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I'm an idiot. Turns out mouse was indeed faulty. Not sure when that happened but another mouse works fine.


Tried with controller while connected to XIM. No it works fine, I also tried keyboard and controller, that works fine as well. Doesn't cause that problem

Cables are fine and controller is charged.

I've done more testing and it seems like when I use keyboad and mouse it freezes mouse. As if to many commands clogged the system.

If I don't press any keys on the keyboard it works fine. When I start using keyboard, strafe etc. and mouse then it stops mouse movements briefly. And when I stop using keyboard it works again.

Mouse: Razer deathadder
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

I haven't used my XIM4 for about 6 months.

Updated the latest firmware, plugged it to my PS4PRO, fired up Black ops 3.

However when I move my mouse sometimes it just doesn't do anything. This happens very frequently though, in 60 seconds gameplay, it happens at least 3 times or more.

It gets stuck and once it stucks whatever I do with my mouse it doesn't register at all, this can be like 1-2 seconds. Then it starts moving again normal, but still feels a bit sluggish. However keyboard works fine, mouse clicks are fine as well. I created a brand new profile, no changes.

Is there any idea why this might be happening?

Game Support / Re: COD4 Remastered Support for XIM4
« on: 03:00 AM - 11/01/16 »
Yes, it's playable on PS4 now. Until ST release any recommendations of config?

Hey game is out on PS4. Any recommendations until official ST release?

Beta / Re: Atheros Bluetooth users PLEASE READ
« on: 02:30 AM - 10/19/14 »
My situation is exactly same, doesn't work form me. I've got Asus p9x79 pro mobo.


I've uninstall ASUS bluetooth drivers and let it install the default ones. Now Windows cannot pair with XIM4 and gives this error:

The device indicates a hardware failure

What now? I've tons of devices at home yet I cannot use the applicaiton;

- 2 iPhones (not supported)
- One PC with ASUS MOBO (not supported)
- ASUS Laptop (not supported)
- HP Laptop (XIM Manager says "Not Responding")
- Macbook PRO (not supported)

Quite lame.

P.S. Why the hell I need to enter 4 stupid CAPTCHAs in every single post and reply???!!!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: ADS Toggle in Destiny
« on: 01:47 AM - 10/19/14 »
I've never experienced sync issue.

XIM 4 Discussions / ADS Toggle in Destiny
« on: 03:53 AM - 10/07/14 »
Hello everyone,

I'm planning to switch form Venom-X to XIM4. However I noticed that there is not "ADS Toggle" option in XIM4. I have seen some topics trying to justify this by saying if the game throws of off ADS etc.

I've been playing Destiny for about 3 weeks with Venom-X and ADS toggle it works PERFECTLY fine. I rely ADS toggle too much as I have RSI and keeping a button down for too long hurts.

So is doing ADS Toggle possible with XIM4?

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