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General Discussion / How many warnings to get banned ?
« on: 01:21 PM - 08/12/18 »
Just checked my inbox and realized I have 2 of them. One for offensive language and one for insulting people.

My guess is that the third one will make it so that my posts have to be manually approved like back in the day.

Please don't LOL

I use ARs and the LMG. Any time I go up against a SMG no matter the range I just can't keep up. It seems like the aim assist is way too weak, it does follow the person but it follows behind them and honestly there is no way to react instantly to a lightweight SMG with stock, it is just not humanly possible unless you're some freak. I never had this problem in black ops 3 as the aim assist followed people pretty good for the most part.

I dont know but if it is left like this, rewarding people for moving left and right I will cancel my order, this is even more annoying than the exo suits.

If I am on the guy and he starts strafing the aim assist should remain right on the guy regardless of how fast he moves period. I am so sick and tired of this annoying SMGs ruining call of duty with their ridicolously fast fire rates and even faster movement speeds while being able to shoot perfectly.

Movement during a gunfight should give you absolutely no advantage whatsoever. This is why I play on console with aim assist. If I wanted to play against a bunch of ballerina losers I would play against PC players.

I am still playing Blops 3 when I have time, I heard about Fortnite and downloaded it.

After 15 games, where I pretty much either forced myself to play or didn't find any free for all lobbies in Black Ops 3 (b.cuz thats the only gamemode I like, anything team oriented sux for solo due to team skills based match-making), I can say that this game is an absolute joke.

All I experienced was either getting shot by someone who picks up a weapon as soon as they drop, or the most common one, running around for 10 minutes not finding anyone , and either rage quitting due to boredom, or getting into a house and getting killed by traps or someone camping in a corner with a shotgun.

Not only is the game super boring, unbalanced, but it is also a third person shooter.

Call of Duty can only be killed by a game that is very similar, but is doing everything right, the way the fans want it.

Why is pubG in the title ? Well I heard PubG is ever slowered paced , so I can only imagine.

How to make Fortnite fun:

Get rid of building
Siginificantly smaller maps
Players all start with weapons, unlimited ammo and full shields.
Either remove RPGs and Snipers or give them to everyone in the lobby at spawn.

The only loot should be health kits and shield regen kits, or even better give health and shield auto-regen and completely remove health kits nad shield kits

As some of you know I have a mouse and keyboard switch and a headset switch. Both allow me to switch my M/K and sound from my console to the PC with 2 buttons.

I've been using the PS Gold headset for 2 years now on both my PC and PS4 but it is getting frusting. These things break at least once a year. And before you jump on me asking why I haven't switched yet, here it is:

With the gold headset , I can switch from the PS4 to the PC , back and forth as many times as I want without ever having to restart or unplug the headset. I did buy other ones, PS Plantnium and some Turtlebeach. The PS Platnium would produce no sound when switched from one device to another, and even restart wouldn't work (on the headset) , I had to physically unplug the receiver and plug it again and restart the headset. SAME thing with the tutrlebeaches.

Does anyone else here use a switch for the headset like me , and if you do, do you know a headset that FFFFFING works properly and allows me to switch back and forth without any further bs ?

And yes my current Gold headset just broke and idk if I want to buy another one, nor do I want to buy another brand again and return it.

And yes, I am talking about a wireless headset with a USB reciever, wired is too old school and uncomfortable now.

General Discussion / Upgraded HDD and having some problems
« on: 06:49 PM - 01/28/18 »
My 3TB 4 year old HDD sounded like it was going to die for the past few weeks, so I took safety measures and decided to upgrade to a 8TB one. Here it is: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01M1BUBSO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I installed it, just unplugging the previous one with the computer @#$% down and restarted the computer. I got this message right off the bat :

Now the weird thing is that when I press F2 for the HP menu and then in the menu I just click Exit, my computer restarts WITHOUT ACTUALLY SHUTTING DOWN and it starts up without errors:

In other words, this message ONLY occurs when the computer has been shut down and I boot it up. If I restart it, it is fine.

The HDD is showing up and working just fine (though initially, it wasn't, I had to go to Hard Drive managment and set it up)

Anyone know what this error could mean ?

NOTE: this HDD is connected with a power cable and a standard SATA cable. This SATA cable of this HDD is connected to the SATA cable of the other Hard Drive (the SSD where the windows is) , I think this is called RAID mode or something. Also the 3tb HDD I upgraded wasn't the one that came with the computer. It came with a 1tb one and I changed it with the 3tb one shortly after I bought it. No errors though.

General Discussion / Who codes in Notepad ?
« on: 03:55 AM - 01/17/18 »
I've been teaching myself programming the past year, and I honestly find it MUCH MUCH easier to just create folders and simple notepad files. (not notepad+, but the very basic one). Even long code I'd rather do in Notepad.

All those fancy editors make me lose my focus really easy with all the colors, and I absolutely despise the way they try to correct me the moment I make a mistake.

I do use one at the very end when I'm about to run things just to check for minor spelling errors, but that's about it.

Idk about other people but I'd rather press tab manually where needed to adjust the spaces, rather than having some automated software do that for me and display things in different colors.

Anyone else ?

Now that I  think about it , I pretty much use notepad for everything. I occasionally use MS Word when there is a lot of writing (not code) and I need to make some things bold but that's about it.

#NotepadNation !

Btw who remembers all those notepad tutorial videos on youtube with that 009 Sound system song or whatever it was around 2009 lol

I see the controller probably gets plugged in the back , but what about the M and K ?

General Discussion / ...Is lolpop dead ?
« on: 03:02 PM - 01/10/18 »
No I'm not. I just haven't been playing a lot of games lately as they suck.

CoD ww2 is a joke, Rocket League sucks now, Fortnite is a joke as well, PugG..... what the hell is that, I don't care.

General Discussion / WW2 made me quit Call of Duty
« on: 12:13 PM - 11/14/17 »
Played just a few hours on day 1, haven't turned on my ps4 since then, that's how disgusted I am.

In just a few short sentences, for those whove played BO3, this is the class setup I used to use, Ghost, Hardwired, Awareness and DeadSilence + suppresor on all my weapons.

Basically this makes me invisible on the radar and un-soundwhore-able, while I'm able to see and soundwhore tha majority of people.

In ww2 , division don't allow that , not only is it impossible to have supressor on an Assualt Rifle or an LMG , but you also can't have silent footsteps , supressor and ghost at the same time, which is a must.

Besides that, the maps have too many openings and too many headglitches, I've never been shot from the side or from behind as I did playing this game.

*** This is a special thx to SledgeHammer games . I AM NEVER buying another one of their games or Infinity Wards,  I might give Treyarch's next game a go, as long as it's not futuristic but that's about it. Don't get me wrong though , treyarch also suck as the deverloper, the only thing is that compared to the other two, they are the better ones.

General Discussion / I don't like WW2
« on: 01:31 PM - 09/03/17 »
Just watched gameplay and idk why i don't get the same feeling I get when I play / watch the actual classic cods , the game mechanics look like Ghosts and Advanced Warfare had a baby . At least there is no advanced movement and specialist .

To be honest though i don't hate the advanced movement in bo3 for instance , I ONLY hate the existence of perks such as Blast Suppressor , Overclock and Overdrive and of course I fuking despise the specialists as 90% of my deaths are by them.

This year we may not have all that bs but the game just feels boring to me, I haven't played it but it looks generic AF

And also, where is the historical accuracy ? Why are the black female fascists / nazis like @#$% ? And why isn't there a german campaign ?
I might be of this generation but this generation is a bunch of cowards , they're all so concerned with offending people, while the fact is no matter what you do you gonna offend someone, so why even bother ?

If I made a @#$% game and i wanted it to have a german campaign , I would have all the brutality , the swastikas, etc . , if some ppl get offened , F them , there will be a lot more people who aren't and as long as that's the case, I consider it a win. When you try to advertize something to everyone , incl sensitive fux and kids it becomes bad .

Idk about youguys but I find my 5.5 inch phone a lot better for things such as general browsing reading even watching movies I'd still take the phone over my desktop or huge TV any day of the week. Its just that its so small and comfortable and it can fulfil all CONSUPTION needs better than desktops .

Now  when im eating .I do use my PC for consumption and of course , when it comes to doing actual work , a phone or an android tablet will never be able to match a PC .

As for android apple whatever games I don't really care as they are all the same , pure garbage but I wanna know , what do you use to consume media . let's say you want to read the news right now and you had a phone a tablet and a PC in front of you , which one would you pick ? Sa.e question again , this time you gonna watch Netflix , will you pick the phone the tablet the PC or A big screen TV ?

- Specialists
- Boost Jumping, Wall Running , Swimming , Sliding
- No more unlimited sprint , it makes the game too chaotic
- Perks like Dexterity and Gung Ho should not exist , the time it takes to stop Sprint and hipfire should be the same for everyone , no faster than it was in MW2
- Supply Drop weapons
- Character customization - all characters on the same team should look the same ( you could customize your character to look a certain way but ONLY FOR YOU )
- No more dancing dabbing, taunts etc , the end game screen should be just a scoreboard .
- Maps that have too many openings
- Skill based matchmaking
- Team-skill based match making

One thing I do want to see is more video settings on console, I want to be able to play at 65 FOV where I can actually SEE people even from far away and I want to be able to disable environmental effects such as smoke , Black Ops 3 for example has this built in smoke on every map which combined with the high FOV I can barely see people unless I pay really close attention and with the way the maps are , if you pay really close attention to just one part of your screen you gonna get shot from somewhere else .

Believe it or not , I am actually on the verge of quitting cod , I don't have much faith for WW2 either , thing about me is that I don't like the really old school CoDs , as well as I don't like the futuristic cods , the old school cods are usually boring like WaW , the futuristic ones have too much bs in them . The Modern Warfare series is where CoD should be .

General Discussion / Reddit is the worst site EVER !!!
« on: 05:43 AM - 07/20/17 »
@#$% is up with that site , whenever I try to comment on something , or post a thread on board it never shows up , I've tried with multiple accounts , some boards have sent me msgs like "in order post blah blah blah " ...................SHUT UP

Please this site needs to go away , you can't have a site with such heavy moderation be the top forum site , this is a total bs.

F U Reddit

General Discussion / I am cursed
« on: 04:51 AM - 07/18/17 »
Whenever I play cod , no matter which game I ALWAYS end up with HORRIBLE teamates and I mean 5 Kills - 27 Deaths horrible.

Let's take the last time I played black ops 3, it was about 30 games , ONLY 1 OF THOSE GAMES I actually got somewhat decent teamates, all other games I endeded up either going against a full party of tryhards all using mics VMPs, blast supressor etc and still managed to get 30+ kills , 2.5+ KD every game with most of my deaths being from either specailists or getting tripple and quadripple teamed by the other team.

My VERY last few games , there was 4 people with much better stats than me , 3+ KD , 400-500 SPM etc , I join their game , my teamatess are once again getting raped and I once again manage to get 3KD , making the 3.5KD player on the other team drop down to 2.0 .

I let the game end , and wait for another game to start thinking , well this time they gonna put one of those tryhards against me and the rest of the tryahrds on the same team so I can completely stomp , BUT HELL NO , next 3 GAMES IN A ROW , they put me again all those tryhards all on the same team and me alone with the biggest retards you can imagine and have in mind all of them had better stats than me, NOR WERE THEY PLAYING IN A PARTY !!!
My last game I rage quit after a teamate getting in my way and getting me killed 2 kills off RAPS .

I play CoD4 , same @#$% , IW which i barely play , same @#$% .

@#$% IS GOING ON , this has been happening for 4 years now .

General Discussion / Call of Duty is starting to annoy me
« on: 12:15 PM - 07/03/17 »
I go on black ops 3 , ALL my deaths from specialists and killstreams that are there because of my garbage teammates. A few games ago , I almost got 60 kills and a few deaths and I still lost the game.

I go on COD 4 every one is camping and the only reason im dying is because I can't see anything.

IW constant deaths by bs once again.

Most of the times when I am in a fair 1v1 gunfight with anyone , I win , I've made people with much higher KDs than me quit  but the problem is all this futuristic bs .

First of all ,F U all the people who complained about target finders in BO2 , target finders are perfectly balanced and fair , it helps you see people , something I have a lot of problems with in BO3 , the only way for me to get killed fairly on that game is for me to not see the guy. Not only is there smoke everywhere but the costumes blend in the with the enviroment and the higher FOV in all these newer games making everything smaller and movement seem faster makes things even worse . Another thing that makes things even worse is that the Thermal scope in BO3 for example, another amazing thing that helps you see people has NO AIM ASSIST no matter what gun you use it on .

No one should be messing with aim assist period , it should be the same for everything , if they wanted to nerf the snipers all the had to do is increase the time it takes to aim .

I want a COD with 65 field of view , a target finder , no specialists or advanced movement or sliding .

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