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My da elite does not store profiles onboard and polling rate is 500Hz without synapse.

My basilisk does all of this and uses the same sensor, though.

Tutorials / Re: Binding multiple keys, please help
« on: 12:35 AM - 03/07/18 »

after transitioning from a Razer Mamba mouse to the Basilisk for several months then acquiring a Deathadder Elite which uses the same form factor as the Mamba but has the same sensor as the Basilisk, i honestly believe the Basilisk is better for so many different reasons.

the Basilisk does weigh in at 107g which is a bit heavy for an FPS mouse but it's balanced properly and also has a 3rd teflon mouse skate that helps provide a silky smooth glide. these 2 reasons plus the outer shell with ribbed rubber thumbguard gives an extremely premium feel that i have never gotten from any other mouse. the top of the left and right sides curve outwards just enough to ensure that the mouse doesn't slip away from you during lift-off.

i used to love the Mamba shape but I have recently converted from a high DPI & sens player to a low DPI and sens player. especially, on low sens this mouse always feels snappy and pinpoint when changing arm speeds during tracking and for split-second correctional adjustments and i didn't experience that same level of precision from my new Deathadder Elite.

the form factor is ergo but works in palm , claw , fingertip or just about any hybrid gripstyle. the Basilisk is equipped with a remappable DPI clutch paddle and is packaged with 2 different lengthed pieces. the mouse wheel tension is adjustable and this affects the center of gravity which i believe to be unintentional but i find myself adjusting scroll-wheel tension specifically for changing weight distribution depending on the scenario at hand.

DPI ranges from 100 to 16,000 and may be adjusted in increments of 50. the 2 DPI-step buttons on the top of the mouse are also remappable.

on-board memory allows profiles to be stored for DPI and custom button assignments so that custom settings may be used without the use of extra software or drivers running alongside.

not trying to force this on anyone but after several months of heavy use decided to provide a brief review that isn't exactly like the rest for you all.

I highly recommend giving the Basilisk a shot and pairing it up with a high quality cloth speedpad *especially if you are a low sens player.

Amazon Links [USA]:

Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master SGS-4140-KXXL1 Swift-RX XL Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Goliathus[ (Speed) - Extended Gaming Mouse Pad/b]

i will be purchasing a Zowie FK2 in the near-future because i prefer to have options. will update afterward.


My only gripe with the basilisk is that the two side thumb buttons are too small. I like the mouse otherwise.

i completely understand.. i felt the same way at first after coming from the DA form factor. they protrude just enough and have a slight angle on the lower corner to allow actuation by gently nudging thumb upward from underneath so i've gotten used to them. the thought never even crossed my mind while reviewing this mouse but this may be a concern for others. thanks for your input.

Thanks for the detailed review. Iíve kind of had my eye on this mouse for a while and your overview was certainly helpful. I seem to have a mouse buying obsession .

Kind regards

you're welcome.

It is a really good mouse. Just be aware in order to properly use it with the xim you will need the Synapse 3.0 software which is only available on a PC.

You need Synapse3 to configure the Basilisk and to store your settings to the onboard memory. For example, I run Synapse3 to change a config then save to the mouse then > quit Synapse3 and close all services. I run it without Synapse3 running on PC and run it standalone (PC-free) with the Xim Apex with all important settings (dpi , button mapping) retained.

There are 4 on-board memory slots that are swappable by using the recessed button on the underside of the mouse. There is a light underneath that changes color according to the profile that is currently active. Colors are red, green, blue, cyan. These 4 profiles will only work in 500Hz mode without Synapse3, however, there is a 5th profile  that uses color white when running Synapse3 and whatever settings were in use when closing Synapse3 will be retained on the white memory slot. This includes polling rate so this slot  makes it possible to retain 1000Hz polling rate as well.

Chroma color settings are not storable to the memory so you may either use rainbow Spectrum lighting or disable it, altogether. I do not believe that surface mat calibration is stored, either.

My PC-Free Basilisk config for XIM Apex is configured for 16,000DPI @1000Hz with DPI clutch remapped to a keystroke and the  two on-the-fly DPI buttons also mapped to keystrokes providing 1 extra side button for a total of 3 and two extra top buttons for a total of 5 so 8 fully mappable buttons for use with XIM.

Hope that was informative enough for you.

Thatís really good to know. I didnít know that the white profile is the only one to save with 1000Hz.

I verify the on-board profile polling rate by using this link:


this is excellent info for the entire community and it deserves to be pinned on page #1. go for it!

thanks for your contribution .

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: took the plunge
« on: 04:10 AM - 03/02/18 »
Hey mj, nice to see you here!

Just a heads-up that you can combine the Apex and Titan One for super fun happy times. But be aware that the Titans don't detect an Apex running at 500 or 1000Hz. To bypass this issue until J2K finds a fix, run the Apex at 250Hz.

thanks and yeah i'm sick of working so hard on translations and i mainly use the T1 for mouse-play so the XIM should suit my needs on its own 99% of the time.


i'm using a lapdog from Corsair , a few different mice and an 11" mousepad. hasn't hindered my ability to perform well on console or on pc. Still game on a monitor but prefer the more comfortable chair and my mouse lower than on a desk.

Now, I'm looking into a nice Computer Workstation 36" wide so i can use my extended mouse mat more frequently without sitting at my desk.. This is a better way to go.

Check these out.


XIM APEX Discussions / took the plunge
« on: 01:35 AM - 03/02/18 »
love my Titan One and all but I've finally purchased my very first XIM adapter and I'm super-excited. thanks

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