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Jim Halpert: Question. What kind of bear is best?
Dwight Schrute: That's a ridiculous question.
Jim Halpert: False. Black bear.
Dwight Schrute: That's debatable. There are basically two schools of thought--
Jim Halpert: Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Dwight Schrute: Bears do not... What is going on?! What are you doing?!
Every politics/sex/religion/tabs-vs-spaces argument I've had in my life, right there.

You ask, "Were you Jim or Dwight?"  I answer, "Yes."

Imagine how riled up people would be if, as is so often requested, OBsIV had taken pre-orders.  Makes it a little easier to understand why he doesn't accept pre-orders, don'tcha think?  ;)

BTW, I have none of this category of hardware.  I'm high and dry, stuck with thumbsticks, and I've been waiting for months too.  Restraint IS possible in my group.  :)

I'm sure the correlation is more to do with familiarity with how these things usually work than it is to do with how much one actually needs the device.  People are too used to next-day delivery from mega-corporations, but that's based on logistics and existing production queues that OBsIV does not have access to.  From experience, I know these smaller projects (yes, "smaller," even with five figures of units to be produced) never ship on time.  When someone says, "Q_ 201_", I usually add one to the first blank right off of the bat.  Maybe two.  Sometimes I just cut to the chase and add one to the second blank instead.  Really, slipping from the end of Q1 to the start of Q3 is ... normal, and in fact rather on the lucky side.




waiting patiently

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Windows Phone
« on: 09:40 PM - 06/16/14 »
Reading various articles on the web about Apple's deliberate limitations on the Bluetooth stack makes me a lot less sensitive to the needs of the people who support this company by buying its products.  That's some seriously evil behavior.  It's so obviously anti-competitive, which is supposed to land your company in legal trouble.  They must have a hell of a iLobby.  :P  Anyway, it is what it is, so...

Have you considered using PC as a middleman until you find a better solution?  The iOS device should have no issue connecting to a PC over the WLAN, and then the PC can pass data to/from the XIM4 over Bluetooth.  Granted, it's klunky and does require a bluetooth-equipped PC near the XIM4, but it'd be a half-decent stopgap at least.

(I'm assuming the XIM4 has only a bluetooth radio and not wifi, or else I'd just say use bonjour over wifi or something.)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Windows Phone
« on: 07:47 PM - 06/16/14 »
Well, with the WP crowd looking like we're about one in ten in the XIM4 demographic, I think we're going to have to accept that ObsIV has a point about which group's whinging will be louder by pure numbers.  Apple users outnumber us about 4 to 1.  If I had to choose between 100 people with pitchforks vs. 25, I'd go with the latter as well.

It's a shame, though, that apparently the Android version's framework can produce a WP app for minimal extra work, but it might need to sit on a shelf for diplomatic reasons.

Ah, well.  Don't worry, Obs, I'm still buying a XIM4, no matter what.  :)  I'll just use the windows app.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Poll: What phone OS do you use?
« on: 07:20 PM - 06/16/14 »
sick of seeing everyone, everywhere on thier @#$% phone.
Seconded.  I originally thought I'd eventually adjust and stop seething, "Seriously, we're face-to-face, a rarity these days, can't you put the internet in your pocket for half an hour?" but, no, the seething continues as strong as ever in the face of even worse distraction.  I'm pretty sure this is because it's fundamentally rude on their part and not just an inability to adjust to changing social norms on my part.  :P

Let's not even talk about the idiots driving erratically with one to their ear, regardless of the laws against it.   Rrr.  I love smartphones, but I hate stupidpeople.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Poll: What phone OS do you use?
« on: 11:19 AM - 06/16/14 »
Google doesn't promote hacks to management positions and actually tests their products. 
I worked at MS for a few years, and after talking to some extreme old-timers, the best I can say is that MS isn't capable of being MS-as-was without Bill actually running the show day-to-day.  Ballmer seemed utterly unfit for the position.  He had energy and devotion to be admired, to give him some credit, but he simply didn't have the chops to direct the company.  It didn't help that his behavior was rather... odd... and off-putting... for a CEO.

I don't know much about this new Nadella guy--that happened after I left--but if I were still there I would at least be glad to have a CEO whose demeanor doesn't frighten small children.

Anyway, the dubious management selection process is only one problem with it.  Really, the viciously-protected fiefdoms within the company are a bigger problem.  That, along with the ridiculous rank-and-yank review system, just promoted infighting and backstabbing, since people mostly got ahead in the larger org by making sure others looked like failures in comparison to them.  I gather they changed the review system somewhat, but to me it just sounded like the same system wearing a funny hat, and it did nothing to fix the protectionist, xenophobic practices in the various divisions.

If I weren't already invested in WP hardware, I'd get a Samsung Galaxy 5 or maybe wait for the Galaxy Note 4, since I like large screens.  WP is a cleaner interface, yeah, and personally I think Google is easily as evil as MS was when the DoJ put the smackdown on them in the 90's, but the simple truth is that Android has the same basic advantage over WP that Windows machines have over Macs: inertia.  Barring a major mis-step, Android will remain in the lead *because* it's in the lead, which ensures reasonably-quick app arrivals.

(I won't buy iPhones because Apple is just too much of a control freak with its devs and users, and I am both of those things.)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Community Gameplay Videos
« on: 12:40 AM - 06/16/14 »
video title says it all :)
Actually, there's something I'm curious about.  Did you happen to see what level(s) they were?  The game tells you when something kills you.  I was wondering how high level the mobs in the game got at this stage of testing.

I spent an hour or so taking out some level 20 yard trash on a path somewhere.  Well, I'm sure it was meant to be yard trash... for a level 20 player... but I was level 4, which made it a bit more like a raid boss.  :)

(Didn't even give me decent xp.  >:(  Jerks!)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Windows Phone
« on: 11:20 AM - 06/15/14 »
...high percentage of PC gamers here.
Interesting point.  I imagine people who want to play with mouse/keyboard must, by and large, be PC gamers who miss the combo.  I'm sure there are some people who hear M/KB is a better input method and want to try it without ever really having been a PC gamer in the first place, but I'd bet that most are/were.

The poll will be the most telling thing about mobile OSes, of course, but this is an interesting point about correlations.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Windows Phone
« on: 03:37 PM - 06/14/14 »
Yes, there will be a WP version. And no it won't be before iOS due to disapproval.
I disapprove of the decision to do iOS first.  Does that mean we can do WP first?  ;D

More seriously, I'm not going to walk away from wanting a XIM4 just because you're choosing a different lead mobile platform.  I doubt anyone is going to walk away from XIM4 for any reason.  I don't think iUser disapproval should dictate what you do first when there's the more-pracitcal matter of efficacy that ought to be dictating it.

Anyway, I'm up for ordering a XIM4 no matter which platform you do first.  If this makes me a better person than an iConsumer, I can deal with the weight of that medal on my chest.  ;)

PS: I hereby volunteer for the super-secret Do-WP-First-But-Don't-Tell-Apple-Users beta program.  Shh.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Destiny Alpha [PS4]
« on: 03:35 AM - 06/14/14 »
wow 30fps 1080 on ps4, then what will it run on the xbox 720p 25fps? Because the xbox always runs lower fps and resolution.
Like most open-world engines, they make heavy use of LOD model-switching to reduce the GPU load on as much of the scene as possible.  Fewer verts/polys is good.  I would think they could simply up the LOD factor a bit and make up the ps4->xbone perf difference pretty easily, especially if they drop to 720p, since you can get away with switching LOD sooner when the res is lower.  I'd say it'll probably be 720p @ 30Hz.  They could also render 1440x1080p to reduce fillrate (though not as much) and stretch the result to 1920x1080p.  DirecTV, I think, used that as their "HD" resolution for a long time, and possibly still does.  Most people don't notice the loss of horizontal detail.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.

I use a Lumia 920 myself, using the dev preview of WP8.1, which is actually quite good and has halted my thinking about defecting to Android.  I love finally having swype on WP.  The option of an extra column of tiles is nice, too, though hardly a defining feature.  ;)

I think WP is more common among tech-oriented types (read: people who would use XIM products) than is being assumed here.  Sure, the masses gravitate towards iPhones, but I'd bet Android is the majority in this crowd, followed perhaps by WP and iPhone in something like a close race.

Maybe a poll would be in order?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Let's talk mice !
« on: 07:28 PM - 06/12/14 »
Replying to myself here, just in case anyone's interested in what a couple of days of research turned up with regard to mobile/travel/notebook/micro ...sigh, let's just say "tiny"... mice.

Looks like no one makes a tiny mouse with better than a 1600 DPI sensor, and 1600 is pretty rare.  Typically, it's all 800 DPI, with the occasional 1000 DPI if you're lucky.  Also, 5-button tiny mice are vanishingly rare.  I found and ordered one of each of those rare types.  Surprisingly, iHome makes both of them, but alas not in the same mouse.  I also found an iConcepts "HD" travel mouse, but I suspect they're just over-selling an 800 DPI sensor, since the mobile market appears chock full of snake oil and P.T. Barnum wannabes.

Back on the home front, I made sure my windows 7 install was configured for 1:1 input:movement (what a chore that was).  I also upped the sampling rate while I was at it (an even bigger chore).  Once I was sure I could actually measure DPI reliably, I went back through my collection of tiny mice and checked them all (another chore--busy day) to see what options I currently have.

The Belkin mouse I've been using and liking the feel of turned out to have a standard 800 DPI sensor and limited itself to 125Hz polling, sigh.  This is fine for mundane PC stuff, but in gaming I'm driven mad by skipping and input lag.

Luckily, I happened across a previously-dismissed Inland notebook mouse that had a 1000 DPI sensor and went all the way up to 1000 Hz polling.  It was not totally comfortable for my messed-up hand (thus previously dismissed), but after a little shell modding, I think it will be good, at least for now.  I think I can even use it with a two-claw grip, instead of one very busy claw, which will be a novel experience for me.  Getting used to right-clicking with my middle finger will take some time.

So, uh, anyway, crisis semi-averted, though I'm still quite open to input on the subject.

No preorder but you put some pressure on us, are you kidding Obs?

the waiting list is getting to the point where we are going to be needing to start on the next batch.

This means not everyone will get one at release day. There are more buyers than on the waiting list... *sigh*
Look on the bright side: funding for future support and development is pretty much assured.  :D

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Let's talk mice !
« on: 07:43 PM - 06/09/14 »
Since you guys are talking mice, I could use some help...

So I have some nerve damage in my right arm that makes my middle, ring, and pinky fingers unable to extend more than half-way, though they can grip just fine.  The pinky also has no sensation at all, so it's just about useless.  As a result, I tend to grip across the mouse, thumb on one side and middle+ring on the other, with my fully-functional index finger handling all button/scroll work.  Unfortunately, this rapidly gets uncomfortable with anything larger than a notebook/mini mouse.

Thing is, most of these notebook mice are, to put it lightly, a bit crap technologically.  I think my favorite, a Belkin Retractable Travel Mouse is only 800DPI, and has nothing beyond the basics of left/right/clickable-scroll-wheel.  Honestly, it's the best performer out of literally dozens that I've tried, so I don't expect to find much better.  There's an iHome mouse that's generally similar but has a couple of programmable thumb buttons, but I wouldn't expect better DPI and, quite often, I would expect poorer overall performance just because most mini mice are junk.

So, in short... anyone ever spot a small mouse with a high(er) DPI?  Small, like, this Belkin is about 4cm x 7cm, or about 1.5" by 3"), but I could easily go another cm or half-inch across, and even more lengthwise.  Maybe more than than, depending on the actual shape of the mouse.  Height probably isn't an issue since there's always the option of a wrist pad.

If I can't find one, my other options seem to be:
- Deal with low DPI on a small mouse  (meh)
- Use a large(r) mouse that somehow fits my hand well enough due to shape, if not size (no luck so far after buying many, many, many mice)
- Mod a high(er) DPI mouse, e.g. take off the case and Sugru it so I can grip it, or maybe see if I can hack it into a smaller form factor (haven't tried these)

Any feedback welcome...

I've been waiting/lurking patiently for a few months now (not as long as some of you, I know), and didn't even bother making an account until this week since I knew I'd just end up making pointlessly-impatient posts, and ain't nobody got time for that.  Still, I have to say this:

Of the innumerable projects like this one that I've followed, I have never, not even once, seen someone handling their own community relations so sensibly.  We're given tons of inside info on both the process and progress.  The access to the XIM4 beta firmware on the Edge, along with the promise that it won't get disabled after release (even though it will certainly cost a few XIM4 sales!), is simply amazing and great for both parties.  Best of all, though, is the fact that information and dates are not given unless firm.  Too many people over-promise and then, in an effort to meet their (usually-missed) deadlines, under-deliver in a rushed mess.

Anyway, just felt like I should give kudos to OBsIV for that, since I've been thinking it for a while.

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