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General Discussion / They increased GTA 5 turn speed cap ?
« on: 04:39 PM - 12/04/13 »
I havent played it in  a while , today there was a TU , i updated and now i can change my camera sensitivity which makes it 500 times better , cuz the original sensitivity was pretty slow . Is the ST for xim3 based on that initial sensitvity that was in the game and you wernt able to change or based on the max sensitivity after the update ?

I keep getting owned on xbox one , i went 23 - 36 in domination today in ghosts thats how bad i am and to be honest the xbox one controller is actually worse than the 360 controller, the analog sticks are very tiny. Even my gf was laughing her @#$% of while watching me play with a controller . Idk why but i always use the highest sensitivity but i suck with it , low sensitivities feel like @#$% to me even when using a controller . Just imagine if there was no aim assist , what would controller players do ? Im one the few people who had aim assist disabled in blops2 and still owned but you cant disable it ghosts unfortunately .

How do you guys do with controllers ? Can you maintain a positive KD ? :D 

I havent used Smarties in long time and now after using a few of them , i just dont know what to say , they feel milion times better than Standards .

I am a huge fan of standard configurations , hopefully XIM4 has it as an option . Btw I traded my ps4 for a Xbox One and Ghosts for xbox one . Here is what happened the guy did not like the xbox and wanted a ps4 , and he said he can not sell it for full price because everyone wants a brand new one , his xbox one is in perfect condition but it has a little scratch caused by his desk while he was trying to place his xbox at the right spot . So he gave me a brand new xbox one and a copy of Ghosts in exchange ps4. So now I am going to wait sometime,  a few months till boxing day or some promotion and buy another ps4 cheaper and I am going to have both consoles :D . So I really would like the Standard Option to be back , it is all I use , smart translators are good but sometimes I like putting even more negative acceleration and more sensitivity or the opposite and adjust my dead zone . Can any of the developers confirm that Standards will be back, even if they are not I will still buy a new XIM and a new mouse g500s , I currently use a g500 but the more DPI the better right ? .

General Discussion / Upgrading TV , need advice .
« on: 06:16 PM - 11/25/13 »
I bought a PS4 and i have 32" 720p screen . Ive seen a lot of you complaining about delay on your XIM device and recomend gaming monitors but should i buy a gaming monitor that 1080p or a new TV like 50" thats 1080p . Ive never expirianced input lag before and i wanted to ask you if screen size is whats causing it . So what should I do , a 27" 1080p gaming monitor or a 50-55" 1080p HDTV ? Btw a lot of people say that the bigger your screen is , the better it looks so is that true , i personally prefer big screens for gaming even though im using a mouse and a keyboard but if that is going to cause lag , no thanks .

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