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Configurations and Requests / Blops pro smarty?
« on: 05:39 PM - 11/10/11 »
Was this ever released to the public? You know the one with the ballistics curve. Couldnt find it on the list of smarties.

Feedback / Amazing
« on: 04:51 AM - 11/08/11 »
iy just amazes me the support here... Reason why I stick around is bc of the general knowledge of the community is deep... But just on the xi, product I still havnt seen support like this ever. You guys over at xim and obsiv, mist, odin etc. are phenomenal. Your knowledge of the product and market is unparrallelled err something. You guys know this but positive reinforcement is always good.

So pretty much in this thread I want tales of great support and extreme success with the xim. Thanks again guys!

Straight up amazing. Cant stop playing it.... Its the best game ive played on the 360 though im not as experienced as others it makes arkham asylum look weak. I am rocking it with a controller which works perfect for this game. If you buy it you will not regret and if you rent it youll be ripping rocksteady off bigtime. Anyone else addicted?

Technical Support / xim3 freezes?
« on: 04:43 AM - 09/24/11 »
Hey i did a search but didnt find anything on this... my xim seems to be freezing when i try to bind keys on my geara three standard. Weird any thoughts?

Configurations and Requests / polling rate
« on: 07:23 AM - 08/12/11 »
Just out of curiosity since new polling rates are now compatible with xim3 has anyone screwed around with them and gotten better reaults?

General Discussion / Razer Onza te @#$% the bed...
« on: 02:23 AM - 06/03/11 »
Just warning everyone of this product... bought it about two months ago right before i bought my xim3. Its pretty much mostly just been chillin plugged into my xim for its entire life and its already starting to make uncommanded movements with its sticks. It took my ms controller a year and a half of constant mw2 sprint/dropshot beatings for it to start doing this and now after 2 months this supposed high quality product is doing it after virtually no use? What a POS. End of cool story. Lol.

General Discussion / 3arch's head dev confirms "lagops"
« on: 06:58 AM - 05/29/11 »
Saw this tonight from yesterday. Its the first time anyone from 3arch has commented on the lag issue in blops for xbox to my knowledge (aside from saying its in our heads). Sorry on my phone i couldnt cut and paste it but here is the link.... http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=504724&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=10 ... vahn's post is about halfway down the page you have to look for it.

General Discussion / good android fps...
« on: 10:54 PM - 05/24/11 »
Modern combat 2 is the nicest phone fps i've ever played... itll set you back 7$ but for me it was well worth it. Lovin it and it has online mp aswell. Like a mini COD. Anyone know of any other good droid fps's? Iphone users are welcome aswell.

General Discussion / anyone read rainbow 6?
« on: 03:00 AM - 05/05/11 »
A BOOK... whats that? Seriously anyone ever read rainbow six besides me and think it was great? This thread should get a lot of replies hehe

General Discussion / Brink Hype?
« on: 01:02 AM - 05/03/11 »
Ive seen previews and videos for this game... anyone want to explain all the hype to me? The gun on gun in cod and bfbc2 looks better than this and the parkour in crysis 2 looks better. Am i missing something? Graphics dont look good at all either from what ive seen. Im really curious so someone elaborate please. Thnx guys n gals.

Feedback / got my xim3 today!!
« on: 10:59 PM - 04/25/11 »
Came home from a horrible 16hr. Shift today to find my xim3 waiting for me. Sweet! Took me about a half an hour to get everything set up (adjusting the dpi and polling rate on my razer naga and binding my keys... the tutorials from obsiv i watched after placing the order really helped me shoot through the setup) and wow this product is awesome. I also have a key/mouse adapter from brand x and the xim3 totally outperforms it in all areas. Actually i had looked into the xim2 before i bought brand xs adapter but decided against it because i didnt want to be tied to a pc. But yea actually brand x's adapter is so bad compared to the xim that im surprised they can keep selling them at all.
            So anyway just wanted to thank obsiv and the rest of the xim team for a great product and awesome support. To the guys that havnt done much research on key/mouse adapters and are looking for one look no further than the xim and this site.
             Oh just curious anyone so used to the ads slowdown in blops they just keep it at the same sensitivity as the regular smart translator? Thats what ive been doing so far just bc im so used to the controller...itll be one of those things ill have to experiment with though.

            Thanks again obsiv and the xim guys!


Feedback / just letting you guys know....
« on: 12:15 AM - 04/20/11 »
Hey i requested to be put on an email list for when the new batch was available... i just decided to check the website and low and behold the xim3 is now available but i never got email notification... everything is cool i ordered mine but i wanted to let you guys know bc it could be a system failure that could greatly affect your sales of this device. Anyway cant wait to get mine thanks guys! Btw pardon my grammar i never was one for english lol

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