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General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 06:23 AM - 11/14/15 »
Wanna lol? Look at that matchmaking lmao with all the low level newbs in my team compared to some parties in the other team:

If it wasnt enough, they did put 8 players in the enemy team vs 6 in my team.  :o Just lmao. But I dont get mad, I like the game still. Game after that I went 28-2 and won (vs 6 players that time).

After having tried the M8 a few times, I prefer the XR-2 big time over M8, simply for the fact that you can hold mouse1 and it fires bursts. While with M8 you need to press mouse1 for every single burst. Once you get used to how XR2 works, it feels like M8 is a downgrade, even though in terms of damage/recoil/TTK they are very similar.

This hurts worse souver...

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 01:21 AM - 11/12/15 »
It just feels very strange as far as pubs go.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 11:06 PM - 11/11/15 »
So this is interesting, i had some free time to play today and keep in mind im playing tdm solo. Obviously as i learn the maps and what guns to use for what type of playstyle my kd is skyrocketing. As my kd skyrockets, my w/l is plummeting. And its not like im just settling for low kills high k/d, almost every game i score higher than the other teams leader and lose. Its like they offset me with my team, but it happened waaaay consistently today. And its tdm, kill to death is crucial, i had several times today i called in my raps and still lost.

Interesting way theyve chosen to balance pubs. Hey still a fun game guess i need a party.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 01:51 PM - 11/10/15 »
I honestly dont have many complaints about this game. Maps seem good, theres always a stinker or two though. Hit reg seems good. Aim assist is a little crazy but its to be expected.  Gun balance seems ok so far. I think its worlds better than the last two cods. Im not that into cod anymore but ill have it for a romp every now and then. Think treyarch did a good job all in all.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 04:50 PM - 11/04/15 »
Hmm another r6 tech test is on friday... Gonna be torn as hell.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 07:05 PM - 10/23/15 »
I mean in the end id rather play killing floor opposed to zombs, but most ppl arn't #pcmasterrace :p

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 05:27 PM - 10/23/15 »
Obviously love zombs for whatever reason. I guess its the social aspect, you really get to know the ppl you play with.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 02:38 PM - 10/23/15 »
Im not gonna lie i could give a @#$% about the game but that fridge... So sexxy.

The alpha and omega of this situation is that people wanting key/mouse support, try everthing under the sun, and end up here... On the XIM forums... Even looking for support on competitors products. I feel bad for the people that went through the same struggle as myself.

I'd also like to point out that you should be wary about the defensive glorification of XIM from many of the fanboys here. I've read from people who own a lot of the different products say the Titan One's and ChronusMAX Plus' performance is just as, nearly as or even better than XIM when it comes to certain games
So let me get this straight, you are saying do not take second hand opinions from XIM users but take second hand opinions from other users of different products? Furthermore, do you even know how many people on these forums own these other products? Do you know how many converted over to the XIM, from the very products you are mentioning? You make a lot of sweeping assumptions in many of your statements. I wouldnt presume to know what that says about you as a person, only that you weight your opinion higher than, simply, your own personal experiences.

Its bait bdm. Most people here have tried competitors products. Just let it be though i feel you.

General Discussion / Re: Introduction
« on: 03:22 PM - 10/10/15 »
Welcome i hope you didnt pay too much on amazon, the xim store has them for 124.99. I see it is prime though.

Congrats on the purchase much fun to come for you :-)

Xim is as close you can get to pc on a console. Most of us are ex or current pc gamers. I tweak my xim so that my console experience and pc experience are very close being that i routinely switch back and forth and dont want to screw up my muscle memory.  There are factors like above mentioned turn speed limits and aim assist present on console that affect the feel of the mouse that sometimes can be tweaked and sometimes have to be dealt with depending on the game.

Id also agree with the above posts that the xim is the best console peripheral ive ever come across. Enjoy your purchase. :-)

Hmm not gonna lie while im not a huge fan of this game i have to give credit where credit is due, the visuals and sound are pretty awesome to me. Really its the gameplay (not gunplay) that is very shallow to me. Havnt tried the bf4 smarty yet, but using the hip tranny for hip and  ads does feel good to me, thanks penguin.

It's fun for like 15 minutes.  Would be more fun with a group of friends, but even then only for a few hours.  Not a dump weeks/months of time into type of game.  Hardcore Star Wars fans who are slightly casual gamers will be in heaven.

This is exactly how i feel. Bf hardline smarty works ok for me. Interesting i use the bf4 smarty on hardline and the hardline smarty on swbf. Im so behind the times haha

General Discussion / Re: battlefront hyyype
« on: 01:19 PM - 10/07/15 »
Id encourage someone to try the bf4 smarty at some point to see if it works better. I dont feel like fiddling.

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