it out

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Library
« on: 11:45 PM - 04/05/15 »
is there a curve that will allow me to have smooth movements when i am turning slower but still have the ability to play at a high sensitivity (if that makes sense) or is that just a pipe dream??

Is there a way that I can fix this with out playing on a lower sensitivity? Like a curve or something? Since I am a run and gun person playing on lower sensitivity does not suite my play style since all my encounter happen at different directions I am constantly doing 180s.

Have you had a chance to try different LGS surface tuning settings? Either the presets or calibration?
No I have not I have found that the razer is  smoother than the lg402 so I have been using that but it still is does what i described earlier

So this could be a few things. First make sure you are using the correct ST for the game. Some users use a single ST for all CoD's which I don't recommend due to the small differences in deadzone and micro movement mainly.

Some users have reported issues like this at certain dpi settings. You mentioned trying all dpi levels.

Next you could consider the surface you are using. Laser mice track better on hard surfaces, optical on soft. Also check the sensor for debris. I know you mentioned two mice so probably not this.

The G402 has a surface tuning wizard inside LGS. There are presets and a calibration tool. Users have reported having tracking issues until they have played with this setting so it's worth looking into.

If you are using the correct ST and this doesn't happen with a lower sensitivity then you may just be experiencing unstable movement because of the very high sensitivity and dpi setup that you use. I'm curious about this because while MW2 is an early tech ST, MW3 is not.

Can you describe the type of movement you are seeing? Do a sweep with your mouse but start slow and build up speed. At what point does it occur? Is it skipping or zig zagging? Does it happen only when targeting enemies or does it happen when there are no enemies around? Hip, ads, both?

I have cleaned the mice and the mouse pad so I don't believe it's that. I usually see it when I strafe around corners small movements one way or another both hip and ads. Sometimes even when I just running it seems jittery and skippy looking like monitor is is dropping frames. Hope that helps describe what I am seeing

i primarily play mw2 and mw3

my firmware and manger are 20150212. i am playing on 6400 dpi and 20 to 30 sensitivity. It is better at low sensitivity but it is just too slow it seems.

yes i have been using the latest manager and firmware

I mean the firmware and Manager here: http://xim4.com/community/index.php?board=77.0
thats the manager and firmware i have and it is still jittery on slow movements


If its that one i downloaded it and it is still the same on both mice....

I have had my xim4 for almost a month now and have tried two different mice the g402 and the razer deathadder 2013 but i cant not get the movement smooth. I have the in game sensitivity and the dpi all the way up also i am not going over 35 sensitivity. If i go any lower it just isnt as fast as I would like it to be.  I have also tried every single polling rate along with ballistic curves.  Is there anything i am doing wrong??? Any suggestion would be great.   

How do I go about doing that?

i bought a xim4 about a week ago and downloaded the manager 20141114 had it running but then tried to update to the 20150212 and everytime i try to connect my xim4 to the manager it crashes. It is succesfully paired with tablet via bluetooth.  I have also tried uninstalling and deleting the bluetooth settings but it still crashes. I do not know what to do someone please help!!! thank you

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