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XIM 4 Discussions / Can I make holding Mouse 1 auto fire?
« on: 08:10 AM - 11/12/15 »
So you call anyone that asks a scrub just in case, even though you yourself are some form of hand retardation cripple? Smh fam

XIM 4 Discussions / Can I make holding Mouse 1 auto fire?
« on: 01:40 PM - 11/11/15 »
'It's no more scrubby than using a mouse on console. Both are tools to improve accuracy...nothing more, nothing less.'

'My point was calling me a scrub for asking a question when you are using a device to play with a mouse and keyboard on consoles is a pot calling a kettle black.'

'Lol.  Welcome to the forums. Where everyone's in denial of the competitive edge this device gives you..strange really.  Lol.'

What if some people use the xim because they are disabled and need special peripherals?

I was better with a controller before I got into a car accident and lost my ability to use one.

The same disabled people could be using macros because they are disabled, nice try tho fam

XIM 4 Discussions / Can I make holding Mouse 1 auto fire?
« on: 09:47 AM - 11/10/15 »
What kind of algorithms are required to translate 10 inches of mouse movement accurately into 1 inch of joystick movement allowing you to finely control look speeds that a controller user can't? What kind of algorithms are required to take a 5.1 sound source and simulate 5 speakers through your headphones so you can hear things through them that I can't with my tv speakers? What crazy @#$% did engineers have to do to make sure your monitor can refresh 120x per second with imperceptible input lag so that you can start shooting me before I even see you? And you fuckos are worried about some guy putting a click in a loop because it can outperform your finger?

Test Area / Re: Gaming Sessel v1.01 Pictures Backup
« on: 07:35 AM - 11/10/15 »
Very nice [emoji106]🏼

General Discussion / Re: BO 3 KD Ratio
« on: 06:30 PM - 11/08/15 »
My kd is is still NaN

General Discussion / Re: BO 3 KD Ratio
« on: 11:08 AM - 11/06/15 »
I bet my kd is higher than your guys

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 05:01 PM - 11/03/15 »

Guess that depends, bo2 sucked imo, everyone thought it was great, I hated the mechanics / balance / maps / attachments.

cod on cs maps should be interesting. I might buy it on PC just for that lol.

Wait then wouldn't that mean you think MW3 was the last good COD to get the 3 to 1 ? .....

MW3 good?!
ARRrrrrrrrrg! The pain.........

Because he's a quickscoper m8, it was all downhill for him from there


Any developer that is willing to sacrifice anything to get an uncompromised 60fps gets a tick in my book.


IMO this is how game developers should be thinking!

- 1080p is probably going to still be the standard in 1 or 2 generations time!

- Let's maximise games for 1080p 60fps

- The games on XO may look like 360 games at 1080p
But that's fine.

- Once we have established a base line frame rate and screen resolution, if we adhere to it, then the next gen can push to make improvements to graphical fidelity. (Because we will still be aiming for the same res and FPS as lastgen, only with more power)

That's how they should be thinking. At least first party developers like 343.. Make 1080p 60fps a set in stone requirement, to deliver the audience a set product.

Build the game around those perameter's. The gamers will ultimately thank you for it if you're giving them a set package.

I hate the fact that this Gen is all about 720p,900pp,1080p

When I bought a console I was looking for a set experience. If I wanted to lower my games resolution just to get them to run I would buy the games on PC. Where I can turn settings to high, low, Off to get that screen resolution and frame rate.

Last gen was 720p, and for the most part it was locked at that for the vast majority of its games AFAIK..

This Gen should have aimed for 1080p at all costs, even if games had to dial back the graphics to look more like TimeSplitters 2 to achieve 1080p 60fps.

It's like SKY TV here in the UK selling you a HD package, but its only 1080i or 720p, I don't care what anyone says from a technical stand point, 1080i simply cannot compare to 1080p at all!! (My eyeballs tell me there is a big difference)

I wonder how many people pay for that, and just assume they're getting 1080p...

There needs to be some rules in place to define what HD means (and IMO it should only mean 1080p). That way its much less confusing for the consumer, and since "HD" is what the consumer wants, it would make companies that push this content, games, TV shows, Movies or otherwise, it would make them push for their products to be 1080p!

You honestly feel like older halo games where held back cause they where 30 fps?

It's not just the 1080p resolution I'm talking about when I'm referring to it not looking pretty.  It looks washed out.  Old gen textures. 

I don't agree with the whole sacrifice graphics for 1080p 60fps.

Hell I still think destiny looks and plays better than this at 30fps.

Reach was infuriatingly poorly performing on some maps, and generally not good on the rest. COD sacrificed graphics for performance and outsold halo by miles and took over the competitive scene

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Halo 5....Fastest ST update ever!
« on: 01:44 PM - 10/30/15 »
@#$% off bionic

But now they don't acknowledge that it's being outsold they just talk about xbl subscriptions [emoji854]

Halo 2 was awesome, and if you guys want pretty graphics over gameplay then it's time to upgrade your PC. But then again the popular PC games like lol and CS look like @#$% but run well so...

It has as many buttons as many gaming mice do

do they still have silver/free tier? hopefully they count all of those, need to get in all of those people that are just using it to watch netflix :P

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Twitch & dr_ballistics
« on: 09:02 AM - 10/25/15 »

Would anyone be interested in watching a stream of me making a curve for that game?  Lol.. Can't guarantee it'll be interesting, but it can definitely give you insight on how a approach optimizing for AA in my curves.. I'll need to make a hand cam so you can see the mouse movement too..

Yes!! I would be interested how you make a curve with maximal use of AA in BFH:-D

I would prefer Youtube over Twitch because you can watch it over and over again when you miss something.

You are knew here.  Don't bother with this chump.  He will try to get you to pay for the ST's he has created.  There are plenty of threads on specific games where people share their set ups and are more than happy to answer questions for you.  They do this as this forum is meant to be: a community of users freely helping other users.

Lol, I already shared my setup with everyone.  For free.  Lol.  Your like a female.  Get over it, that was years ago lol.  Everyone  who donated was more than happy too.

Shout out to atmos ns! I told you to hit me up bro. Lol,  Holly d was cake for us x).  Better luck in the next tournament ;)
Just some friendly trash talk guys.  Don't get all butt hurt now lol.

*I got a good feeling about 10,000 DPI. And more boost.  Increments of 15, to me,  make a difference in the snap.  And a longer progressive delay for hip/ads ratios feels amazing.  For example  a hip of 25 and ads of 6 could have a 350ms delay.  And a hip of 13 and  ads on 5 would have a 150 ms delay.  Obviously those numbers are in no way accurate, but you get the gist.  Check out some test runs on my channel ;)


Years ago?  It wasn't even two months ago.

When someone says "ages ago" do you think they are referring to events that happened in the Bronze Age?

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 05:28 PM - 10/22/15 »

Im stoked already. I hate to say it but the comp news is gaining my interest. Then again, as stated before, no evidence of a plan to combat DDOSing. Pointless with that rampant prob.
Yeah, It was rampant - Leageplay in BO2 was so good, we played it anyways- but it got really really annoying.

The problem is, there is nothing they CAN do about it - Even if they run league on dedicated servers, you can grab IP's from party chat servers.

DDos'rs will find a way to DDos no matter what - unless there's a proper overwatch, report, or admin system in place... and thats why there was far fewer DDoser's in GBS - easy report and ban. Its the one big advantage that third party leagues still have over in-game ladders .. the ability to challenge and report matches.

Im sure there will still be rampant ddosing.. but if its anything like BO2.. it will still be good practice.

If they player host chat yeah. Even if MS doesn't want to put the money into dedicated chat servers they could make chat opt out and prevent random people from getting your ip.

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