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Watch this in 1080p and i guarantee you, you are getting the ps4 . It got me to decide


In case anyone's wondering, Mike Z (Lab Zero Games) mentioned that the PS4 will accept existing PS3 arcade sticks. Obsiv , will that work for our xim edges or xim3 ?

XIM 3 Discussions / 20111013-BETA (RC)
« on: 10:27 AM - 03/01/13 »
Hey guys,i need to try firmware 20111013-BETA (RC) from back in the day lol. Would anyone happen to still have it? i would greatly appreciate it.I know Mist4fun is my best bet on this request. Thanx in advance.

General Discussion / XIM 3 AND XiM EDGE FEEL Different
« on: 03:05 PM - 11/14/12 »
Hey guys is it just me or the 2 devices feel different On black ops 2 .  I am using the modern warfare 3 smart translator  ON XIM3 AND XIM EDGE.  It feels more laggy and floaty  WITH THE XIM 3

Release Candidates / Older rc firmwares
« on: 09:20 PM - 05/05/12 »
Hey guys i was wondering, does anyone have rc firmware 1.00.20111019 by any chance? i would really apreciate it if someone can send it to me. i want to try something.

Release Candidates / xim3 problem
« on: 07:28 PM - 02/27/12 »
I'm having random situations with my xim3 with a madcatz controller where my my mouse movements do not record at all.  It happened last night with all 3 of my mice. The mouse buttons work but the tracking just gets disabled for some reason. Seems like the more I use it the more it happens.  Anybody had this problem before?  Also when I connect through the pc with transfer cable,  my mouse movements skip and are choppy.  I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong here.

Here you go guys , watch it in hd.


XIM 3 Discussions / AIM ASSIST destroys my aim
« on: 01:31 AM - 05/27/11 »
I cant stand it anymore, and its specially in black ops because i played cod4 mw2  with xim and it was fine. But black ops its just unplayable . Everything i do to beat the aim assist or stick aim just makes it even worst. I tried adding boost, acceleration... nope. I Quit trying to fix this Black ops @#$% game. I am going back to mw2 or cod4. The funny part is that when i try to turn aim assist off , its still there and its even worst. F this game.

Hey peeps, i just got this nostronomo razer crap and i am trying to move left right forward and back with the thumb buttons but my xim3 just will not let me use those buttons for movement. Anyone have any idea how i can do this?

XIM 3 Discussions / Firmware 404
« on: 10:02 PM - 04/27/11 »
Obsiv if you read this please upload firmware 404 because that was the best firmware for me. It just felt perfect for me and now the gold just doesn't feel right. Please upload it again and also the smart translator for ads BO from when you just got your new smart trainer system, that felt phenomenal for me too.

Thanks in advance!

XIM 3 Discussions / Old firmware and sts
« on: 03:17 PM - 04/19/11 »
Obsiv please repost all previous sts and firmware including rc omes. I just cant find the new gold fw and the new sts good enough for some reason.

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