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Technical Support / Re: Mouse not working at all
« on: 04:30 PM - 03/14/15 »
Okay, first let's check some basic stuff, just so we're on the same page while troubleshooting.

  • To start off, is this the thread you mean?   

  • Next, what version of the firmware are you using, and what version of the manager?  These can both be seen if you click the corner menu in the manager and select ABOUT.  They should match, and we'd be wanting you to be on 20141114, or perhaps the newer beta.  Let us know which versions you find and/or upgrade to.  Also note that the firmware and manager are updated by separate installers, both found at the Downloads link in my signature, so make sure you get and run both.

  • What actual version of the mouse firmware?  I assume you can find this in the mouse's software somewhere.  Like ours, there is probably a version for the software itself and for the firmware, so see if you can spot both.

  • If the mouse has a hardware version/revision on its info sticker, what is it?  Perhaps just the specific model #, if there is one aside from the "Recon" name.  This may help if we need to obtain one to check compatibility.

  • You said you tried their troubleshooting steps.  Did you specifically try the steps they talked about to make sure that the mouse settings you entered on PC are definitely stored on the mouse?  I saw something about making sure you unplug and replug the mouse before moving it to the XIM4, for instance.  Perhaps the mouse auto-switches into and out of a BIOS-compatible mode and ends up in the wrong one after power cycling the host.

  • What console are you on?  This is more just so I can use the correct terms.  :)

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim4 issue
« on: 12:26 AM - 03/14/15 »
One thing we see, very rarely, is that the 'P' button can get stuck while pressed down.  I believe the presentation we've seen before was pretty much the same as this.  It's obviously very easy to check: when you click the button, both the press and release should produce tangible clicks.  If you don't feel like it's releasing with a click, it may be staying in contact and confusing the unit about what you want done.

If that's actually the case, then you can usually wiggle it loose and you'll be good to go.  If it keeps getting stuck, one solution is to repeatedly click it until you wear down the friction point between the button and the case.  There is sometimes a tiny bit of excess plastic at the edges of injection-molded parts like this.

Let us know if that has anything to do with it.  If not, your unit may have a more significant problem, in which case OBsIV will need to decide how to have you proceed, e.g. with an RMA.


You say the manager shows no changes when this happens.  Are you certain the manager was still talking successfully to the unit?  You could check by attempting to enter edit mode on your current configuration.

I ask because the symptom is pretty much the one we see when the circuit breaker in the XIM4 shuts down the USB devices as a result of something drawing too much power.  I would expect the XIM4 to flash red/yellow when this occurs, and to show warning symbols over the device icons in the manager, so of course if the manager is showing nothing special and is still working properly, that theory is out the window.

The other possibility is that something is causing some kind of garbage on the USB controller, e.g. a bad cable or connector shorting out, that kind of thing, which can cause the XIM4 to "quarantine" one or more devices, depending on how extensive the interruption is.  What devices, exactly, do you have connected?  Two of the most common culprits are the supplied charging cable for the DualShock4 and the cables on certain Logitech mice, especially the G500.

Thanks for the feedback and confirmation!  :)

Can you check and tell us what version is displayed if you click on the box art for the game in XIM4 Manager?

One thing to try is to go to the corner menu in XIM4 Manager, select GLOBALS, and tell it to Force Games Library Download, then re-create your configuration from scratch.

The only way I got commander hooked up with PC KB/Mouse all ports were taken and the Xbox controller wasnt hooked up to it at all.
If it's still a bit confusing I can take some pics etc and clarify more, would love to stick with the Xim if I can. Appreciate everyones help so far greatly.

That actually might help.  I think I'm misunderstanding something, as your XIM shouldn't even function without the controller attached to it.

That, or a much more detailed list of what devices are connected to what ports on what other devices.

Usually a headset+mic that has a single connector is set up with a "TRRS" (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) audio connector.  Meaning, there are four metal parts on the connector.  Regular stereo headphones use a "TRS" connector (tip, ring sleeve) that only has three.  Same for microphones.

-----._ _ _
TRRS |_|_|_|<)
-----.___ _
 TRS |___|_|<)

In order to use a TRRS connector with most USB sound cards, you will need an adapter that turns the single connector into two TRS connectors, one each for mic and audio.  These are found in just about any electronics or audio/video store.  Just make certain it is the right kind, as there are several different ways one can split or combine similar connectors.  You want it to specifically say that it splits a combined stereo+mic into two connectors, rather than simply saying it's a Y-cable or something like that.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sony disabling Xim4
« on: 04:34 PM - 03/09/15 »
I don't think Sony would license a product that works on PS4 & Xbox, They would want OBsiV to make a separate XIM/PIM for PlayStation only :/
This would have been my comment, if not already made here.  :P  Sony's not going to have you putting their chip in a device that also has one from Microsoft.

Lemme see if I can get OBsIV to look at this post and look into it for you.  I'm really sorry they're not being prompt.  We usually get good feedback about RMA turnaround time.  :(


As for your photo, it looks okay, but I wanted to see the same info from the ADS page as well.  I looked at my post and I think maybe I was unclear about that, sorry.

Similarly, I was hoping to see the controller options from the game itself, e.g. take a photo of the TV with that page open.

I have an Official Wired Xbox 360 Controller. It's not Third Party.

We've had cases where people were sold what was claimed to be an OEM controller, but was in fact a knockoff.  It's most likely that you do indeed have a genuine controller, but can you check for some of the usual hallmarks of a knockoff, just to be sure?

- No 'X' logo on the guide button.
- No breakaway connector, which should be a few inches from the regular USB connector.  (Exists to take the stress off when you trip over the cable.)
- No label on the back, or, in some cases, a poorly-printed one.  The real label is quite sharp.
- No hologram sticker.
- Regular phillips screws, rather than tamper-proof torx screws.

If you're uncertain, I'd be happy to take a look at some photographs.

Also, I apologize for the delay in responding.  Your last post was right around the time a stomach bug ruined my weekend.  I didn't mean to leave you hanging.  I know a new toy that doesn't work is very frustrating.  :-\

I'm a bit flummoxed too.

What happens if you plug a different USB device (e.g. a keyboard) into the same port on the PS4?

I'm wondering if there's some kind of short in the port itself, which gets unshorted when there's a connector inserted.

We don't activate the virtual controller via Commander unless you actually have a controller on your PC side, and even then it is normally translated into a virtual joystick, not a virtual controller.  By this, I mean that we don't override the native controller that's used to authorize the XIM4 to the console.

Are you saying that, when in Commander mode, you're not able to get audio through the controller, but if you switch back to regular (e.g. bluetooth) mode, you are?

Also, do you have another mouse you could try substituting, to narrow down the possible source of the problem?

I don't think this is an issue with your XIM4.  There's a configuration problem, somehow.  A defective unit would almost certainly fail in a much more catastrophic manner, rather than simply swapping sticks while in ADS, which is what appears to be happening.  That, or a massive sensitivity difference between hip and ADS.

Can you maybe take screenshots of the manager and the game while on the regular and advanced mouse options in each?  Maybe something will stand out to us that doesn't to you.  If you just want to record video of yourself flipping through the option pages in the game and the manager, and then post it on youtube or something, that works too.  I just feel like there has to be something getting overlooked here.

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