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Obsiv, Please update the firmware to make the wasd act more like analogue stick. I noticed when I just kept the controller on my left hand for movement , aim assist was beautiful, I literally had no issues with it , for some reason it works as it is intended . The st felt great too , plus is also future proof

Does anybody know how i can convert a APEX curve or config to a xim4 one?

Hey guys , I remember reading somewhere in the forum about being able to adjust the deadzone of the original controller plugged in the xim4. I canít seem to find it, did that option get removed?

General Discussion / Obsiv you sneaky fox!
« on: 05:24 PM - 01/13/18 »
Itís that time again where you surprised us with yet another XIM and  Iíd like to take a moment to thank you for all your wonderful products that have given me 11 years of gaming fun . Starting with your first XIM, you got us all hooked by sharing with us your super duper work. keep it up gangster. Now hurry up and unleash the freaking apex cause all these videos and posts are extremely teasing 🙈👀

Technical Support / My XIM4 stopped working
« on: 07:25 PM - 01/07/18 »
Hey Obsiv , Mist . My XIM4 lights up all normal and it seems as its working but its not . Doesnt recognize any mouse or keyboard inputs at all but the xbox controller connected to it works fine through the xim. I have taken out the batteries of the xbox one controller to verify that the controller works through the xim. I tried on my og xbox one and my xbox one x , same thing , i also tried factory restore 3 times with diferrent firmware and still same problem.

Im sorry guys . I have just realised that iam alot more retarded than i thought. The xim works fine

Just wondering if destiny to gets boring fast like the rest of these recent games.  Tried overwatch for like four days and that's all I could do .  I miss search and destroy but these new call of duty's are so garbage . not many good games left and it's upsetting

General Discussion / Anyone have a XIM2 ?
« on: 10:53 AM - 03/12/17 »
 Hey guys does anyone still have a XIM2  ?  I have a bunch of things I can trade  🤔

As the title sais both consoles are now infested with hacks aimbots and esp and it's all over YouTube demonstrating . It's also now easier than ever , you just plug in a USB drive to the console and it objects all the hacks and mod menus.

Feedback / To My friend OBSIV
« on: 10:16 PM - 02/08/17 »
Today marks 9 years since I found out about your blog on the XIM. Going in to the 10th year I would like to thank you for giving me countless hours of comfortable gaming with the device of my choice as a pc gamer  and not a controller . The xim has helped me to this day distract myself  of the stresses of daily life and the rest of the rough times that come with it. When I game , for me is as I get in a different world and forget about everything. Thank you my friend for sharing with me this awesome work . 

Game Support / Rainbow six siege online
« on: 01:53 PM - 02/08/17 »
Does anyone notice a difference with the xim4 feeling amazing on single player offline siege and then when playing online it gets all sluggish and laggy , I mean the mouse movement

XIM 4 Discussions / BF1 turnspeed update
« on: 04:04 AM - 11/17/16 »
did the increase the turnspeed with the last update cauce i feel like it doesnt blink red as much and i can actually turn faster

Is it me or does anyone else feel like this game has a lag when aiming. The aiming feels just way off compared to other battlefield specially battlefield 4

XIM 4 Discussions / Error
« on: 11:10 PM - 06/21/16 »
My bad . error fixed

XIM 4 Discussions / *error Fixed*
« on: 01:24 AM - 06/21/16 »
Error fixed its all good now

General Discussion / PSN STATUS
« on: 07:52 PM - 01/05/16 »
Is anybody able to sign in on psn right now? I can't sign in to the network or play bo3 online. What's going on anyone know?

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