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Usually the issue is that there's some version of OpenSSL installed globally, in such a way that its installed DLL comes first when the app searches for it, rather than the specific one we install next to our executable.  This normally doesn't happen, but sometimes an app or a user modifies the PATH in such a way that it can.

Cap, I would suggest that you go to the OpenSSL For Windows page and install the most recent stable version.  I think you can use the "Lite" installer, rather than the full one, if you prefer to keep it minimal, but that's up to you.  I personally installed the full version.  Here's the page:


Please note that this is advisable anyway, as there are significant security vulnerabilities in the versions old enough not to have that ordinal.

PS: Also, if you look at the Mouse sections for both Hip and ADS in XIM4 Manager, clicking the Advanced button, you'll see a checkbox for "Left Stick".  Make sure they are not getting set differently somehow, either by you or a bug.  In all but some rare cases, that checkbox should be set the same in all sub-configs (Hip, ADS, etc.).

It sounds to me like you have a "southpaw" or "reversed" style mode selected for your analog stick behaviors, or some similar variation, in the actual game's options.  Please check your in-game settings and be sure you didn't accidentally change it from the default.  I don't know if there are separate settings for hip mode vs. aiming, so be sure to look and make sure you're not missing anything.

Which firmware, exactly, are you running?  Also, which manager?  You can see the installed versions, which are simply the date they were published, if you go to the corner menu in XIM4 Manager and select ABOUT.  We'd want to see you on at least 20141114, for both, given the issue you describe.

If they don't match, or if they are older, I'd recommend going to the Downloads link in my signature and downloading the firmware and manager installers for version 20141114.  You could also try the newer beta version if you feel adventurous, but ultimately the imporant part is to have 20141114 or later, with both versions the same.

Technical Support / Re: Mouse USB port damaged
« on: 05:49 PM - 03/06/15 »
Yup, exactly.  :)

The only thing I changed in the Black Ops 2 config was the color, crouching, and toggled aim. That's it.

Wait, does the game actually support toggled aim mode, and if so, are *both* the game and XIM4 Manager set to use toggle?  The ADS toggle mode in XIM4 Manager is only supplied to accommodate a game that's running in ADS toggle mode already--it cannot convert a game running in ADS hold mode to toggle mode.

In short, make certain that the game and manager are both set the same way.  If the game is in ADS toggle mode, XIM4 Manager must be as well.  If the game is in ADS hold mode, XIM4 Manager must be as well.  Mismatched settings would very likely produce the issue you've seen.

Technical Support / Re: Mouse USB port damaged
« on: 02:07 PM - 03/06/15 »
Small silver lining: A hub, if equipped with its own power adapter, also has the upside that you can do things that would normally set off the power limiter in the xim4, e.g. plug in one of those keyboards that light up like a xmas tree.

Sniper = 400DPI

Aha!  I love it when the numbers work out.  :)  Glad you've got a lead on it now, let us know how things go.

Sorry, I should have asked this before... are you connecting Manager to your XIM4 via bluetooth, or via USB transfer cable ("commander mode")?

(As an aside, make sure your XIM4 Manager is version 20141114 as well.)

Next question: When it's not working, if you press the button on your mouse that should activate ADS mode, does your XIM4 flash green briefly?

Technical Support / Re: Can't connect my XIM4 to my PC!
« on: 08:15 PM - 03/05/15 »
Are you trying to get back into configuration mode or flash mode?

4). I don't understand this question.

Flash mode is used only for updating the flash.  It is the one with the solid blue light, which you get into by holding down the P button when plugging in.

Configuration mode is used for adding/deleting configs and changing values.  This is gotten into by clicking the P button once during the rainbow LED sequence after you plug it in.

Knowing which one you mean to do will help me help you...

And, most importantly, what exactly are you doing to try to connect, what do you expect to happen, and what is happening instead?  Specific error/crash text is useful.

...as would answering these questions.  Thanks!

Actual sensitivity is basically this:

    actual_sens = mouse_dpi * manager_sens

So right now you're at 8200 * 15 = 123000 for Hip and 8200 * 7 = 73400 for ADS.

You can back-figure mouse_dpi with a little algebra:

    mouse_dpi = actual_sens / manager_sens

So, if we assume your current actual sensitivities are near your old ones, your mouse DPI was probably somewhere between 123000 / 377 = 326 and 73400 / 250 = 294.  One might be inclined to guess an even 300.

Problem there is that mice almost never come with a setting that low.  It's possible that you had it on an also-extremely-low default of 400, but 400 is a value we actually see in a few mice.  Typically, the lowest DPI a mouse can do is 800.

Technical Support / Re: Can't connect my XIM4 to my PC!
« on: 07:49 PM - 03/05/15 »
Title does not say it all.  ;)  I'll need more info to help you...

What is the exact version you updated to?

Did you update both the firmware and the manager?

Are you clicking the 'P' button during the rainbow sequence after plugging the XIM4 into your PC?

Are you trying to get back into configuration mode or flash mode?

And, most importantly, what exactly are you doing to try to connect, what do you expect to happen, and what is happening instead?  Specific error/crash text is useful.

Also, when they lose power, do the lights on the XIM4 flash any unusual colors, and, if you can still talk to it with XIM4 Manager, does the device icon row above the game artwork show any warning symbols?

Only way to know for sure is to try it, I think.

Okay.  Turnaround is usually fairly prompt, though I don't know exact ETAs, as that is done by a different group of people.  Please let us know if you don't hear back this week.

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