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General Discussion / Re: Gamers should watch this...
« on: 07:12 PM - 03/20/19 »
There was no way Jordan Peterson's name was being brought up without this descending into hell haha.

Before I even knew who Rogan was I heard him described by the far left as some racist a-hole. Then I found out what he was really like and thought...hyperbole much? I heard the same thing about Peterson so this time I forced myself to watch some of his interviews just to hear some views from "the other side". As much as I hate having to listen to the incoherent ramblings of a right winger, I like to give differing opinions a chance, and was again surprised to hear most of the mud being slung at him was just hyperbole. Keep in mind that at the time I would have described myself as leaning far left, but after seeing just how crazy people are I've moderated some and consider myself just left of centre.

If Rogan can be framed as a racist right winger, then it made me realise that this type of discussion is always certainly not going to end well because everyone feels the need to be backed into a corner for whatever @#$% reason. We're already seeing the corners formed in this thread. As long as someone hasn't found themselves backed into a corner then everything they say should be given the time of day, valid or not. I don't consider Peterson someone who has backed himself into some ideological corner (well, except for his views on religion).

EDIT: and yes morons on the extreme right have made Peterson their poster boy but that's hardly his fault. I disagree with a lot of what he says too (I was watching some stuff of his about religion and couldn't stop rolling my eyes), but you don't pick and choose who your fans are.

General Discussion / Re: Gamers should watch this...
« on: 07:34 AM - 03/20/19 »
Agreed. I think the far left is equally as crazy as the far right. What happened to just good old common sense. Itís like everyone needs to find themselves in some polarized extreme end of the spectrum to feel comfortable.

General Discussion / Re: Gamers should watch this...
« on: 06:32 AM - 03/20/19 »
Wouldnít be surprised if it was a troll. For some reason Peterson is seen as far right by many people when heís clearly not.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Update
« on: 08:07 PM - 03/18/19 »
It was changed a lot during the first 18 months but hasn't changed since.

Tried searching, didn't see anything on this. I've only tried the keyboard, took it out of the box and plugged into xim4 and it works. Anyone interested in a wireless key pad may want to check it out.


Thanks for confirming. There's not much info out there about this keyboard.

I'm so tempted, I've got my finger on the buy button!!!!!!!!!!!

It's blue switch too. Most gaming gear usually have red switches and I love my tactile clicks. Is there any input lag? I've read a few reviews complaining about this. 

General Discussion / Re: Keyboard mouse noise
« on: 08:03 PM - 03/06/19 »
Scissor switches (see my sig for a comprehensive guide).

I use a scissor keyboard when playing with a squad, and a mechanical when solo or in a noisy game like COD.

Is the space bar and shift / caps (basically the long buttons) good quality? I bought a cheaper one handed keypad with quality mechanical switches but the big buttons had such a bad hinge mechanism it was like pressing my finger into gravel.

I didn't say you were denying it. I just used that as one example where I've come across where someone wanted to stay silent but wasn't doing a good job of it.

Years ago I was told to buy a red if I wanted silent. I tried red and thought...you have GOT to be serious? This is silent? And then I was told to try o-rings and again I thought...oh lordy. So when I hear people now talking about the new cherry silent red, I just roll my eyes. I gave them a test at the shops and couldn't help but smirk at how loud they were. I'm just here to warn people that "silent" means different things to different games / people. I actually use both a brown and blue regularly - I love the sound, but I like my scissor keyboard when I want that peace and quiet:)

What games do you play?

ďSilentĒ means different things depending on the  game youíre playing. I've heard people try to deny they're using mouse and keyboard in Siege but the game is so quiet that it's delusional trying to hide it.

For really loud games like COD you could try a silent red. But again remember it's only "silent" if you're playing a loud game. No o-rings or dampeners in the world will conceal the sound if you're playing tactical games like Siege or a battle royale like PUBG.

As for membrane, no I don't think there's such a thing as a good membrane. Your best bet is a scissor, see my signature for a comprehensive guide.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: gpro wireless
« on: 09:17 PM - 03/02/19 »
It's perfectly fine. I've heard this complaint from a few others, I assume you've all maxed it out to 16k DPI and haven't optimised the settings. Mine is buttery smooth.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 12000 dpi to 16000 dpi
« on: 01:53 AM - 03/02/19 »
Yeah itís a lot more power efficient.

When I got my G703 I regretted it cause Iím a lazy charger. I know I should plug it in every night but I just donít. 

This new sensor is just in that sweet spot where I donít feel annoyed when my battery runs flat. I feel like I got a good session out of it. Whereas with the g703 I was always kind of annoyed lol

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 12000 dpi to 16000 dpi
« on: 11:26 PM - 03/01/19 »
You probably won't feel the difference, but I'm a big fan. The new sensor uses a lot less battery. The difference between the G703 and G Pro Wireless is huge. I felt like I was having to recharge the G703 all the time compared to my GPW. I think on paper there's only a small difference but in practice it's worlds apart. Maybe it uses better battery conservation tech and it's less about the sensor, I don't know.

Na I play on the touch so I wanted a wireless mouse, so I'm on the GWP now.

for that price its pretty save to assume its fully cherry red, the amazon entry doesnt indicate anything else too

there are a few users with that keyboard here though, im sure one of them can look under the keycap of those keys and verify if its a cherry switch or not

Yeah as I said whether it's genuine cherry or not is not really that relevant. Even the fakes are really good these days. The trouble is the mechanism that sits under the longer buttons (shift, space) that need those metal supports. This is where there is usually a huge difference between cheap and expensive keyboards. If that mechanism isn't good then it feels like there's sand stuck under the button.

EDIT: this is what I'm talking about:

Feedback / Re: Hold the key
« on: 09:24 PM - 03/01/19 »
Yes a timeout feature would be good. Presently you need to manually deactivate it.

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