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Support / [ACTIVE] xim4 not connecting
« on: 07:49 PM - 05/13/16 »
i am using my xim4 after a long time and i tried to connect it through my iphone app and it says please upgrade to 20150816 at xim4.com/downloads but i dont see that in there.
i tried to connect through my android tablet to it and it gives another error.all the xim managers in ios are updated through testflight software and the android one through play store,
so not sure how to get it working again

Beta / IOS beta's
« on: 07:49 AM - 10/20/15 »
So i have been using xim4 manager beta on IOS through testflight.It has just been renewed for another month. I wanted to know when it will come to an official release where people can download from app store rather than testflight. I have heard apple is tough on releasing apps,but i wonder how tough are they and what are the reasons behind this delay.

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4 PS4 mic question
« on: 02:49 PM - 10/14/15 »
I have been using Xim4 for few months now.I love it as i always played FPS on pc and controller was never my thing for FPS games,the one thing that i dont like though is that i have lost the chat feature.before i could connect my sony mic,headphone to controller and be done with. With XIM4 connected to controller this feature didnt work.
I recently havnt checked with 20150816 update,but can someone update me if it works or if there is easier option to use it rather than using bluetooth headset.
Thank you

Support / [Q/A] XIM4 Manager on IOS
« on: 02:20 PM - 10/14/15 »
i love that i can finally access xim4 through my iphone and dont have to use my laptop.
There are few bugs that i have faced when using IOS version,which i wanted to address so maybe in future it can be fixed
1)whenever i type the sensitivity i want,there is no close button,the numbers always stay open and covers most of the screen,so basically i have to close the xim manager and open it again. There are all the numbers 0-9,'backspace' button and '.' button, but no 'OK' or 'Done' button to finalize what you want your setting to.
2)when i was lowering the sensitivity through 'up,'down' button on the screen,and i held on 'down' for some time,sensitivity went all the way down to 0,and it wouldnt go up.If i would manually press 9 or any number to set sensitivity,i could see that the numbers were scrolling down to '0' again.
thats the issue i have faced so far using it,will keep updating if i find something else.

Support / Re: XIm4 not connecting
« on: 02:14 PM - 10/14/15 »
Please do a full re-pair as described by the Beta Manager post. This is requires as you had to do a factory restore in order to upgrade.
First off all thanks for sending me the invite to xim manager on ios. I didnt understand what u mean by factory restore,but i just connected it through bluetooth to my iphone and it worked fine then.
Thanks again

Support / [ACTIVE] XIm4 not connecting
« on: 11:32 AM - 10/13/15 »
So i recently decided to update my xim to newer version(20150816) for some reason.i flashed it to the latest version from this website http://cloud.xim4.com/Release/
and i also got the similar dated maanger.
when i open the manager it just doesnt connect to my xim4.it says connecting failure(multiple retries attempted)(10060)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Library
« on: 10:10 AM - 05/07/15 »
BF4 XB1 (All the settings and gear I use are in my signature) - Very similar to Tuffs curve, with a bit less acceleration. This curve helps with sticky aim, which in turn, helps me get head shots!

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 START Paste >>>
<<< XIM4 END   Paste <<<

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 START Paste >>>
<<< XIM4 END   Paste <<<

Can I use this for PS4 as well,or would I need to do tweaking,i have the same mouse as yours

Game Support / Re: Help: GTA 5 settings
« on: 10:30 AM - 12/29/14 »
i wanted to ask, can we use the xim4 for third person camera in GTA5,or is it only FPS mode.

damm you couldnt have talked about this at a worse time,cause i just got myself g502 and was super excited about it,but now i am scared.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: LOVE MY XIM4
« on: 07:39 PM - 12/26/14 »
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your experience with XIM4. As others have said you will benefit from a high dpi mouse. Usually the higher the better but it's also important to look for a flawless sensor, that is to say one that doesn't add acceleration or movement correction like angle snapping. The Logitech G400 and G502 fall into this category and are often on sale between $40-$60. Mice from other manufacturers might fall into this category as well but I would suggest that you research that before purchasing a mouse.

To answer part two of your question yes you should always use the max in-game sensitivity unless otherwise suggested by XIM Manager. Using a low DPI mouse and 300 sensitivity sounds like it could be possible depending on the game you are playing and the turn speed. Regardless of your dpi though you should always start with a low sensitivity and work your way up to something that feels comfortable. I would definitely invest into a flawless high dpi mouse.

Thank you,just got my g502 a few hours ago for 50$,and you are right with mouse set default ok 12k dpi,i set the xim manager sensitivity to much lower now,and it seems very fluid and natural.

XIM 4 Discussions / Mouse for Xim4
« on: 12:43 PM - 12/26/14 »
So i recently got my xim4,and using a very basic dell mouse which is i think 1000dpi. I have increased sensitivity to max in games and in xim manager to about 300%.which makes it somewhat faster but still not that much.
I wanted to know what mouse you people are using so that i can get maybe same thing,and if its worth it.Right now i am looking at Logitech g502 which is 12k dpi,but its $60+,idk if its worth buying or not.
Let me know thanks.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: LOVE MY XIM4
« on: 01:47 AM - 12/25/14 »
a gaming mouse is recommended for optimal experience
i suggest a optical mouse with 3000+ dpi
ok thanks for the tip,my current mouse is only 1000dpi so i gotta change that.
secondly i connected my mic to controller at same time when xim is connected,but i couldnt chat,is there another way to do it,or you cant voice chat once using xim4

XIM 4 Discussions / LOVE MY XIM4
« on: 07:23 PM - 12/24/14 »
i was really skeptical of getting another tool that helps with FPS,specially after dealing with Fragfx back on ps3,but so far i love it,i got my filed double digit kills in killzone.lol
My question is that i am using the generic dell mouse. Is anyone using that or everyone using a gaming mouse.the problem with that mouse is,i dont think i can set up its dpi setting,since its just plug and play. i have increased sensitivity in game to 100% and in the xim manager to around 300% in order for it to be smooth,Is that normal or should i get a mouse which will help it improve more.
Thank you guys and thank you XIM.

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