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Anyone hear any updated news about the release date? I cant find any info on it other than "end of 2014". I had a blast playing this on the PC and when they release this on the PS4, I can see most of my time being spent on this. How long do you guys think it will take to get a ST for Planetside 2?

PS4 Name is Balloon__Knott

Thats with 2 underscores.

Currently playing Destiny. Looking forward to Planetside 2 and the next CoD.

Hello everyone,
 New XIM4 owner here and I just per-ordered the PS4 Destiny Bundle (First console since NES). Ive been playing FPS my entire life on the PC starting with DOOM. I consider myself  a good PC FPS player with a KD ratio 2.5 to 3 depending on the game. I'm not a sniper or a camper.  Since I'm married and have 2 boys, I cant keep on updating my PC the way I would like so I'm moving to the PS4.

 I would like to join you guys in the XIM Destiny PS4 clan/team. My PSN Name is Balloon__Knott. I would also like to add you guys as friends.

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