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General Discussion / Re: So i did it again...
« on: 04:34 PM - 12/20/13 »
who really gives a dam about KD in a specific game cuz when the new version of the game comes out you leave it to play the new one anyway... like work so hard to keep kd up in black ops but when black ops 2 comes out you put black ops 1 on the back burner and never play it again.. i can give a @#$% less about my KD its pointless

General Discussion / just to be sure about the xim4
« on: 07:04 PM - 12/19/13 »
ok just to make 100% sure... the next xim4 is OR is not going to use the xim edge box... just want to make sure cuz i bought 2 xim edges and i still have my xim3 and also my xim2... but i was thinking about gettin rid of one xim edge and the xim3 if they are not going to be any part of the xim4... thanks

General Discussion / Re: Best Xbox gaming headset??
« on: 01:19 AM - 12/15/13 »
i see u have the dss2... do you like it better than the dss1... i've seen all kinds of videos and reviews with people saying they prefer the dss1 over the dss2 for that the sound quality of the dss2 is not as good as dss1...

i just ordered a turtle beach talkback puck cable that has ingame chat control and mic mute.. it has a 3.5mm out but i'm just going to use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm coupler and connect the puck cable straight to my mic cable of my pc360's to see if that will work..

i got the black friday sale price on the mixamp... it was $97 shipped, not bad imo for all the features it has... i just hope i dont have to send it back.. im hoping theres a way to reset it, if its really dead and i have to rma it, i will not be happy

i'm also thinking about buying the soundblaster recon3d to test... yea i have a lil money to spend atm... figured i'd resale what i didnt like... i've heard some good things about the recon3d.. and it also has in game chat control from what i've heard so far

General Discussion / Re: Best Xbox gaming headset??
« on: 12:19 AM - 12/15/13 »
well roads i liked the astro mixamp but i only got to use it for one day and i think its died on me... only white lights no red rings around buttons and it wont turn on or off... just all the lights glow white..  i'm so pissed u have no idea... it took astro 2 weeks to ship it to me now what?

i like the dss but i do not like having to 1.) go to preferences and put the chat to play through speakers rather than headset. when playing chat through headphones in speaker mode its hard to make out what anyone is saying as to when in headset mode when people chat its very clear and easy to hear. 2.) no in-line chat controller to control in-game chat while gaming. those are pretty huge to me..

as to the sound it was def a lil louder with the mixamp.. i didnt get to play with it too much though prolly got 2 hours of playing time with it.. =/

now i gotta wait til monday and call astro and prolly be another month before i get another one with there crappy service...

I use a DSS with steelseries headset adapter and it degrades the sound quality when used together.  Using the dss alone everything sounds awesome, but when i use the adapter, bass goes crazy, the clarity sucks, and the more subtle sounds are lost.  Anyone experience this too? 

I use PC360s.

yes i have the exact same setup atm now... i got my steel series adapters 4 days ago... didnt use cuz i had my astro mixamp coming so i left my dss hooked up to my pc360's alone with just the regular 2.5 to 3.5 headphone adapter to xbox controller... not badd but couldnt control my chat volume

well used my astro mixamp pro 2013 yesterday and started to love it more than dss... went to play the xbox today and my astro mixamp has all white lights with no red rings around the buttons.. can't turn it off or on and my pc wont recognize it when i hook it up... i can hear people chat thats it.. so i think it died

soo i hooked my dss back up and decided to hook up the steel series adapter cuz i liked the chat control on the astro mixamp so figured i'd hook up the steel series and see how i liked the dss+steel series spectrum combo... well i dont... just like you said my bass was loud and crappy sounding.. even when i turned bass all the way down on dss it was still real bassy... and it didnt sound like surround sound, it sounded like regular stereo sound... i played 2 maps on cod with it and unhooked it and just plugged straight back into dss and it was 100x better again... i do not think the steel series spectrum is surround sound compatible wtih dss... it will work but i think it just plays watever headset you got plugged into it in stereo not surround... dunno why tho

is there any other in-line chat volume control compatible with dss and pc360 or any other pc headset?

i hope i can get my astro mixamp fixed or somethin i really did like it... theres just a lil hiss if u turn up ingame chat volume too high

General Discussion / Re: Sold my G700... WHAT DO I BUY?
« on: 03:38 PM - 12/13/13 »

i prefer to have removable/replaceable batteries... i have no problem with it except maybe it use AAA batteries instead for weight....

General Discussion / Re: Best Xbox gaming headset??
« on: 05:07 PM - 12/12/13 »
yea i can turn the volume all the way up and really im tring harder to listen... i could not turn up my ax pros all the way they were too loud... i'm hoping the astro mixamp fixes it... i'll let ya know

how do you connect? You use the optical out of your console right?

yep... optical is also the same way i connect to my pc's audio optical out... i have 2 optical cables that i have run to my DSS right now...one runs to my xbox 360 and one to the PC... i do have to physcially switch the optical cord everytime, but i dont mind that at all...

General Discussion / Re: Best Xbox gaming headset??
« on: 08:24 PM - 12/11/13 »
yea i can turn the volume all the way up and really im tring harder to listen... i could not turn up my ax pros all the way they were too loud... i'm hoping the astro mixamp fixes it... i'll let ya know

General Discussion / Re: Best Xbox gaming headset??
« on: 04:31 PM - 12/11/13 »
i just upgraded my headset from tritton ax pro call of duy edition 5.1 to the PRO Sennheiser PC360's

i bought the sennheiser pc360 and i had a DSS laying around from my DPX21 turtle beach combo (px21 + DSS). Well i like the headset but so far i'm not really enjoying it at all. Im not to keen with the DSS with PC headsets. My turtle beach headsets sound much louder with the DSS than my pc headsets and my new sennheiser pc360s.  i also am using the steel series adapter that lets me control in-game chat volume with the DSS. im not liking the setup so much. I can turn the in game volume up all the way and it just dont sound loud enough to me.

i also hook my mixamps up to my pc as i did with the tritton ax pros through the digital out on my computer. the dss + PC headset sound really low on pc as well as xbox.

so i ordered the astro mixamp 2013 edition 5 days ago. i'm hoping that the sound is going to be much louder and i'm going to like the in-game chat being on the mixamp itself instead of having to have the steel series adapter connected to controller.

the sennheiser pc360s are tournament pro grade headset.. they are used in much of the pro gaming touraments today.

i've sent several harassing friend requests and platoad is still pending =/ come on bro let me add you


i bought the season pass on black ops 2 and didnt even play one map of the last 2 map packs and barley the one before that...

i still have no idea wat the last 2 map packs even have to offer

already playing ghost =|

lol wth?

i need some good ximmers to play some hardcore cod ghost with... it would be fun to whoop up on some analog boys in hardcore

xbox gamer tag x_iinifamous_x

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One and PlayStation 4
« on: 08:29 PM - 12/06/13 »
i have 4 xbox's in my house and 1 ps3... (got it last year on black friday sale)...

my ps3 usb IS NOT POWERED AT ALL WHEN PS3 GOES OFF!!... that really annoys me because i can only charge my ps3 controller when the ps3 is on, which is hardly ever... i watch blu rays on it... but that usb not powered when its off really irratates me..

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