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Configurations and Requests / Re: Gears of War 3 Beta
« on: 12:40 AM - 04/20/11 »
Hmm my experience on the beta is cumbersome... keeps kicking me into p2p lobbies that have a dissapointing amount of lag. Hopefully the dedis will be back up soon.

Feedback / just letting you guys know....
« on: 12:15 AM - 04/20/11 »
Hey i requested to be put on an email list for when the new batch was available... i just decided to check the website and low and behold the xim3 is now available but i never got email notification... everything is cool i ordered mine but i wanted to let you guys know bc it could be a system failure that could greatly affect your sales of this device. Anyway cant wait to get mine thanks guys! Btw pardon my grammar i never was one for english lol

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