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General Discussion / Re: Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age?
« on: 01:08 AM - 02/24/15 »
Well they are very different games so it's kinda hard to say.

FC4 is fun of course, but like you said there's alot of copy paste involved. I couldn't believe that amount of assets it re used from FC3. Same animations, alot of same weapon models are re used & sounds etc. I still enjoyed it though. Tbh I think blood dragon felt more different than fc4 lol.

Im playing through DA inquisition right now, its amazing. Ridiculously long though. If you enjoy RPG's its a must play. Just don't get too caught up with the sidequests & try to move on otherwise it can get a bit grindy and feel like an mmo.

General Discussion / Re: CoD:AW Update Thread
« on: 12:04 PM - 02/21/15 »
AW is so dead on PC, only 1209 in-game even with a 33% off sale.  Meanwhile, Space Engineer, a low budget indie game, has 17,006 player in-game.

Cause all fps players on pc are either playing cs or battlefield.

General Discussion / Re: Build this PC -- yes or no?
« on: 11:36 AM - 02/21/15 »
yeah that gigabyte mobo is good dw about that. You should chose your mobo based on the features and specs it has, and that one has pretty much everything you need.

Good range of pcie x16 slots, plenty of system fan headers in the mobo, 8 6gb/s sata ports. Looks good to me.

Those asus ones you listed are also great. Like I said, look at the features and decide what you want out a motherboard. But from a that quick look at the gigabyte specs it seems to have everything you could ever want/need.

General Discussion / Re: Build this PC -- yes or no?
« on: 03:06 AM - 02/21/15 »
Yeah you only need a 120gb-250 gb SSD for your OS lol. I mean sure you can get a 1tb, but it's pretty expensive lol.

Depends how much you want to spend I guess.

edit: also if your gaming at 1080p a 970 is fine. 3.5gb is more than enough.

SBMM ruined the game for a lot of people. No one cares about competitive cod, maybe 1% of players (if that) really have a soft spot for such a thing, but most people just laugh at something like that. Especially casual gamers like 99.9% of cod players. SKMM is just a spin off of competitive gaming which completely lacks any team work.

A small number of people may in fact play competitive cod, but the viewership and support it has is actually pretty good considering the lack of dev support and it primarily being a casual game with casual game mechanics.

Granted, not quite as much as CS or any of the mobas. Still noteworthy though. (I'm a big fan of CS too, I actually play it more than cod these days.  So I'm not trying to hate)

By the way I'm not saying this as an excuse for the SBMM, personally I don't think it should be in pubs either.

General Discussion / Re: Old Logitech SetPoint Software
« on: 07:51 PM - 01/20/15 »
I think it's 6.32

Not 100% sure though. Try them here http://www.oldapps.com/setpoint.php


No, I'm not. You clearly seem to have problems understanding the thing you've just read. The reality however, is that PS4 is more powerful than an Xbox One and when stacking exclusives up, or stacking Sony's exclusives against 3rd party games there is a clear quality gap.

Shouldn't really be bragging about multiplats when pc @#$% all over it even with the poor pc ports right now, gaps going to get even bigger in a few months with amd's 3xx cards. Every year it's going to get worse and worse lol.

I guess you prefer the cinematic 30 fps experience though.

edit: might by a xbone & ps4 again though when they get some decent exclusive lineups. Greatness awaits I guess :)

speaking strictly as a developer unless I am part of a studio belonging to either MS or Sony I will do everything in my power to have it running on every platfrom... of course minus the Wii U since it is pretty much last gen in specs.

Because, really what they need to realize is that Sony has become a serious competitor in the games publishing department this gen. Releasing some of the best games I've played in a while all while looking amazing.

lolwut last year was awful for games all round. Bunch of overhyped garbage.

Also ps4 exclusive lineup was pretty poor 2014 imo. Other than infamous not sure what "best games" you are talking about. Although 2015 is looking alot better for them with uncharted and bloodbourne.

Also ps4 is weak as hell too, just not as bad as an xbone. You're acting like the ps4 is an i7 with a gtx 980 or something. It's a amd cpu(lol) with an equivalent 7850 gpu (lol again). So what ps4 "capabilities" should they take advantage of? I don't think you understand what 50% better gpu over the xbone actually means.

Already severely outperformed compared to a 970/980 and even more so when amd's 3xx series comes out Q1 this year.

edit: inb4 I get called a fanboy. Had both a ps4 and xbone but sold both and upgraded my pc instead cause I was so disappointed.

General Discussion / Re: 2015 can't come soon enough!
« on: 04:02 AM - 12/21/14 »
if the witcher 3 flops ill probably cry myself to sleep for the rest of the year. I have ALOT faith in CDPR though. It's my most anticipated game in a long long time.

Also very hyped for mgs: phantom pain, although it's probably coming out very late 2015. Kojima always delivers.

You'll definitely improve, just don't expect it to make you godlike or anything.

I think alot of people get the xim thinking it's going to make them dominate on console with ease or act like a cheat of some sort, then they get disappointed and blame the product.

3090 typically has a high LOD, not really a big deal for me but some people hate it.
Zowie mitigated the high lod with their custom lens. Hence why all their 3090 mice have ridiculously low LOD.

You could do the tape trick too which lowers the LOD.

Personally I've found the 3090 sensors in general to be fine, it's not perfect though. Still 10x better than a laser sensor for precision in pc gaming.

General Discussion / Re: Corsair M45 Owners.. question..
« on: 05:13 PM - 12/04/14 »
yeah you can only store 1 profile.

I guess it's so if you take it and want to use it on another pc without the software.

General Discussion / Re: CoD:AW Update Thread
« on: 10:30 AM - 12/04/14 »
They nerfed the range too I think. But yeah it definitely needs more recoil or something else idk.

In terms of gun balance I hate the foregrip.
Some guns should have a trade off by having high recoil. Foregrip just ruins that balance.

That's just how cod is though I guess.

General Discussion / Re: CoD:AW Update Thread
« on: 10:52 PM - 11/30/14 »
yeah pretty good for a dead game amirite?

General Discussion / Re: CoD:AW Update Thread
« on: 10:40 PM - 11/30/14 »

https://twitter.com/MrAdamAp/status/539264116003962880 Peaked at 205k

Still good, just saying. Helps alot when optic make the finals too. What do you think about that viewership santi? lmao

Although still didn't beat csgo at dreamhack which went over 500k total viewers ;)

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