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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Comments on new Xim3 beta videos !
« on: 04:05 AM - 07/15/10 »
I'm prett sure the the aiming in gears is the same in single and multiplayer.

General Discussion / Re: Just put my order in !!
« on: 12:30 AM - 06/03/09 »
hey......... im from Australia too :D

But yeah even with the shoddy exchange rates it's still well worth the money.

Xbox / Re: Australian XBL players
« on: 06:04 AM - 05/31/09 »
ill give you an add, im from brisbane.

although i wont be on XBL much untill exams are over in a few weeks.

intrested in buying 1 prebuilt thanks.

thanks for the info juncti, i may hold off buying a XIM1 now.

Xbox / Re: COD 5 World At War
« on: 12:53 AM - 10/06/08 »
i dont think cod4's online numbers will drop too much, most people love the modern warfare idea and the abundance of WW2 games may turn people off.

i dont mind it though, i will be getting both and i hope they can pull it off.

XIM 1 Discussions / Is XIM1 good enough?
« on: 07:50 AM - 10/04/08 »
im kinda new to the whole mouse/keyboard on a x360 but ive done a fair bit of research on XIM and XFPS.

my main question is, the combination of XIM1 and XFPS still ok to use(good enough)? i've read that theres  massive waiting lists for builds on XIM2 and i would be terrible with a DIY kit + im from Australia anyway and need to buy everything on ebay.

also in conjunction with a XIM, will a Maxshooter do the same job as a XFPS 3.0 sniper plus? even though the maxshooter is considered much worse than a 3.0 sniper plus.

thanks for your time. :D

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