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Yes save us from the Bot Buyers.

And how much money?  :P

Deutsch / Re: Kabelloses Headset
« on: 03:00 AM - 02/16/21 »
Ich hole das Thema noch mal hoch.

Kann ich bei dem neuen Xbox Series X Controller direkt über den Controller den Sound nutzen bei angeschlossenen Xim Apex?

Deutsch / Re: Xim Apex an Xbox Series
« on: 11:29 AM - 11/29/20 »
Ich habe kein alten Controller.

Bin von der PS4 auf die Xbox Series gewechselt und habe die PS4 verkauft.
Habe also nur noch einen neuen Controller.

Deutsch / Re: Xim Apex an Xbox Series
« on: 06:09 AM - 11/29/20 »
Ich werde es die Tage mal testen.

Mit Batterien würde ich es ungern betreiben. Da habe ich Angst das die Batterien mir um die Ohren fliegen  ;)

Cleaned it many times.
Its a cod problem.
All other games works fine with the ps4 pro.

On reddit you find many with this problem. They think the frame-rate in the main menu is not capped.
So the ps4 goes crazy. Its only in the menus. If im in a game all is good.

Deutsch / Xim Apex an Xbox Series
« on: 03:21 AM - 11/28/20 »

ich bin von PS4 auf Xbox gewechselt.

Muss ich beim anschließen des Xbox Controllers etwas beachten? Müssen da die Batterien raus oder brauche ich ein Akku oder geht es auch mit Batterien?

I had this problem with my PS4 Pro.
I could play every game without problems.
But in COD games my pS4 overheating and shut down.
Must be the cod games

THX for the list.

I will try some games with nativ mnk.

You have a list with games that work with mnk on the Xbox Series X?

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X
« on: 01:15 AM - 10/28/20 »
Hi thx for the tipps.

I switchted complitly an orderd a PS5.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X
« on: 11:56 AM - 09/24/20 »
I found this on forbes:

The Xbox Series S will output at 1440p rather than 4K, but it will still upscale on 4K television sets. The framerate will be the same on both machines and while the Series X might look a little bit better, the Series S will still have great-looking games and a fraction of the cost.

You’d think less RAM and a smaller SSD would hit the Xbox Series S’s performance, but it really shouldn’t in practical terms. Games will require less memory and storage space since they’ll be playing at 1440p and using smaller assets. This allows developers to decrease file size for Xbox Series S games, taking up less space on your SSD.

So long as you’re fine with 1440p, the actual difference here should be fairly negligible. It’s possible that having less RAM will impact performance, but the hit won’t be too big, and if you don’t have a 4k TV it shouldn’t matter at all. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S will upscale to 4k.

General Discussion / Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X
« on: 10:58 AM - 09/23/20 »
Hi at all!

I have no 4k Monitor. Only 144hz Gaming Monitor.

So the Xbox Series S should be the better option , right?

Xbox Series X only good for 4k gaming or i missing something?

Game Support / Re: Any ETA on Spellbreak Config?
« on: 06:42 AM - 09/16/20 »
+1  ;)

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