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for that, I've tried many times but it doesn't seem to work.  Is there a video that shows what to do to actually SAVE IT?  I appreciate everyones help on this small detail

Hello All,

In the XIM Manager I can program most of the G502 buttons except the DPI button on the side.. Why is this?  Can i just have a simple answer or a video tutorial that's already posted as to what I need to assign it to in G-Hub so that it can recognize mapping.  I'd really just like to "crouch" :-)

Thank you so much team

Hello Community,  Happy New Year to all.

I have the navigation controller for the PS3/4/5 with the Apex.  I recently bought a brand new B loader which supposed to work really well.  There are so many different and confusing recourses available.  I have clear instructions for setting up the B loader, but then what are the next steps to set it up using the PS5 official dual sense controller with the APEX? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f09TA-OunDo  Our trusted dude is where I will do the B-loader, does anyone know what happens next?

Thank you so much

Thanks all,

I switched out my mouse because the wire was torn up!!  and wanted a more wireless system.  Yes the Navigation controller is a wireless controller by default... But for some reason it's not being recognized as such.  I also noticed that you guys have your ports all twisted in different ways LOL, maybe I'll do that

Keep you all posted

Hello Guys,

I trust all is well, it's been ages since I've played on PC using WASD.   I've typically used the play station navigation controller for my FPS and used the left trigger for aiming down sights.  Recently I've been getting some fatigue in my left thumb and wanted to change up my play to avoid issues (LISTEN TO YOUR BODY WHEN IT TALKS).  But for the life of me can't remember how I managed all those years ago to ADS which moving and using WASD for a game like lets say Division 2.  My questions are

1) Which keyboard are you using?
2) Do you recommended any of those "one handed mechanical keyboard for my case use"?
3) Lastly, HOW ARE YOU AIMING DOWN SIGHTS which still moving and being competitive

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: *removed*
« on: 01:36 PM - 01/26/20 »
Thanks Moderator person....

I haven't updated my Xim4 in years... literally!! I've had it since 2014 so I've technically been a product user for a while now. I never updated the xim past the initial set up because there's nothing wrong with it... It just works within it's use case scenario.

I think I should be allowed to ask the following

1) Does the Xim4 latest firmware and update allow for "advance mouse smoothing" options like what is available in the XimApex with setting polling etc?  I don't want to just update and break things when things aren't broken per say.

2) what is the correct order for updates if it can? firmware then xim manager?  Is the manager different what from what I already have now on my IOS device?

I figure if I can get granular control of the mouse I can fix... This is me trying to finely control my XIM within XIM and not anything else.  Hopefully I can be pointed in the right direction

I thank you moderator person


XIM 4 Discussions / *removed*
« on: 09:32 PM - 01/25/20 »

Thanks admin person..

That kinda works.. It connects but just momentarily, I'm starting to think it may the controller itself... I will..do more testing 

Any input!?

With the PS4 controller Ver2 (the one with the light bar on the touch pad)  there's no problem.  I turn the controller off, plug in the XimApex, my PS4 navigation controller, and my wireless Logitech light-speed mouse and it works great as the   PS4-verson-2 controller is recognized and the light turns "amber".

But this about getting the PS4-v1 controller to work.  What do I have to do in my settings to make the Version 1 controller works with the APEX as it should.  Keep in mind the PS4-v1 controller works regularly when not trying to hook it up to XimApex and using with the PS4 normally

What does one do in this case guys?

Please advise

Thank you so much

Can anyone tell this silly fool (myself) where exactly in the new software manager for the Logitech G502 lightspeed I can assign the DPI buttons so that the "presses" can be recognized in the XIMApex software... I've gone in and assigned my But away many times to come out of the software and it still not work....

I may be doing something wrong, but not sure what

Thank you all


Hello Community

I am successfully using the Apex with the Logitech light speed and the navigation controller, BUT, the nav-controller is not being recognized unless it's plugged in.... I used this exact set up when I had the wired logitech G502 with the nav-controller being recognized via bluetooth.....

Any tips on why as of now it has to be plugged in?  what am i missing?

Thank you all

Thank you both and thank you all!!!!!!

Agent Smith sir..... I thank you sir!

And this is with the aforementioned gear yes?

1) Chronos Plus
2) Xim APEX
3) G502 Logitech lightspeed wireless
4) Playstaion navigation controller

Thank you so much for that response...

In your opinion what's the cleanest approach? This is what I have so far
1) Navigation controller from Playstation (can be wired or wireless)
2) Brand new XIM Apex wireless
3) G502 wireless

Your thoughts please.... and again, thank you :-)

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