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You just shouldn't have to be doing all of this -- I'm not sure why this is happening. Are you up-to-date on service packs for your Windows install?

Also, what type of phone isn't working for you now (which worked before)?

Ok, so I ended up spending like 3 hours earlier today and I got the phone working. It now connects flawlessly. what ended up happening was I kept redownloading the XIM4 manager from the app store, but that's not the latest XIM4 manager for the new translator (boy do I feel dumb). I got the one apk off the website and now it connects instantly. So what that tells me is my XIM4 is not broken. However, my bluetooth dongle for my computer sucks. I'm not sure why, but unless I use this "CSR Harmony" software made for my bluetooth dongle, I don't think I can connect to the xim 4 manager. But, I'm guessing, the XIM4 manager doesn't respond to individual custom driver software which is reasonable because there would be far too many for OBSiV to have to code for.

To answer your 1st question, I am using Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and I am up to date on all my updates.

New update! Ok I found out how to get the standard drivers, however I still have an issue. But I think showing this may help OBSiV point out some issues in the future.

When I go to device manager ->

Right click on CSR bluetooth chip -> Properties -> Update Driver

Browse my computer for driver software ->

Then click let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer ->

Notice how the CSR one is already selected. For me to get the bluetooth software, I had to click on Generic Bluetooth Adapter!!! Then it will install the bluetooth software you need (The default one).

Ok, but I still can't get my XIM to pair now!
I click on the bluetooth icon in the taskbar and click add device and nothing shows up, even after I hit P on my XIM4. I've tried everything. Restarting my computer and resetting my XIM4. Even though I'd like to get this to work, is there a bluetooth dongle that has worked for other people that I can try out?

My problem is, where do I get the stock windows drivers? I just uninstalled my bluetooth drivers but I don't know how to get the stock windows 7 bluetooth drivers...

Were you offered a checkbox that said something like "Delete drivers after removing device?"  You want to check that box or else it'll just re-install the drivers we're trying to stop using.

The stock drivers that automatically install when i plug it in only give me this file called "Bluetooth file transfer" which has no use. I don't understand how I don't have the main bluetooth driver even though it recognizes it
 Where am I supposed to go to pair my xim 4?

It looks like you aren't using the stock Windows drivers either. I suggested uninstalling your Bluetooth device from Device Manager (choose to delete if you get the option). Then reboot and let Windows install its own drivers.

My problem is, where do I get the stock windows drivers? I just uninstalled my bluetooth drivers but I don't know how to get the stock windows 7 bluetooth drivers...

There is the wireless adapter I have, and no I don't think it supports bluetooth.

However, here is the bluetooth adapter I have

My problem is, when I start the XIM 4 manager it doesn't even seem like it's trying to connect, it just immediately tells me it paired xim4 not found. Which is really frustrating :(

Hey OBsiV, I still can't get it to work. I tried disabling other devices and I still could not get it to work :( Any suggestions? Is there any way I can pin point it to use the bluetooth device I have?

I have 1, and it is just this bluetooth device. However, I also have a wireless adapter that might be causing the issue. I'll experiment and get back to you when i'm done.

Ok let me go over the process of what I'm doing. I just did a full factory reset on the XIM4 again. 

I click on add bluetooth device and find xim 4

i click next then it tells me
so I go look at the bluetooth device
Yup it's there
So then I open up XIM4 Manager


however, open messing with my bluetooth manager, I found this:
notice how it says: Not connected.

How do I connect it? If it's already paired then what else do I need to do?
I've never used bluetooth before on PC so pardon me if i'm doing something wrong.

Yes. I read that other people have been able to get it to work. Ever since the new update I haven't been able to connect my XIM 4 to anything. My android phone would not connect even after I cleared cache to bluetooth data. Now I have paired my XIM 4 to my PC but the XIM 4 manager won't connect. What's most annoying is that the XIM 4 manager program only takes about a small amount of time everytime to tell me it can't connect.

My computer fully recognizes XIM4 and is connected, but XIM 4 manager will not connect. It keeps telling me Paired xim 4 not found [6]

Beta / Re: Can't get xim 4 to connect to android after v2
« on: 03:00 AM - 02/18/15 »
This didn't work for me either :( Unfortunately I have no idea what's the case, but my android is just stuck in an eternal connecting symbol on the xim4 manager. I bought a bluetooth adapter for PC but won't get it till thursday.

Beta / Can't get xim 4 to connect to android after v2
« on: 11:45 PM - 02/17/15 »
Maybe I'm an idiot. I cleared the cache and data to the program and had to download latest game support again. I went to my bluetooth and tried unpairing it and hitting the "P" button then repairing it and and it is stuck in an eternal connecting symbol loop.

When is OBSiV releasing it?

Ok, I found out about ballistics and yes they are a huge advantage. It takes a WHILE to find one that works right, but once you find the one you like it is a huge benefit. For me it allows me to use high sensitivity and low sensitivity at the same time basically.

Can someone explain floaty feeling to me....

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