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General Discussion / Re: 4k PS4
« on: 10:11 PM - 03/21/16 »
Netflix is nice with the 4k comtent, cable is struggling with hd.

Lol, you guys. Im all for the merged online community but well see what happens and what it entails. Could go either way im thinking.

My corsair mouse works fine with the xim, though you have to set it up in the tricky corsair software on pc. Im pretty sure tuff is using a corsair aswell. I have a vengeance m95 going strong for almost two years now under heavy use.

Logitechs these days feel cheap, will get another corsair when this one dies. I garuntee you i wouldve gone only one year with a logitech. Ive gone through razers and logitechs like crazy in the past few years, the corsair has outperformed both.

Holy smokes i just searched corsair mice on the forum and theres a @#$% ton of problems. Maybe its because im running old firmware that mine runs fine, but im willing to bet its the unintuitive software, you need a profile on your mouse to use it with the xim. There are youtube vids to show you how to do that.

Wow i cant believe ubi screwed the console version up so bad.

Im liking it alot, obviously things need to be tweaked like that tickrate. Very deep mp game. Playing on pc though. No game is out that is anything like this game so im hoping ubi supports it well and the communty stays. Wont hold my breath though.

Im sure theyll make a smarty for it.

I loved the game, just waiting for full release on dec 1st. Playing it on pc.

Oh im not here to argue tuff you know that, just pointing something out. It all is subjective but i guess i was abused cuz i like metal. Lol. Its just not something id expect to come out of publix mouth.
        Anyway i find the separation interesting in people who view music as entertainment, and people who view music as artistic expression that is very often fueled by emotion.

On the subject of pop, it is very loosely defined but easily identified. in the 1800's classical was pop, early 1900's jazz was pop. Later rock n roll was pop. And it goes on. Lately (last 20 years maybe) weve seen some wierd things happen to pop as far as i can see. Largely due to greed i presume which i firmly believe will ruin america.
 But no pop wasnt always a sham.

Oh i love all types of music, but if your a guitar player youll probably at some point have enjoyed metal because its so prevalent in the genre.

Saying metal is for abused kids is about as ignorant as saying all muslims are terrorists, i was hoping for better from you yeesh.

Thanks RML and the same props to yourself.

That vid pics on pop music and hip hop aswell. I still am in total agreement with him especially as an ex engineer.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 08:53 AM - 11/21/15 »
No prestiging unless i get an itch down the road.

I feel a little dooped im not gonna lie. Unless they have a lot more weapons and maps for dlc not gonna last long. It does raise the bar for graphics and sound design though no doubt.

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 04:57 PM - 11/14/15 »
Tissues on sale... 59cents  a pack.

Thanks for the great deal on tissues, noone really has as good tissues as you!  :)

General Discussion / Re: CoD: BO3
« on: 04:00 PM - 11/14/15 »
Haha we have a bad teammate support group going. Lol.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Dr_ballistics Bo3 Curve (beta)
« on: 03:58 PM - 11/14/15 »
Well I mustve missed this, i just hope all the newcomers realize ballistics are very subjective. I only use them when a look mechanic is very wonky and need to adjust them. Its about as subjective as keybinds imo.

I think most xim users should learn to create their own though, there may be not so popular games down the road (no premade curves or ones that dont work for you)  that you will want to play that dont sport a super smooth look mechanic.

I dont think its smart to pay for something you can easily tweak yourself in a small amount of time, its not brain surgery.

Btw awesome keybinds are on sale!  :P

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