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Yeah I was playing it a couple days ago. it's awesome. 45k viewers, this guy is raking in the dough

Beta / Re: Boost
« on: 01:04 PM - 02/16/14 »
I don't follow when you say the game's look mechanic is unaltered, you realize that translation exponent / accel / smart translator, every single thing we do, alters the game's look mechanic right? that is the whole point of XIM, a raw look mechanic from the game is not friendly to mouse.

Beta / Re: Boost
« on: 12:40 PM - 02/16/14 »
I don't know what you aren't understanding. Maybe the language barrier is at work here.

You don't think that our god king obsiv, with all of his wisdom and power, could build a "blank" smart translator that has no accel curve?

Singlecoil does

What if you could have a generic/fake ST with a very small deadzone (so you can use boost for the rest) and pretends it's based on a non-existent game that already has 1:1?

That should allow the game's pre-existing acceleration curve to take over and also allow you to have a pseudo-standard config without the XIM team having to make weird ST's with acceleration for every game.

Obsiv himself has even stated in the past that he had the idea of having a couple generic smart translators that are not game specific for people to tweak.

Beta / Boost
« on: 11:54 AM - 02/16/14 »
That analogy was not very good. There would of course be several blanks to choose from representing the most common deadzone shapes. Also, with a circle/square and some diagonal dampen you weren't going to get very close to a game like resident evil deadzone anyway. With the idea I present you end up with all of the functions of a standard translator, minus diagonal dampen, and translation exponent is now much more flexible.

Beta / Boost
« on: 11:43 AM - 02/16/14 »
Akxs I don't see how you can say that when there has been about 0 feedback given on the new feature in this thread.

I say for unsupported games put out a couple blank smart translators that have no accel/decel, like a smart translator was made from a 1:1 game, one with a small circle dead zone, one with a small square, maybe one with a hybrid circle/square/starfish/whatever. The only thing they would be missing from standards is diagonal dampen, which was meh anyway, it's not like you even getting close on unsupported games like resident evil.

They should be opening up the beta for PC users with no code too, at least that's the general consensus on the interweb earlier

Origin ID is: t0qy

Will probably not get beta, decided to buy it after watching some streams and all of the positive feedback

General Discussion / Re: Best Xbox gaming headset??
« on: 06:51 AM - 02/16/14 »
cbn2 uses a PC sound card for his xbox sound, should ask him about his setup. Good PC sound cards sound better than Mixamp for sure. Also have built in amps so you can get k701 headphones with no worries.

General Discussion / Re: TITANFALL....
« on: 06:36 AM - 02/16/14 »

Game is pretty great visually and the gameplay is nice.... wall walking and jumping everywhere feels really natural... but I don't think this game has much to keep me interested. Nice game to jump on and mess around for a bit... but nothing mind blowing here IMO.

Not digging the whole bots running everwhere thing. Anyone know why they went with all this AI stuff instead of having real players? What is the satisfaction in taking out a bunch of bots? (who are terrible by the way)

And theres not even a campaign for single player? I'm not a big campaign guy but I can see others not being happy with that. Replay value is not looking so great right now, but I will play it more later and see how it goes.

I feel like they could have had something super amazing and mindblowing with this game but they just took it in the wrong direction with all the AI stuff.

I feel the same way about cod pubs, most players are pretty bad and I might as well play against bots. And zombies, people love cod zombies, I hate that crap.

That being said, this seems to be quite different from those two. There's a lot of directions they could go with the game, all we've seen is a limited alpha and beta after all. You also have to remember that everyone is brand new at the game. Once everyone gets a few months in and figures everything out, it'll probably start to be played differently just like any game.

If there's elements you don't like, let them know about it on twitter or email. If they get enough complaints about bots they'll probably make a bot free mode if they haven't already

General Discussion / Re: TITANFALL....
« on: 11:01 AM - 02/15/14 »
COD with robots is right.  How bout addressing the thing that bothers most players, LAG!

I'm sure they are going to do everything they can. Making sure everything is going smoothly with the azure servers is probably half the point of the beta.

I don't think this is a troll post, just a user that wishes he had xim4e for his ps4. The video is hilarious.

The controller firmware update is just for the audio dongle it looks like. Of course they could sneak other stuff in without announcing it. You'll know when that happens because you have to do some specific actions to update the controller. I wonder how many people are going to brick their controller  during the update

General Discussion / Re: TITANFALL....
« on: 05:28 AM - 02/15/14 »
From what I've gathered besides acting like creep to farm for titans the bots also are anti camp. If you are sitting around in one spot they will come get you. They will likely have no bot modes if they get enough feedback about them, so make sure you tweet or email them about it.

General Discussion / Re: Word Association!
« on: 06:55 PM - 02/14/14 »

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