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Hardware Compatbility / Re: Corsair Keybaord Compatibility
« on: 06:39 AM - 05/17/18 »
Wondering if the Corsair k63 wireless keybaord is fine when I plug the USB port into apex hub? My apex gonna get here Tmrrw. will my setup be fine? I have an AOC monitor 27 inch with Logitech g502 mouse and Corsair k63. will it work good? Any problems to expect?

my K70 works with the APEX.

hi guys

what is the best multi button mouse with ON BOARD MEMORY
When I say best I mean it's no good having 10 buttons but a trash laser ect
I'm noob and do not no what I'm looking for in terms of mechanical buttons and lasers ect
I'm new to using a mouse, I've never played on pc so using a keyboard is impossible for me to learn..
I'm on Xbox 1

so I bought the apex because I can use the ps3 nav controller along with a mouse.. perfect.

But I have run into some problems ....
because I use the nav controller I need a mouse with a lot of buttons which is no problem really as I've got used to it.
I'm currently using a RAZER NAGA HEX, it has 7 thumb buttons which is really good for me but the problem I'm having is IT HAS NO ONBOARD MEMORY!!!!
so I have absolutely no choice but to play on max dpi 16000 because even tho I can program it on synapse and set 5 diff dpi settings and map macros like double pump to specific buttons, once I unplug it from my pc and use it on my xbox it's all gone..
so instead of playing on 3-4k dpi with around 40 apex sensitivity I'm on 16000 dpi and like 7-8 apex sensitivity but in small movements the mouse can feel jittery
I would also love to use macros ect

please could anyone recommend really good mice with on board memory and some decent amount of buttons on the side...
I want the best I'm not scared of the price...
im looking at Logitech g600 but I'm worried I'll press all the buttons while moving the mouse?  I love my naga hex I'm gutted i can't use it's potential..
I really don't want risk paying for another mistake

thanx in advance and sorry for the long winded essay

Logitech mice seem to play nicer with the XIM than other brands that I have used and by play nice I am referring to communication compatibility , properly reporting polling rate , etc.. but the obvious 'play nicer' qualifies also.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Lightest mouse
« on: 06:35 AM - 05/17/18 »
Thanks fellas,great reply's ,helps a lot, the g402 feels like a paper weight,just to heavy for lift swipe movements,feels off

owned a G402 for a few days and exchanged for the G Pro which fixed everything for me.

Tutorials / Re: [APEX] Perfect Match EXTREME (FINAL)
« on: 06:02 AM - 05/17/18 »
jfame, are you saying to run your mouse dpi at 800 dpi?

Correct.  ;) Here's an excerpt from the the Purist thread. (basic-version)

We will be using true-native DPI of the mouse sensor (or as close as possible). This will ensure that the mouse will output user input as accurately as it is capable of tracking. DO NOT fall prey to the marketing that modern sensors are native across all DPI steps. This is false. Every sensor's true CPI (counts per inch) capability can be determined by its array which will always reflect the true-native DPI of the hardware. Anything above that means that the mouse firmware must add counts and estimate user-input. The mouse sensor is a camera that rapidly takes snapshots in order to track it's positioning.

Modern devices with 'flawless' sensors are being marketed as native across all steps due to the inaccuracies at extreme DPI levels being much lower than they once were. (say, for example 12kDPI tracking accuracy of 94%). This may not sound like much but there is a real-world performance difference that I am able to detect and you should be able to as well. I own a Logitech G Pro which is one of if not the snappiest mice at max DPI that is on the market and 800DPI still performs better each and every time I flip back to it. It's noticeably more responsive and much more accurate. It is enough to make a huge different while playing multiplayer shooters. Especially ones with longer time-to-kill and heavier aim-assist. In general it is simply more reliable overall.

Spend a moment to think about the way a digital camera photo looks when taken without zoom. It's clear and artifact-free. A zoomed photo will look slightly blurrier but not very noticeable if the zoom falls within the hardware's optical zoom range. Beyond that is the digital zoom area where photos will begin to look noticeably murky and pixelated. For the instant gratification aficionado, open an image using any photo viewer and zoom in slowly. Pay attention to how the photo loses detail as you scale it beyond its native size.

The same holds true for the technology that your mouse uses to track user-input. By comparison the optical range for the newer gaming mouse sensors typically would be above 800DPI up to 3200DPI and the digital would be 3200+. On top of that the increased counts add latency. Micromovements suffer greatly due to the additional latency and inaccuracy. This is the main cause of negative acceleration and by now I feel that most of us understand that negative acceleration makes aim-assist much tougher to deal with.

800 is plenty of DPI if you are mindful of the way to use it properly with XIM. Contrary to what others may believe, lower DPI will not make aim-assist more pronounced in fact it will make it easier to work with due to the fact that the mouse is translating with less haste and greater overall accuracy. Use 800DPI in order to feed your XIM with the cleanest possible user-input and let the XIM handle the multiplier, instead. It's better this way due to the XIM receiving a higher quality mouse output to work with and with less delay in between. Why raise the mouse multiplier when the XIM handles this anyway? All your doing is adding latency and degrading quality of the data from the mouse before XIM even receives it then the XIM also has to process delayed and degraded received data before it reaches the gaming platform. The XIM output can't be any more accurate than the data it has been provided with to work with and it can't output it any faster than how long it takes to receive it.  Think about that.. Personally, I would rather the XIM receive the cleanest possible data in shortest amount of time to work its magic on.

Feels like a pc 😕
Man this is amazing!
My aim is completely accurate!
Headshots become more easier. I'm serious guys :)

I don't know if I'm lucky with my shots or it is true thats this settings are completely good.

I tried this settings with Fortnite and battlefield 4 both were 100% perfect 👌🏻

The only problem is that there is no aim assist, however, I'm ok with that 🤷🏻‍♂️

Thank you man

Deserve a sticky 👌🏻

Thanks for sharing your experience. The aim-assist is in fact helping and it is still completely tuneable by adjusting the ballistic sensitivity. what you have described is the resulting behavior of perfect matching value that allows the config to mimic analog behavior so well that the result is seamless. so it's buttery smooth all around now and with the superior control of a mouse and finally without the muscle-memory interruption which is what I have been working toward achieving for some time now -loooonnnnnnnng before XIM APEX ownership however XIM definitely helped to expedite the process due to its superiority and it will only get better when a future XIM product offers a 100-step Ballistic Editor. I'm ecstatic over this triumph and pleased to be able to share it with the world. Have fun out there.

I could have sworn you recently started yet another thread on this very same subject where you recommended 800dpi @ 1000hz polling but with sync set to off, and both smoothing and sensitivity set to their maximums, using a ballistic curve to alter the sensitivity.

Whats it to be?  You seem to come up with something new on a daily basis, making grand promises that it's perfect, and yet you clearly aren't satisfied with it, otherwise why keep altering it.  I have no doubts that you spend a lot of time testing your theories, but they seem to change on a daily basis!

I sure did however I am making attempts to offer the best method with explanation for getting the most out of the standardized method so that there is an offering to suit a variety of user preferences. Not everyone is comfortable enough to venture into the extreme. I get that. I also believe that anyone who refuses to venture into the extreme is cheating themselves out of something pretty special.

My R&D period with XIM APEX began from the very first day of ownership. It lasted roughly 10wks and has been over with since a few days prior to sharing "Perfect Match". No new R&D went into the Purist offering because it is already being used to lay the foundation for the Extreme variant. (800DPI / 1,000Hz)

So additionally you have the Purist offering which clearly was an afterthought but I figured why not share the stripped down model for those who will remain configuring that way. If you're going to stick to the basics then you might as well have the information to help you get the most out of it.

Bits and pieces (precursors) were shared as progress was made in order to let everyone in on it but nothing new is on the horizon. These last two topics are final and these two setups are about as good as it gets for the Purist and for the Extremist. 

For what it's worth I only use 800DPI / 1000Hz for every game. I use the traditional method with my recommended Purist settings for very few titles and for most others I use the Extreme approach. And once I get around to playing those select games that are still using the basic version they will be converted to Extreme which imo is the superior method.

Either way you can't go wrong however the extreme model already matches up better before even beginning to tune the sensitivity via the ballistic editor. This means that it will provide a much greater threshold of refinement and while spending less time doing so.

I am now in 4000dpi and 500hz polling with ADS 17 and hip 12 (sync common)

With your settings (800dpi and 1000hz polling) wich ADS and hip i need?

I dosent understand the calculating

Old sens 17 >>> New sens 85

Old sens 12 >>> New sens 60

Only DPI needs to be factored when making adjustments to a sync-enabled value but you should still use 1,000Hz instead of 500Hz.

4000 / 800 = 5. So 5x your old COMMON value = your new COMMON value.

does not apply for your question but if for example your original 500Hz value was a NO SYNC value then it would be x10 to determine the new NO SYNC 1000Hz value. again, disregard this 10x multi since you are using frame sync.

I tried this on Fortnite but had quite some trouble.

I have some questions. Do you set your settings on the max? The fortnite sensitivity can go from 1 - 10 on both the x and y axis, which one do you pick? also, which ads settings do you use? 100?.

It was very hard to track players and I would always fall behind and then "over aim" which made me overall inaccurate. It was hard to aim in shotgun fights as well. Now, I'm not saying that this method does not work, but all I'm saying is that I couldn't get it to work and I'm not sure what I did wrong. I tried to change the ballistic curve to help out my sensitivity, but nothing worked. Then i tried to change the ads settings but neither did that work.

Can you help me out?

treat this topic as an afterthought..

first give this a try http://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=66177.0

tbh that should be enough but if it isn't then return to this topic and test out the more extreme.

General Discussion / Re: monitor and tv question
« on: 04:31 AM - 05/15/18 »
hi ..i have normal HD tv and some friend told me to buy monitor espically for gaming so my question is  does the monitor for gaming is better than tv in fps games?

Smaller size and industry standard display latency definitely plays a major role.

you don't even need anything fancy either.

Ben's RL2455HM is very affordable and is an excellent CRT alternative for current-gen console gaming @60Hz.

if you decide to purchase one try to find the older model without the Zowie branding.

Having used both the original model performs a bit better looks a tad nicer and the firmware is much snappier.

The RTS2 color pallet with black EQ and higher gamma combo produces a picture similar to CRT that appears fuller and more colorful which is refreshing to have as an option with LCD tech. I have yet to use another LCD brand that can replicate this and the newer Zowie model doesn't quite do it as well as the original model, either. 

this was never such a hot issue back in Non-HD CRT days. Even the crappy sets were great as far as latency goes. I really wish there was a niche market for the technology these days. I'm still collecting these and I game on them quite a bit whenever possible. Love that micro-sec latency, superior motion resolution and those inky blacks. apparently this also means that I enjoy bathing in radiation and hate my vision lol.

and apparently I already responded to this topic previously which means it's time for bed.

best of luck to you.

General Discussion / Re: Is 800 dpi good?
« on: 04:21 AM - 05/15/18 »
Different sensor, different experience. Worth a try, but it's a cheapo office mouse and will perform as such.


I do reference our mouse but this is general advice for any mouse.

that said I guess I overlooked cheapo office mouse lol. I'm tired.

and chances are the cpi of that cheapo mouse is 400 and only 125Hz but I don't even feel like researching it atm haha

so OP maybe buy a g pro if you can.

General Discussion / Re: Looking for a new mouse
« on: 04:19 AM - 05/15/18 »
As the title says, Iím looking for a new mouse, preferably something big as my hand size is roughly 19-20 CM and smaller mice are extremely hard to grip properly as Iím a palm gripper.

I currently use the G502 and love the feel of it, but Iíve been wanting to branch out and try some new things. So far Iíve looked at the G Pro and a few others such as Final Mouse, but I want to hear everyoneís opinions before I settle on one  :D

G PRO all the way. you will be happy meaning that you most likely won't be shopping around for other mice once you use it. worked for me anyway. 

Title ^^

if you are seeking the heavier on-rails sort of feel then decrease polling down to native of the console or even double console native for greater aim assist.

native for x1 = 125Hz.  ps4 = 250Hz

I got the logitech g pro and I made a mouse pad out of a shirt, just wondering if I really need to purchase a high end mouse pad or does the one that I made is perfectly fine.

lol definitely purchase a pad

General Discussion / Re: Is 800 dpi good?
« on: 04:14 AM - 05/15/18 »
So I've ordered my Xim apex a while ago and I was going to use a cheap keyabord and mouse. The mouse I am going to use is the Logitech B100 800 dpi. The keyboard is some keymaster keyboard.Although this is just going to be temporary until I get the real mnk.

Just wondering if 800 dpi is good. Thanks.


Hello Odin
Do I understand this in the right manner?
To have a good AA my sampling rate should be 500Hz (with my mouse and the Xim)
And the sync on common and DPI on 4000.
That's exactly how I play:
Razer Basilisk 500Hz 4000Dpi
Xim Apex 500Hz
Sync Common
Hip: 16 / Ads: 13
Are the good conditions that the AA works well?

your basilisk will perform best at 1800DPI or lower. I own one and tested more combos than I would like to admit. I use a g pro now though.

that said there are ways to make low dpi play nicely with xim.

I recommend you test these dpi steps

400 , 450, 800, 1350, 1800. these were my favorite dpi values with the basilisk.

also if you do not know this already you can run the basilisk at 1,000Hz without Synapse but only by setting your profile via synapse. whatever settings you had active with synapse before disconnecting from PC will be auto-stored on the white profile. that is the only profile that will properly run Hzb other than 500. note that the basilisk will falsely report 1,000Hz to Xim Manager after a few min when not actually running 1,000Hz on other user stored profiles.

lastly, if you turn the tension wheel so that the scroll wheel has the least resistance it will feel more balanced in the hand and glide a bit better especially for vertical swipes.

just wanted to pass this info to a fellow Basilisk owner.

like I said the G PRO is my main mouse now and it's the best imo

if you are struggling with breaking the aim assist bubble in cod you should first consider  using a straight ballistic to boost your movements by setting a steep straight curve to 100% at the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 mark on the ballistic editor. be sure to adjust your sens by multiplying your vanilla sens x .02 , .04, .06, .08,. .1 or .12 depending on which you choose. 

100% ballistic from firsy notch 2.00 is the steepest and is fantastic for just about everything in ww2.

from the 3rd notch 6.00 is a great one for snipes.

you could also just use smoothing around 5 to 8 works pretty well but the ballistic basically does the same thing without creating any additional delay or extra play in the aim which is why I prefer the ballistic approach.

I will add that if you are crafty with your configuration you CAN get nearly the same level of control on console as PC which makes disabling aim assist a more viable option.

that's all I'm going to say.    ;D

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