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Game Support / Deathloop Dualsense requirement?
« on: 09:02 AM - 09/13/21 »
Deathloop comes out tomorrow and i'm interested. However, it markets itself heavily in tandem with the dualsense functionalities, so i suppose they require a dualsense controller to play it, which makes it unplayable with the Apex on PS5. However, i couldn't find anything definitive. Does anyone know if the dualsense is required?


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Future of Xim Apex on PS5
« on: 10:11 AM - 09/02/21 »
I think this will continue to be the trend and I think it's coming from Sony. I assume they are requiring games (or at least incentivizing them) to only support DualSense. Sony is proud of it and want it to be a major differentiator rather than become a gimmick and this is how you do that. If solution is out there it isn't going to be found by us.

Looks like i spurred quite a discussion, haha. First of all, thank you for your honest answer. I also wanted to thank you and everyone involved. I have a disability in my hands what makes it, in some occasions, easier to use a keyboard and mouse instead of the thumbsticks. The XIM gives me the flexibility i've never had and it works great so far (also, XIM Link is great).

I'll be on the look for a series X. I know you obviously can't look in the future, but since the Xbox has support with the first party controller, i suppose that there are no, or at least a lot less hiccups expected?

(I didn't know that the X stands for Xbox and that i was originally only meant for Xbox, you learn something every day)


XIM APEX Discussions / Future of Xim Apex on PS5
« on: 03:03 PM - 08/29/21 »

I was trying to play the COD: Vanguard Alpha, which didn't work, because of the devs requirement to play with a DualSense controller, which isn't supported. I also saw a dedicated topic on here.

Is it expected that more devs make using a DualSense controller a requirement, making using the Apex impossible? Is a workaround or full support from Xim's side still a possibility? I'm asking this because i might be on the look for a Series X, because it has full support.

Thank you!

Game Support / Re: Borderlands and Mass Effect
« on: 07:37 AM - 05/17/21 »
Thanks for the detailed answer!

Game Support / Borderlands and Mass Effect
« on: 03:23 AM - 05/17/21 »
I'm planning on playing two collections of games i somehow never played (Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Borderlands: The handsome collection). They both have configs for each separate iteration, but which one should i pick to play the collections on? The last one?


Understandable. Thank you!

Beta / Re: Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 04:39 AM - 04/09/21 »
Thats probably their internal product name for the controller, the model version number would look something like this:
SLEH 00470

No worries if you returned it already, i should have asked sooner ;).

I've asked for the SLEH code, but they couldn't retrieve the code for the specific controller i returned unfortunately.

XIM APEX Discussions / configs for new games and beta's
« on: 07:29 AM - 04/05/21 »

I have a question about configs for new games. I already did a search and learned that it takes about a week to make a new game specific config available. But how do you guys cope with games with open beta's? The reason i'm asking this is that was interested in knockout city, which had an open beta and no config yet (understandable of course) but also no previous game to build from, which made me wonder.

wasd randomizing option

Simulate Analog Behavior under Expert configuration settings.

When i check enable expert configuration i only see an option with response rate popping up, but not simulate analog behavior.

Beta / Re: Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 04:25 AM - 04/03/21 »
I already returned it so i couldn't check it myself. I couldn't find it on the specifics page either so i contacted the webshop. They responded with: PS4OFCPADORANGE, But i guess that isn't what you want to know. Or am i wrong?

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 01:35 PM - 03/28/21 »
Has to be USB 2.0 I have this and it has worked great for the last year no problem's at all.


I can confirm that this cable works.

Beta / Re: Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 01:33 PM - 03/28/21 »
It works! I was using the newest firmware when using the Nacon controller, but when i tried the fighting commander i did a factory reset so that i could install it with a cleans slate, not realizing it didn't install the newest firmware automatically.

The Nacon controller still doesn't work for me, but the fighting commander does. Thank you so much all!

Beta / Re: Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 09:35 AM - 03/26/21 »

Beta / Re: Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 04:21 PM - 03/25/21 »
Yes, i double checked and it's on USB cable,

I also bought the hori mini, connected it after the rainbow colors (initialization) as the instructions state, but still nothing.

I tried 3 controllers now without result. I made in run easily on a PS4 with a dualshock controller, but the rest...Nothing. I hope a solution can be found.

Beta / Re: Nacon compact controller not recognized
« on: 04:22 PM - 03/24/21 »
I purchased the fighting commander and i'm running into exactly the same problem unfortunately. I cant make the thing flash green lol.

On my PS4, with the original DS4 controller, it works flawlessly, nut on the PS5, with the compact and the fighting commander, it's a big nope so far. I'm a bit sad to be honest...

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