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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ordered XIM 4.
« on: 06:18 AM - 09/07/14 »
Yes you will get the email . actually you will get two email.
First will be from xim store , once the is ready to ship . Second one from FedEx . both have tracking #.

You can get used android tab or phone cheap from Craig's list . you only need to run the app so any old android will work phone, just make sure android os is 4.0 or better . you can even get  2012 nexus tablet for around 50 .
Other one I can think of which is with decent spec and cheap is moto g for Verizon or boost .

How comfortable it is for 2 to 3 hours gaming session ??
I am still undecided about keyboard alternative so checking all possibilities .

yeah a game pad will be more comfortable if you are gaming from a desk, because your hand and arm will be resting on the desk, if you are on a couch then may be a pillow or let the NAV rest on your leg???? I play both ways...couch for single player and when i play online I move to my desk. I use the nav on both, at first yes my arm will be killing me...but now i am used to it. for 9 dollars...give it a try  8)
Thanks. I mostly sit on couch but I will be using desk once I have xim set up . In future will move to a monitor on desk from TV .

How comfortable it is for 2 to 3 hours gaming session ??
I am still undecided about keyboard alternative so checking all possibilities .

How do you feel using Nav ? Is it better than a key board or Gampad ??

I think you can buy Sony Nav directly from Sony website for 9.97 + 5 (shipping ) .

I did see that people has problem with that . if that happens than I can always return the item . as of right now I don't have another good option for mice . as my xim is shipped I  want to get mice as I won't have patience lol

Thanks for help .
After reading all the forums , I am just gonna try g502 . Just use regular keyboard for time being. Thanks

Thanks Aiken_Drum .
I have two combination in mind
Wired - g502 & g13/regular keyboard
Wireless - g700s & Sony nav
The only thing I am worried about is charging and any lag if I go wireless .

Thanks for quick response .
I did try g700s demo and buttons on it felt little too hard and a little small so I was not sure how it will be while playing bf4 . I did consider it as it is wireless .
I would like analog for control and I did look into Logitech g13. I use to play fps on PC before I bought ps3 and now ps4 . so I feel like I can manage without analog for movements.

After long wait , finally pulled the trigger today.
I was wondering which mouse and keyboard will be best to use with xim .
I was thinking of Logitech G700s or Logitech G502 . I have tried both in best buy but I felt G502 was more comfortable . Any suggestion .
Can I use any regular keyboard or Do I have to purchase the keyboard only from the working list ?
As I have a spare old keyboard sitting around in my office which I can use ?

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