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Why is there even bullet travel time and drop off with lasers?

General Discussion / Re: Destiny - THe Taken King
« on: 05:11 AM - 09/22/15 »
I constantly see people complaining about the price, and while people are entitled to their own opinion. 

When you break down the the price per hour of potential playability, it's a huge bargain if you ask me.  It plays, and is essentially and MMO, with no cash shop, and no monthly charge.  And even if you consider the cost of expansion/dlc, it's still a bargain to me. 

Grindy MMOs have been successful since the late 90s, and will continue to be.  This isn't a fault of the game, but a design decision.  If you do not like it, then that's cool, you will move on and play something else. 

Then you have some of those same people, who spent 60 dollars on something like Bioshock (great games) or fill in any other game with a sub 15 hour playtime with no complaints.  I just don't see it.

And I also don't get the complaints about year 1 stuff being worthless..... whether they call it one or not, this is an MMO, and in MMOs, when a new expansion comes out, your old gear is worthless/gets left behind for the new.  This isn't a new thing. 

I feel like the console populace has been living under a rug the last 15 years of games, because this isn't a new mechanic in video games.

So so true man peeps who have never played any Korean/Jap MMORPG has no real idea what the word "Grind" means.

I ordered a g400s should be delivered by this week. Want to see what the hype is all about.

All these sweet curves only apply to the CoD franchise? :(

From what I gather here the G400 product line is better than all other mice in terms of comfort? If comfort really is a thing why not the Mionix I dont have one but people swear by the ergonomic and comfort on the thing not to mention a better sensor over the g400.

Commander / Re: Xim Commander keeps switching back to pc
« on: 09:24 AM - 08/29/15 »
Go to C:\Users\User there should be a "XIM4CommanderConfig.cfg" open it with a notepad.

Look for Timeout=30 set that to Timeout=0.

Its not perfect but it should work in the mean time.

Just gonna repost this in every thread

Im 12, I'm playing MLG that all my friends told me about. I have all the default @#$% that my Xbox came with and I'm playing on my living room tv.

The guy I'm playing against has

$1000+ audio setup
Lowest possible input lag monitor
Wired gigabit connection with enterprise networking gear on google fiber
$200+ modded scuf controller
Companies give him free @#$% to promote
Plays 16h a day because it's his job
Lives in a house with his team who all do the same
Doped out on modafinil and desoxyn, don't worry he has a prescription

Everything is cool and fair, the playing field is totally level...

I buy a mouse and a xim, now I have an unfair advantage over him

This does not apply to me. Because I bought the xim4 first before my ps4 since playstation 1 :D

Commander / Re: XIMCommander 20141219 (LATEST)
« on: 05:30 AM - 07/21/15 »
It would be helpful to me if we could build a list of current critical issues that need to be fixed before considering new enhancements. The two I am aware of are

  • Commander can leave the OS in a hung state if the Xim device is powered off while Commander is running
  • Recently Commander has been consistently switching input from Xim back to OS randomly

The more folks who can verify these issues or illuminate any other significant problems the faster I can get them fixed and move on to looking at some feature requests.

Im also having the same problem with commander randomly switching me back to my pc from the game. its been a pain especially in a middle of a firefight that I have to manually switch back to my console with the print screen button. Im on windows 8.1 64bit.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: ADS Transition, let's discuss...
« on: 07:14 AM - 07/03/15 »
IIRC I remember a video demonstrating the weird way the ADS Transition does and I think it was demonstrated on CoD.

I initially thought the issue apllies to CoD only but now that you have enlighten me maybe because I play 24 Hip and 20 Ads on Destiny (yes my Xim flashes like crazy but that is what I play on) . I tried setting it to like 2.4 of my hip value and that is 24 Hip and 10 Ads am I right? Ads just feels too slow I had to bring it back up unfortunately.

Also thanks for your indepth advance destiny configs I did get around using the Hip and Ads settings but either they were too fast for me or too slow I might give it a go again also the dpi calc on herokuapp is down I am on g502 12000 dpi and 1000 polling how do I translate that to the settings you used?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: ADS Transition, let's discuss...
« on: 11:23 PM - 07/01/15 »
Im wondering if this is only for a specific game or does it affect other games like destiny?

Would it not be easier to remedy this with just changing the hip translator to ads? It takes time getting used to it though. But not too hard.

Commander / Re: XIM commander stopping for no reason
« on: 01:24 AM - 06/12/15 »
Oh ive got the same problem but I posted on the xc sticky thread instead ;P

Commander / Re: XIMCommander 20141219 (LATEST)
« on: 01:11 AM - 06/12/15 »
I'm having a weird problem with my ximcommander.

I was just playing as normal with the xc when all of a sudden the game just halts and im not moving. To check what was going on my laptop that was hooked up with the easy transfer cable to xim is actually now receiving the keyboard and mouse input instead of the console. I don't remember hitting the default print screen button to switch and I made sure that my g502 does not have the said key bind to any of the buttons. To fix this I had to switch back but say if I were to do this in a hectic fight it's going to be frustrating. This happens frequently. I could not find a way to fix what was wrong or find out what made xc like that.

Im using a 5$ keyboard from logitech so the only light it draws out is the numlock/scrollock etc. G502 I had all the lightings disable as I dont have much use for it. Easy transfer cable has the green lights not sure how to disable those but it was the only thing I added that may draw extra power to light those green led's how much of an impact it would have done I would not know. As for the xim4 I have not tried to disable the slowish pulsing that it usual those but I dont think it would cause a problem.

Solutions that I may have yet to try.

1. Find a way to turn off the green leds on the belkin easy tranfer cable.

2. Update firmware on the belking easy transfer cable.

3. Disable lighting on the xim4 completely (prefer not to but if it works)

4. Get a usb power hub as Odin mentioned (reccomendations/suggestions for which usb power hub I should get?)

5. Moniter xim4 as soon as the problem occurs (already tried this but maybe my eyes were not quick enough to catch if it was a power fault or not xim4 continued to pulse as normal from what I noticed)

6. Update and factory reset xim4 firmware and manager.

Commander / Re: XIMCommander 20141219 (LATEST)
« on: 11:53 AM - 06/04/15 »
The 2 recommended transfer cables work with Win 8.1.

What are the 2 recommended transfer cables?

Commander / Re: XIMCommander 20141219 (LATEST)
« on: 10:43 AM - 06/04/15 »
Im on windows 8.1 is there a easy transfer cable that supports my OS?

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