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XIM 1 Discussions / Re: [PS3] Xim suddenly stops working
« on: 07:09 AM - 01/29/09 »
On Resistance 2 the controller can be off without a problem, but it sounds like in most other games it must be on for the XIM to work appropriately.  FYI....

XIM 1 Discussions / Re: hello every one
« on: 07:07 AM - 01/29/09 »
Agreed.  Systems wars are boring.  XIM is fun. 

It's easy here....

Just got a yobo the other week.  Returns 62 on a consistent basis.....

PlayStation / Killzone 2...
« on: 10:56 AM - 01/25/09 »
....is coming.  I'm not going to start a system war, but I have to say that this is one that made two of my friends go get PS3's.  Metacritic, so far, shows it to be the best reviewed PS3 game yet. 


My favorite video:


Anywho, for all who are XIMers, this is one for the books.  Can't wait to see everyone's configs!

PlayStation / Re: Bioshock
« on: 10:53 AM - 01/25/09 »
For a single player campaign and storyline, there's few games that come close to the overall immersive qualities it has.  Four star gaming experience. 

PlayStation / Re: Resistance 2
« on: 10:51 AM - 01/25/09 »
Coming into the XIM this past week, I've only used it on R2, and after making a bunch 'o tweaks to Juncti's stellar start, I'm loving it.  Absolutely loving it.

PlayStation / Re: Frag FX or XIM?
« on: 10:50 AM - 01/25/09 »
XIM all the way....the mouse feel is markedly better, and the customization, while it takes a bit to do as you see fit, is awesome once done. 

Tutorials / Re: 8 Step PS3 - XIM1 Guide
« on: 09:34 AM - 01/25/09 »
This was / is a fantastic way to XIM.  I've done it just as you have outlined, and absolutely love the way it works now that I have things tweaked out for Resistance 2.  (I have a rotten old optical mouse, what can I say!) 

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.  It's posts like this that make folks on the fence about investing the $$$, like me, really glad they did. 

Thanks again...

General Discussion / Re: Noob with his first XIM post....
« on: 06:36 PM - 09/09/08 »
From what I read, there was a recent "re-aligning" of the forums and that the PS3 forum was specifically for discussions regarding PS3 games and the sort, not XIM tech gunk, if that makes sense.  Just trying to follow the outline the mods have created.  I'll try there too....thanks.

General Discussion / Noob with his first XIM post....
« on: 07:38 AM - 09/07/08 »
Hey all....

PS3 user here, and I'm drooling. 

I've been pouring over this forum for the last 2 days since it seems to be exactly what I've been looking for.  With R2 and Killzone2 coming out for PS3, I'm itching to get a k/m combo working since I found that, for me, it was worlds better and most comfortable to my gaming style.  (UT3 ruined me for Resistance, shall we say, even though the community was meh.) 

Anywho, I'm going to be purchasing a XIM1 and a Yobo Joy Box in the next day or two since most PS3 guys using that seem happy.  Once I get them -- that's where the trouble starts. 

No matter how much I search, I can't seem to find exactly how this thing "looks" when all is said and done.  Here's my questions:

1)  Are there any PS3 system set up pics or videos out there?
2)  Do any of you play 15 feet away from your PS3 or is everyone treating the PS3 like a desktop and playing in front of their monitor?  I bought a 20 foot USB cord from monoprice for my XIM already so I can play from my couch, but curious.
3)  I've come across a few different downloads for the XIM software for the laptop.  Are they all the same?  Which did you use?

Any help from the PS3 folks out there would be greatly appreciated....thanks!

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