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General Discussion / Re: I just Owned!
« on: 09:23 PM - 12/09/09 »
up until now i have always gotten between 10-17 kills and 10-12 deaths per game as an average, i even had quite a few bad games where i went 3-11

but i just hit 40 and got the m16. and i went 10 GAMES STRAIGHT with 26-30 kills and 8-10 deaths

i just owned everyone. it was the most fun I've had in modern warfare 2 so far with the xim2.

finally got my KD ratio past 1.0

just thought I'd share that.
peace out.

I am glad your enjoying the xim buddy. Its a special peace of hardware that makes the whole xbox experience actually enjoyable.

Honestly Sebastian , who gives a @#$% if you think all that crap. You won some money bla bla... Who cares? Why are you even telling us? Coming here and talking crap to everyone for using macros and scripts is not very nice.People want to use macros ? Fine let them, its a f***ing game.Go cry somewhere else. *EDIT* Plus they have their own website now so just leave it alone. LOL

Tonester thanks for the tip. Do u think it would be a better option though if we used the setpoint options like you said or the os options?

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: I need anger management lol
« on: 02:22 PM - 12/02/09 »
Indeed. :D

General Discussion / Re: Modern Warfare 2
« on: 09:44 PM - 12/01/09 »
theres a bug that lets you have unlimited air drop

That explains it.

I dont think we can change that buddy. I have been following Obsiv's work since he had his little live space for the xim, but now as we see this community has gotten huge. If Obsiv didnt want any publicity he would have not made it public in the first place. People are going to keep coming and there is nothing we can do about it.Xim is a great product and you cant tell me that you didnt think that this wasnt going to happen. I will agree though i, i dont like it that we are getting a bunch of little noobs coming and asking all kinds of stupid @#$%.

General Discussion / Modern Warfare 2
« on: 08:30 PM - 12/01/09 »
Guys, i must say that after a lot of gaming experience, modern warfare 2 has to be the most stupid and noob friendly fps game ever made. This game is full of campers and glitchers, i must say that i am pretty good in fps games, and like all games, i have at least 2.3 k/d ratio including MW2 but enough is enough with this camping @#$%. I was in a game with my buddy today and a guy got like 16 airdrops and he had only 10 kills. The other day a guy had like 6 helis on us and he had 12 kills. Another example is a guy with 5 kills had 2 sentry guns 5 minutes in the game. This game is just retarded and i am glad i never paid for this @#$%. F**K MW2.

Configurations and Requests / Re: Any G500 MW2 configs?
« on: 03:07 PM - 11/24/09 »
Hey man just use ubern00ber's awesome config which is for the g9. The g9 and the g500 use the same exact drivers and its pretty much the same mouse but with a g5 shape and look. Trust me i have it.

Hey uber, I just plugged in your config for MX158 (Your COD4 config was god) and I'm wondering several things.

This is all for your MX158 config.

1. What X/Y ratio do you have it set at? (There's no detail on your post) I'm assuming 2.0?

2. What refresh rate do you have the mouse set at? (I've overclocked mine to 500hz).

3. What do you mean by you don't use SetPoint? Do you have the program closed all together, or do you have it set to "OS implimentation"?

xyratio:  1.85 and yes put setpoint at os  implementation. As for refresh rate i wouldnt even ask about that because every config about every mouse is best to be used at the highest possible refresh rate that the mouse is capable of doing.

Not to be an a$$ but check you spelling mate.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Mouse Acceleration?
« on: 10:43 PM - 11/09/09 »
Yes buddy i have the same issue and i really wonder if its the config or what?

Hey Toys, i am glad you are having fun man. I am loving this game already. The graphics are so realistic and alot more relaxing than cod4. What config are you using right now?

OK mist , he definitely did not mean no harm here obviously because he posted it for the whole community. Tonesters's configs are the best though. Every player should post his config in my opinion even if its just a small change of someone else s config because it could make a big difference. Thank you for this mate.

I have no idea man but i just found out about it myself so i will go to gamestop tommorow and get it.

I have just found this thread guys take a look. It seems legit. Call your local gamestop.

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