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It's a game issue, not XIM.   Just pause for one sec after picking up the weapon and it goes away....

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 01:15 PM - 02/07/16 »
No issues at all in Chicago after update on PS4.  Ping consistently 17-34.....

Sony officially only recognizes Hori -- not XIM.  But it recognizes kbam as a viable alternative, just as fight sticks, racing wheels, etc. 

So yeah, it kinda' does make the point moot.  XIM just does it heaps better than anything else out there....it's really night and day, truth be told. 

Yep.  Hori makes it. 


There was one for PS3 as well.  It's shite, but it's got the Sony stamp of approval.  It works, in theory, just like the XIM in that it is limited by the games themselves and the controller pad abilities therein.  AA is still possible as is everything else since it is game driven and the PS4 can't tell if you're using the Hori kbam unit or the pad. 

Not sure about XBone games.  On PS4 you can play FFXIV and War Thunder I think with native kbam at the moment.  On PS3 it was Unreal and CS. 

General Discussion / Re: What's next Ghosts 2?
« on: 01:45 PM - 01/13/16 »
If they come out with ghosts 2 I think launch sales will be horrendous. People may buy it if reviews were good but preorders would be extremely low compared to the past several cods.

You're not factoring in the machine that is the army of sub 20 year olds who buy COD every year regardless of anything. This is also the same reason why COD has gotten progressively worse.

Spoken by someone who doesn't play COD enough.  =P

The current Blops III is by far the best itiration of the franchise in quite some time.  It's easy to pick on COD, don't get me wrong, but that statement is proven false by Activision's current offering.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Killzone Shadow Fall
« on: 08:06 AM - 01/09/16 »
It's the game.  And, when the lobbies were full, it was great.  =)

Liquidboy --- put XIM in the  request or it won't be honored.  Cod, Cod, and more Cod these days....

Wow....there you go!

General Discussion / Re: BO3 ps4 (let's form a group)
« on: 12:33 AM - 11/24/15 »
Chicago area.

Liquidboy is the PSN ID....

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 09:21 AM - 11/21/15 »
I'm absolutely loving this game.  The aim assist / pull towards enemies when ADS is markedly less than AW, seems to have the right amount of jumping and wall running, etc.   Combined with Mist's smarty, I'm a huge fan.  Best COD since BLOPS 2, which I loved as well...

PlayStation / Re: Looking for BO3 PS4 gamers!
« on: 05:31 AM - 11/19/15 »
Nobodyfamous and I tried to get you the other day.  Will try again soon! 

OBsIV gave one guy a warninig in some other thread I was following before it was locked.  No idea where it stands now as I've chosen to avoid.  If I post, it'll just be another bump to keep his name on the front pages per se, and lack of attention can kill as effectively as a ban if we're smart about it....

It's explicitly prohibited in this forum, plain and simple. 

C'mon Dale, don't deceive.  ADS toggle is bupkis.  If you were being honest about guys trying to emulate your style, there'd be a lot of guys gaming without wearing pants.  That's why you don't livestream anymore if the rumors are true. 

Commando gaming FTW!!! 

Hi all -

Work has kept me away for more than I care to say and my posts have been limited for a while.  Sob story or not, what I'm seeing some folks doing here now is inconceivable.  In short, from the XIM1 days we all traded setups, standards, mouse info, deadzone modifications, etc. etc. etc. to help folks get their perfect feel.  Spreadsheets were created.  Threads went on for months.  And all anyone wanted was a "thanks" and the satisifaction of knowing they were helping others have fun at a hobby they shared. 

Period.  Paragraph.  End of story. 

Seeing all this crap about "PM me if you want the goods" or what have you is nothing short of insane.  There is no secret sauce, folks.  Watch the intro videos, read the forums via the search function, and have fun with it.  Start with the smart translators at 1:1, boost a bit, fiddle with your Y/X ratio, copy a curve from the *many* that are already out there, and tweak to your liking. 

Simple as that. 

I can't tell OBsIV or the mods what to do or how to handle this, but @#$% if it doesn't frustrate the hell out of me that someone new to the XIM forums could come across one of these posts and think that's what this place is all about. 


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