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General Discussion / Re: xbox one video/picture settings.
« on: 04:44 AM - 03/31/14 »
HDMI auto-detect
24 BPP
TV Color

Reason is these settings have cause the least amount of black crushing. XBONE still kind of has a few issues with making black coloring too aggressive and poorly transitioned, go look up "black crushing" and you'll see examples of it in photos and videos.

AFAIK, the PC color range causes more black crushing. Auto-detecting HDMI is supposed to help. And 24 BPP does not really matter, but there is not a single game I know of that can make use of 30 or 36 BPP...in fact almost NO media makes use of anything but 24, at least the consumer level.

Odds are you monitor, like most monitors and TVs, is not even set up to utilize more than 24 BPP. Like you may be having it on 36, but it is probably making no difference.

And actually, I dinked around with it on 36 when I first got my XBONE and it causes weird white pixel flickering in games and on my dashboard, but only on certain surfaces, it was weird as heck, they looked like a bunch of twinkling little stars. I heard stuff like this can happen, setup depending, on 30 and 36 BPP, but 24 should be immune to it. Many XBONE users have reported no picture or no sound when using anything higher than 24 BPP.

Glitches aside, as I said most if not all games, regardless of platform, don't even make use of higher than 24 BPP. And as for the color range, PC looks nicer on a monitor, that is what the mode is intended for (or for higher end TVs which offer a full color range), but the XBONE scaling chip has issues with crushing blacks and it is the worst on PC mode (the March update was said to finally fix this but I do not think it did a good enough job).

Hope that helps. I am far from an A/V expert, but this is what I've read about these settings.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: BF4 and "switchers"
« on: 01:46 AM - 03/30/14 »
Thank you. It sounds like what may work well for me is to set specific keys for entering specific vehicles, as opposed to trying to do one key for every vehicle while pressing a different button for settings.

Although that may not work. I would hope it does. I am thinking basically like:

- B (I think, maybe it is Y? Have not actually played BF4 on Xbox yet) is enter vehicles
- On my keyboard, have six different keys that will simultaneously correspond to B/Y/whatever, but each with different settings for the sensitivity, deadzone, curve, etc. that you described
- Instead of playing with E for enter vehicle like I do on PC, I could have six different keys for different vehicles, so one key would be for a tank and it would simultaneously trigger the enter vehicle bind and put on the proper settings for the tank
- Actually have E mapped to enter/exit vehicle as well, but with the profile/settings for infantry, so I know to leave any vehicle with E, but to enter specific vehicles with other specific keys

This, to me, sounds like the least painful way of doing things. I am not sure if this type of binding/macroing works with XIM alone though, would I potentially need another device like a Cronus to accomplish this type of setup? I hate to mention a competitor, but it is the only other thing I know of for consoles that is intended for any sort of macroing and advanced binding and stuff.

This is all assuming there is no roadblock in the way of basically having enter/exit vehicle bound to like a bunch of different separate keyboard keys. It sounds like a finger stretching setup, but the gamepad thingy on my Merc Stealth would be pretty solid for this, since it has all 10 number keys kind of crammed into two close rows right above WASD, I'd probably just bind this stuff on the 6 to 0 keys.

Alternatively I suppose I could just pick up the controller for vehicle gameplay, as I find vehicles not nearly as painful to aim with as infantry when using a controller, since you can accomplish a lot with splash damage and getting a direct hit with a main cannon on an enemy tank is a lot simpler than headshotting a guy 100 yards away as fast as possible.

It doesn't sound like things will get too complicated no matter what though, I just like to know what I am getting into before I'm into it.

XIM 4 Discussions / BF4 and "switchers"
« on: 12:24 AM - 03/30/14 »
Ok, I have not, in the past, owned a XIM 3 or Edge, when I do get my XIM4 in the future, it will be my first time actually using an adapter of this nature on a console.

I was reading about switchers in the support forum, with the example of using killstreak turrets in CoD. How does this work out in Battlefield games, especially BF4? Is it necessary to do constant switching based on every non-infantry thing you want to do (boats, choppers, jets, tanks, etc.)?

I know in BF4 on the PC, you can set different in-game sensitivities for different vehicles and mounted guns. If it is like that on console versions, does this mean the smart translator kind of 'plays nice' with these different vehicles, or does it still require the manual switching?

Reason I ask is just because the way I play Battlefield games, I do pretty much equal amounts of infantry combat and jet/chopper piloting and it is not uncommon for me to clear an area in a chopper and then later bail out for infantry mode. The idea of needing to constantly remember to hit an additional button everytime I do this is a little bothersome, but I can adapt to it.

I get the feeling it will not be simple as it is on a PC and that's fine if that is just how it is, I just want to know for sure how this works with a game like BF4, since it has so many different roles outside of basic grunt gunfighting.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Windows Phone
« on: 08:18 PM - 03/29/14 »
+1 for WP. Lumia 1520 is a boss  8)

General Discussion / Re: MMORPG's...
« on: 10:38 PM - 03/28/14 »
MMORPG has become the most stagnant, fat cat (for the companies making them I mean) genre in gaming history. There is seemingly zero motivation for these companies to innovate in MMORPGs, maybe Oculus/Morpheus/Forteleza will change this in the future.

Last MMO I played was GW2, made the mistake of getting hyped for it. Prior to that it was Warhammer Online way back in October 2008...made the same mistake of getting hyped. I mean I played MMOs in between those, but they were mostly F2P or Beta participation. I've been playing MMOs since the release of Ultima Online and I can say UO, Shadowbane and Dark Age of Camelot are the only three MMOs I was ever really impressed with. I did like WoW from about 2004-2006 but I quit when it became primarily focused on raiding and grinding over player freedom and PvP. Of course I don't knock anyone who likes MMOs for those reasons, I just don't, I lack the time to dedicate to raiding and guild politics, I just like open freedom and PvP.

I like Planetside 2 but it is not a traditional MMORPG, it is just a giant game of Battlefield.

So far in 2014 I have been in the closed betas for Wildstar, TESO and EQ Landmark. Wildstar is an enormous WoW clone, I don't care what anyone says, it is pretty much a carbon copy of the WoW formula. TESO is actually ok, but it is also very WoW-like, I think I was impressed by the environment and graphics, but the gameplay was not that special. EQ Landmark is fun if you like creativity and socializing, I applaud the attempt by SOE to break some molds.

I am most looking forward to World of Darkness from CCP, Google/Bing it if you haven't looked into it much. It is going to be a sandbox MMO with a lot of player politics, open PvP and exploration, not a traditional themepark design...and it is based on White Wolf's Vampire universe.

Also Star Citizen, but I promised I will not let myself get hyped for it because MMOs have let me down so much in the past.

I am kind of hoping Destiny can provide me with a healthy balance between FPS and MMO and also not require me to play it so much that I get fired from my job like most MMOs seem to demand.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Is there a signup list/preorder?
« on: 07:52 PM - 03/26/14 »
I bought a Venom X. Waiting for that to come in. Want to use that until the XiM comes out.

I'm seriously considering getting a ChronusMax but I know as soon as I get it, xim4 will come out...

I have this kind of luck with everything. Then I try to not do something and my concern ends up not happening. Like three weeks ago I considered buying a Cronus and figured Xim4 would come out merely days after my purchase. So now I waited and Xim4 still is not out, but then if I buy Cronus now, xim4 will come out immediately, I just know it.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I bought my mouse today.
« on: 06:14 PM - 03/24/14 »
I used to love Logitech product, I used an MX518 for about six years straight with no issues. But I love my Sensei, hope it works great with the xim4, I know it is listed as working with the 3 and Edge I think.

I've never been one to place importance on dpi and stuff, my mx518 became outdated long ago but as peers got better mice, I still had no problem getting better scores in my commonly played games like CS.  I'm not bragging, I've had my share of awful scores in my life, just saying I know I do very good sometimes regardless of equipment.

Ergos are the main thing for me. Mouse can't be too awkward for my claw grip and can't be too heavy or badly balanced, I feel like the Sensei is great for my style.


I game on the center monitor and mostly browse on the secondary. This makes it a lot simpler to use the web or chat while I am PC gaming on my main monitor.

My PC is in the back facing an odd direction because it saves desk space and gives me very fast and easy access to the back ports. Power button is on top so this doesn't affect my ability to turn it on. Don't bother with a disc drive so I don't care if the front faces me or not.

And then there is my 360 and XB1 on the other side, my Samson 850 headphones plugged into my DSS which is currently hooked up to XB1, I usually unplug the DSS itself and plug it into the PC when I want to PC game. 360 just goes through monitor speakers because I don't need good audio for single player games, which is mostly all I play on it nowdays.

I plan to put my XB1 Kinect on the wall back there, but I can't find my stud finder so I need to go to Lowe's or something before I do a wall mount solution.

And yes that is a white garbage bag covering a window. Only positive way to keep out nuclear fallout. (the window is broken and this is my temp fix)

Also hi, this is my first post.

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