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General Discussion / I want to create a bot need help
« on: 02:29 PM - 06/30/17 »
So I want something simple , basically I want a program that is going to record all my mouse and keyboard presses , at what part of the screen and where exactly they were pressed and repeat that in an infinite loop for a game.

I read about macro recorders but id like to ask who has experience with this and will it work exactly the way I want it to .

If it works I may automate a lot of things on my computer actually lol . 

General Discussion / Why do people post GIFs ?
« on: 11:50 PM - 06/22/17 »
When I go on twitter or random forums I see so many reaction posts or just normal responses having these extremely annoying GIFs with the respective reactions. Why are people so obsessed with posting a gif , searching for it, doing all that work instead of just typing a simple word , saving their time and saving my traffic ?

General Discussion / Laptop / Surface Pro owners
« on: 06:51 AM - 06/20/17 »
Short :

I will be going to europe on vacation. Last time I went , I only took my tablet which I plugged in a computer to charge .

This time I want to take my new surface pro with me but it has the US version charger, it is meant to convert 110v to whatever it uses.  Do you think it will be a problem connecting the charger to a european outlet ( 220v ) with just an adapter allowing me to do so ? ( no extra transformers or anything )

On the charger it says input 100 - 240v 1Amp 60Hrz , so I guess it will work but just making sure.

General Discussion / The new CoD looks great !
« on: 09:39 PM - 06/14/17 »
I am so sick and tired of black ops 3 and IW , both games are straight up garbage, awful !

The main reason bo3 sux is because of the broken game mechanics and of course the Blast Supressor , that thing is way too OP and should not be in the game. If you use that perk , you're a complete scrub , there should be a severe penalty for boost jumping , you shouldn't be able to boost jump and power slide without being heard. Last time I played black ops 3 a week ago , I hear someones footsteps , they stop , so I think they stopped moving , I approach carefully just to get shot from behind with the guy being 10 feet above . What an awful , awful piece of trash game. Only way im playing this game again is if they made it so that Awareness counter Blast Suppressor 100% , I can not accept people jumping 10 feet in the air out of nowhere without any warning .

As for IW the game is just boring and doesnt feel like cod at all.

I really hope this WW2 game is great . I don't have a problem with Dead Silence but when you add advanced movement and also add the option for that movement to be complety silent , that is a game barker right there.


Everyone knows how many sites have this now and it's really annoying , some of them go really far with their ads too , I've had unwanted extensions and default search engines installed by disabling my adblock where I needed command prompt and regedit to remove them because they were un-removable from the browser settings . This saved my life . You only care about the script , the manual thing doesn't work for most sites .

How is a toy made for 2 year olds that you just spin around your fingers such a hit ???

And IMO that bs they say that it helps ADHD , anxeity etc. that ladies and gentlemen is call the placebo effect , I am 100% sure some idiot came up with that whole ADHD bs and when other people with ADHD heard it they wanted to believe it so that's how that happened .

I am 100% sure that if someone just bought this toy without knowing anything and they had adhd , they would never claim that it helps their ADHD , it might help you WHILE spinning it as you need to focus more on the spinning but that's about it , the moment you stop and boom, ADHD kicks in again , and that has nothing to do with the toy itself , it is just logic , when find something interesting you can concetrate further on it.

What happens when you start finding it boring though lol ?

This thing will be forgotten in 2-3 months and whoever follows internet trends is retarded.

****** Yours truly LolPop

Ok , for anyone who wants a dark style :

You need Google Chrome , go to the extension store and install something called "Style Bot" It look likes this :

Once installed , open it :

Now click "Edit CSS" ( bottom right )


Copy paste this code :

#header, #content_section {
    background-image: url(http://www.solidbackgrounds.com/images/1920x1080/1920x1080-black-solid-color-background.jpg);
    background-color: #000000;

body {
    background-image: none;
    background-color: #0a0a0a;
    color: #d8d8d8;

.postarea, .moderatorbar {
    background-color: #000000;

.post_wrapper {
    background-color: #000000;

.card {
    display: none;

.stickybg, .stickybg2 {
    background-color: rgba(60, 52, 52, 0.5) ;

#topic_icons {
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);

body, .subject.windowbg2 {
    font-weight: bold;

a, .subject.windowbg2 {
    color: #ffffff;

.table_grid tbody tr {
    border-bottom: 0px;

[type='text'], [type='password'], [type='date'], [type='datetime'], [type='datetime-local'], [type='month'], [type='week'], [type='email'], [type='number'], [type='search'], [type='tel'], [type='time'], [type='url'], [type='color'], textarea {
    background-color: #313131;
    color: #e2e2e2;

.navigate_section ul li { color: #ffffff; font-size: 0.8rem; }

Now click save :

That's it , your done :)

Site will now look like this :

General Discussion / New design looks cool
« on: 02:06 AM - 05/05/17 »
The only thing is the front page , after where it says , XIM enables gamers, benefits and xim is simplicty, you could have all those 3 on one row as a slideshow where you can also select which one to views of course . Just my opinion.

Don't know how some regulars will react to this who are so used to the dark style.

XIM4>>>>XIM4>>>>PS4/Xbox One . Has anyone who has 2 tried that lol

So I just got a new desk for my living room PC giving me more space for a third monitor , but there is a catch . The gpu on that PC only has 2 DVI ports and 1 HDMI , both of the DVI ports are being used .

Do you think it will work if I connect the third monitor through HDMI , anyone have experience with that ?

General Discussion / Anyone own a G403 ?
« on: 01:25 AM - 04/10/17 »
How is it ? I currently have a g400s but it's getting kind of old, I've been using it non stop for 2.5 years now and most stores don't sell it anymore. I can still find it online but I also wanted to upgrade so I found the g403 which seems nice but idk, it has those 2 giant buttons on the side instead of the small ones the g400s has which of course I never use and I don't see a DPI up and down buttons on the mouse , so @#$% .

I did get a g700s a few days ago but that thing was terrible so I returned it . There was some kind of built in acceleration that I couldn't get rid of in logitech software and jittering when using it with the XIM.

Have in mind that I am so used to the g400s right now that you can't even imagine , I need something extremely similar or the exact same.

So as some of you might know , I went back to ps4 a few weeks ago . I did download bo3 on it in the past so I had it sitting there, I also installed Infinite Warfare and CoD4 and until now I was playing bo3.

But today I gave up on it completely because the game is 100% broken. Here are a few issues:

- SMGs, especially VMP are insanely overpowered, built in lightweight , built in stock , the vmp MELTS people even at mid-long range if used by someone who can control the recoil. As many of you know I am a stealth Assault Rifle person , I don't like using advanced movement or specialists, i use most stealth perks in the game at once and I spawn trap , you have no idea how many times I was pre-aimed around a corner , expecting the guy to pop up , shoot first and get INSTA-MELTED by that gun. I don't understand how in the world that gun has not been nerfed and it's not even the gun itself, keep reading.

- The hit detection is completely broken just like ANY 3arc game, in net-code aspect Treyarch are THE WORST develepment team that there is. Just yesterday I had a game ending kill cam that was in slow motion and it showed how at least 5 of my shots in the arms and legs did not register on a guy who was flying, even though based on that kill cam and what I experienced should've hit ( I was using HVK30, it fires pretty fast) . Treyarch games are broken enough without characters moving so fast and the jumping , add that and you get a @#$% show. I am 100% sure there are invincibility frames when someone is boost jumping and sliding , I've had this many times, I shoot someone doing those things and nothing happens. Also just the way in which the characters move and react to getting shot, once again something that only happens in treyarch games. You shoot someone and not only does their movement speed increase for a second ( like if they strafe to the side or something ) , but the character acts like a ballerina, first the impact of getting shot, then he tilts his head to one side , starts going the opposite side and the speed of his legs moving don't match his movement speed, he is moving much faster, you can even sliding rather than walking. Oh yea and SMGs running stock , i don't even know why that's even allowed , it is what I just described x 2 , completely broken .

- The third thing is the aim assist , it is simply inconstant. I use an AR which should have the same amount of aim assist at all ranges but the aim assist sometimes followers the guy , sometimes doesn't and just slows down the sensitivity , just straight up bs.

Then I tried Infinite Warfare and it just works . When you shoot someone , they die, my KD went from 2.5 in @#$% ops 3 to 5.2 in Infinite Warfare. The hit detection just works, they aim assist doesn't purposely put you behind the guy when they jump or slide like it does in bo3 , giving them an advantage for using those stupid mechanics, it puts you right on them and there is no invincibility frames either. When it comes to treyarch , they always produce the best CONCEPTS and always have the worst games because the most important things, the movement mechanics , the camera angles and hit detection are THE WORST in the entire FPS industry. Their games have always been broken and I don't think it will ever change . The concept of Infinite Warfare sucks compared to bo3, I don't like what the game is about , but it just plays better so that's what I would rather play.

Oh , and another thing I forget to say about the VMP and makes it so op, since the hit detection is screwed up, guess what , the faster your rate of fire , the more chance you have of hitting + fast rate of fire and low damage means the person getting shot will be flinching like a mother @#$% so there you go :)

General Discussion / Connection failure
« on: 10:06 PM - 03/28/17 »
Just got my new xim4

So I tried my phone and tablet , I get a message saying :

" Connection failure ( Paired XIM4 not found )  [-1] " 

Bluetooth was on on both my tablet and my phone, the controller connected to the xim4 is working just fine.

And yes and i was pressing the P button and the rainbow sequence  was showing up .

Also I just downloaded the newest version of the app so that isn't the problem either .

Also tried connecting with M/K plugged in and out , no luck , same exact error.

Help would be appreciated .

General Discussion / My fav keyboard
« on: 01:18 AM - 03/27/17 »

Not a joke, the keyboard is small, perfect for typing and gaming , I can move it around however I want with ease, because of how small it is and how much less the buttons need to travel when you press them , typing is significantly better .

If you're interested there are other versions of the keyboard as well. There is a wireless one ,a bluetooth one etc.

Another great benefit is the absense of a num pad , something that makes keyboars that are already too big , way too big . In fact, back when I was buying it , this i was the only reason I bought it  1 year later I am still using this one for work and for gaming and my 100$ mechanical keyboard is just sitting on the side.

If you have a few extra bucks to spend or you need a new keyboard defiantly try one of these .

I am pretty sure that keyboard can be found the US version of amazon as well .

Have been playing mainly Rocket League for the past year ( 1000+ hours already ) and yesterday I fired up Black Ops 3 from my PC and now im hooked . Call of Duty makes me relax.

So I just bought a new xim4 , my 2nd or third one , I don't remember, all I know that things didn't end well for me previous one a year ago (not your fault, I'm the one who really @#$% it up trying something, not gonna into detail). And once it arrives I will be back to shitting on little kids and boosting my ego even further.

My current set up is pretty good too . What I have is 2 of these USB switches https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B001D1UTC4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Both have 2 USB ports , the first switch I use for my mouse and keyboard and the other one I am going to use for my headset. Idk why but I really like the PS4 Gold Headset I've been using it for a year now on my PC so instead of buying a second one and having to worry 2 of them , charging them , taking up space etc. The reciever of the only ones I have will plugged into that USB switch whenever I need to switch audio from PC to PS4 and the headphones are wireless too so its perfect. As for charging I have that covered , I have an portable charger that I can attach to my arm using an armbend and charge the headphones that way while on my head and they're pretty much still wireless .

In addition I also have a HDMI switch , so instaed of pressing the buttons on my monitor, every time.

So, in short , I can switch from the PS4 to the PC with just one button , switch the keyboard mouse output device with just one button and switch the audio output with just one button , all sitting right next to me , right next to each-other, labeled too just in case .

+ I will be getting a Surface Pro 5 when it's out to make my life even easier because laptops are annoying , a tablet that is PC is the only way to go on the portable side IMO , screw laptops .

Time to rape some noobs.

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