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Hi I'm looking to get some help in building a custom config for an unsupported game. Since there's no STs for elite dangerous specifically, I have to choose one from the list that best matches the feel. I've noticed at the bottom there are configs labeled Generic Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Epsilon. What are these?

On this thread https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=30363.1230 I've noticed a user posted some information that looks pertinent to building an ST for elite, though I don't think it'll help much in blind testing already existing STs.

Any additional info would be great, basically I'm gonna be messing with all sorts of translators until I get one that works best with ship pitch/yaw and config roll/directional thrusters on keyboard. Any information on how to do that slightly better and/or any experience anyone can share about elite would be greatly appreciated.

Last question, does the Xim Link software only work for the xim apex? Or could I configure that to work for xim4? Being able to use software macros would be a godsend for configuring elite dangerous since there's so many button+direction combos needed for elite, and you can only configure a set of 2 with the way xim4 normally works.

So there was a match composer update for Halo MCC that also came with new aim setting options. I didn't notice anything off until I got dropped into a halo 2 classic match. Halo 4 was fine but H2C was WAYYY off. No matter what kind of settings I messed with the movement was drifting all around. For example, I would move the mouse slowly from left to right, but the translated input would move my reticle up and down all jittery like as it moved. It also just seemed off in general beyond that. Normally I use 3600 DPI with 15 sens, had to drop it down to 13 but of course that didn't fix the drifty stuff. Seems like the smart translators need an update. IDK about halo CE, H2A, or H3, but H2C is incredibly broken. H4 seemed fine, I didn't notice anything there. Also it's not the controller because I could use the controller without any issue and switched to H5 and all was good there as well.

So yeah, tldr the smart translators need a look in MCC I think.

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