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Xbox / Re: MW2 is shipped to stores.
« on: 09:09 PM - 11/04/09 »
What store is that mate?

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: How old is everyone on XIM?
« on: 12:27 PM - 10/28/09 »
I am 23  :o

I just called bull since you posted a tease and didn't provide any of the promised "details" in a timely manner. And now I'm a @#$%.
You're the kind of kid that gives the net a bad name, lack of reading comprehension and all. As someone else pointed out - I was skeptical, not critical. There is a difference... which apparently eludes you.
PM me, perhaps we can arrange to meet sometime and I can explain to you the difference... I travel frequently, I can come to you.

If you do have the game, great. I'm happy for you, really. And thanks for sharing the details.

Sleyersteve. You definitely need to read glenn's first post in this thread, because he clearly states that he DOES NOT HAVE THE GAME but he went to a lancafe, where he realized that the owner had access to the beta mw2 game and he jumped in and played it.

You guys are wack.

What? This has been an intelligent debate until you came in. Contribute to the thread or leave please.

Comments like that one prove that you don't give a f*** about others opinions and their work. Please stay out of the conversation if you are going to make such a nonsense comment. And by the way guys it definitely feels better upping the ups around 130, only tried cod4 so far.

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: XIM1 (PS3) vs. XIM2 (360)
« on: 02:02 PM - 10/05/09 »
Cameltoe what config are you using on the ps3 for cod4? I cant seem to find any xim1 config to perform as good as xim2 on 360 for cod4.

PlayStation / Re: Xim 2 for ps3 possible?
« on: 08:05 PM - 10/02/09 »
Its useless man that thing has worst lag then the xim 1 on 360 dont waste ur money trust me i have it. If u want it ill sell it to u though lol.

My friend i hope you do get somewhere with this because it would make  life so much easier for all of us trying to find configs left and right. Good luck bud.

General Discussion / Re: Steroids for gamers
« on: 12:28 AM - 08/04/09 »
I think you have issues buddy. And you have to understand (by using your very small brain) that this is a forum for video GAMERS and of course there are plenty of kids here that could get the wrong idea.
Ok i think that this Topic is pathetic. We should stop talking about this. People will get the wrong idea.

....And I care why? Who gives a @#$%, really? I don't. I'm not promoting the use of illegally obtained prescription drugs, as I'm sure everyone with half a brain assumed. I'm not saying, "Hey everyone! Try Adderall, it makes you a god." I just posted something that I discovered a week or so ago. You need not preach to people about giving vulnerable people "the wrong idea." I'm sure most of the people here are old enough to make their own decision.. If you're not, then you shouldn't be playing video games in the first place because according to the media and retards with PhD's, they can give kids "the wrong idea." You are giving me an idea.. You are a complete douche bag and should go preach to someone else.


Juggernaut really is a useless perk. It's only good for escaping glancing blows. It only takes an extra bullet or two to put a Juggernaut down so you just need to be ready for it as with Last Stand. Confirm your kills. Too many of you fall into the regular feel/routine of one burst and they go down so you line up your shot, squeeze off your burst, and in your mind you have already started looking for the next target. That's how the Juggernaut perk gets you and screws up your kill streak, but if you just pay a little extra attention it's easy to counter their extra health.

The only thing Juggernaut is good for is knifing. It can sometimes allow you to close that extra distance just in time to slice them.

You are totally correct but i am actually happy when  i see @#$% use that perk because i have an advantage on them.

General Discussion / Re: Steroids for gamers
« on: 02:42 AM - 07/31/09 »
Ok i think that this Topic is pathetic. We should stop talking about this. People will get the wrong idea.

Ye obsiv do it already  ;D

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XCM Cross Battle Adapter plus
« on: 08:45 PM - 05/28/09 »
I must be in the minority then.  I get no input lag whatsoever.  0.

Skipup can you tell me what version you have? I have the plus and its really slow. Does it have model number?

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: XCM Cross Battle Adapter plus
« on: 12:16 PM - 05/28/09 »
I am thinking of sending mine back did you send yours back?

XIM 2 Discussions / XCM Cross Battle Adapter plus
« on: 10:07 AM - 05/28/09 »
Hey everyone. I feel that i need to make a new thread about this since no one answered in my other posts. I just got the xcm cross battle adapter plus couple days ago and i feel it has a huge lag with xim2 on ps3. It feels just like xim1 with the xfps on the xbox 360. Is it just my adapter or is anyone else having this issue also?

I just got xba plus today also and tried cod4 on ps3 with xim2 and i have to say  it feels like xim1 on the xbox360. I think it has a big delay. I wouldn't buy it if i was you guys.

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