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General Discussion / Something Like Logitech g13 but....
« on: 04:20 AM - 01/14/14 »

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if there anything out there like G13 / Nostromo ect ect but with wireless properties?

thank you!!!

I as many of you come from lots of years play on M\K combination and trying to play on a controller it just not feels right, starting from the movements which can become better with time but no way near to a keyboard, and ending to the aim which is the crucial point, a thumbstick can NEVER achieve what a mouse can do like headshotting on 0.5 sec far away, so yeah much people say "why dont you stick with pc?" i could do that but when you see number like : 9000 player connected on CoD: ghosts pc and in the same day on ps3 on Cod:Mw3 theere are 65000 players connected here comes the answer, more player more fun less lag cause you dont have to play with ppl on the other side of the globe, and that way the game become at least enjoyable.

ps: looking up for the Xim4!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 + Logitech Unifying Receiver
« on: 04:57 AM - 01/13/14 »
thanks a lot!!

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 + Logitech Unifying Receiver
« on: 02:56 AM - 01/13/14 »
Hello Everyone!
I am a pc player and always played on pc, but after a lot of time spent on thinking of moving on a console i finally made up my mind, and moving on ps4.
I checked every detail about xim3-edge and upcoming xim4 and since on pc im using wireless keyboard (logitech K800) and wireless mouse ( Logitech G602 ) i was wondering if i can use the unifying receiver + the g602 ONLY receiver, or a unifying receiver for both.
For me is very functional cause i can easily move the receivers from my pc to the console without any cable problem, and planning to play Destiny on my couch not at my desktop, cause it will be so relaxing! :)

sorry for my bad english and thanks for any advice you can give me!

i can mark it "Electronic Device of the Year 2014" with no doubts!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 PS4
« on: 05:44 PM - 01/03/14 »
Ps4 + Xim4 + Destiny

omg this is what i call awesomeness....

General Discussion / xim4 from Italy
« on: 12:42 AM - 12/14/13 »
Can i buy Xim4 from Italy?

I know maybe this is a stupid question, but since i cant live without my xim edge on ps3, i wont buy a ps4 untill i have a xim4 :D

General Discussion / Partnership Sony/Microsoft
« on: 06:16 AM - 11/22/13 »
First of all nice to meet you all, i totally love your work here, and i think you saved a lot of pc players from agony :D
One thing crossed my mind while seeing all the patience and hard time put into this project:
what if you guys could make this wonderfull device official?Could it be done?


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