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General Discussion / flight simulator
« on: 01:34 AM - 08/31/12 »
So i was pretty much a flight simulator junky at one point.. particularly fs 2002 and FSX. I know microsoft axxed the FS team years ago so just wondering if anyone knew the next best thing compatible with windows 7 64bit. Kind of a random thread but just curious if you guys have any suggestions, or if im overlooking something big. Thanks.

General Discussion / crysis 3 mp confirmed!
« on: 01:07 PM - 08/15/12 »

im lovin it, hopefully on consoles they can implement a better match making system cuz c2 lag was unbearable, but dedis on pc were good

General Discussion / incredible orb breakdown
« on: 10:26 PM - 07/08/12 »
so im not the hugest fan of woody but he does some good breakdowns and this is prolly one of the most legit players hes done yet. also i love watching orb in cs or cod.

General Discussion / hehe dubstep is over already
« on: 03:37 AM - 05/12/12 »

hes pretty much hit the liits look forward to the new genre

General Discussion / Crysis 3
« on: 01:07 PM - 04/26/12 »
oh yea baby!


and as a real whopper crytek is developing homefront 2... its official for 2014. interesting.

General Discussion / Rip Razer Naga
« on: 01:45 AM - 04/03/12 »
After about a year of heavy use my beloved naga's left mb has bit the dust. Its ok for burst or semi auto weapons  but if i try to hold the trigger down it just stops firing on autos. well i already got a g500, i wanted something with a little weight to it anyway and it feels pretty good though im still getting adjusted. Actually i really wanted a g9x but best buy was out.

So 1 year of heavy use and the razer is down.... its better than the razer onza i had that failed within a month with no use but still i was expecting something a little better. What r u gonna do i guess.

General Discussion / European Union?
« on: 03:21 AM - 03/24/12 »
Warning for strong language and Germans and greeks should not watch this.



General Discussion / Blacklight retribution open beta
« on: 03:42 PM - 03/09/12 »
Anyone try this game yet? I got it its free to play and pretty fun but im terribad at it. All the ways they tried to combat camping in that game and still ppl insist on it. They penalize you for ads, make hipfire extremely accurate, no prone, and a visor where you can see all enemies on the map.

All in all though its a nice break from cod. Just wondering if anyones tried it yet and what their opinions were.

Configurations and Requests / ME3 demo standard?
« on: 11:24 AM - 02/15/12 »
Anyone worked on this yet? Forgive me if I missed a theead but didnt see it anywhere.

Lag Compensation

Understanding interpolation is important in designing for lag compensation because interpolation is another type of latency in a user's experience. To the extent that a player is looking at other objects that have been interpolated, then the amount of interpolation must be taken into consideration in computing, on the server, whether the player's aim was true.

Lag compensation is a method of normalizing server-side the state of the world for each player as that player's user commands are executed. You can think of lag compensation as taking a step back in time, on the server, and looking at the state of the world at the exact instant that the user performed some action. The algorithm works as follows:

1. Before executing a player's current user command, the server:

1. Computes a fairly accurate latency for the player 2. Searches the server history (for the current player) for the world update that was sent to the player and received by the player just before the player would have issued the movement command 3. From that update (and the one following it based on the exact target time being used), for each player in the update, move the other players backwards in time to exactly where they were when the current player's user command was created. This moving backwards must account for both

connection latency and the interpolation amount 8 the client was using that frame. 2. Allow the user command to execute (including any weapon firing commands, etc., that will run ray casts against all of the other players in their "old" positions). 3. Move all of the moved/time-warped players back to their correct/current positions

Note that in the step where we move the player backwards in time, this might actually require forcing additional state info backwards, too (for instance, whether the player was alive or dead or whether the player was ducking). The end result of lag compensation is that each local client is able to directly aim at other players without having to worry about leading his or her target in order to score a hit. Of course, this behavior is a game design tradeoff.

Game Design Implications of Lag Compensation

The introduction of lag compensation allows for each player to run on his or her own clock with no apparent latency. In this respect, it is important to understand that certain paradoxes or inconsistencies can occur. Of course, the old system with the authoritative server and "dumb" or simple clients had it's own paradoxes. In the end, making this tradeoff is a game design decision. For Half-Life, we believe deciding in favor of lag compensation was a justified game design decision.

The first problem of the old system was that you had to lead your target by some amount that was related to your latency to the server. Aiming directly at another player and pressing the fire button was almost assured to miss that player. The inconsistency here is that aiming is just not realistic and that the player controls have non-predictable responsiveness.

With lag compensation, the inconsistencies are different. For most players, all they have to do is acquire some aiming skill and they can become proficient (you still have to be able to aim). Lag compensation allows the player

to aim directly at his or her target and press the fire button (for instant hit weapons 9 ). The inconsistencies that sometimes occur, however, are from the points of view of the players being fired upon.

For instance, if a highly lagged player shoots at a less lagged player and scores a hit, it can appear to the less

lagged player that the lagged player has somehow "shot around a corner" 10 . In this case, the lower lag player may have darted around a corner. But the lagged player is seeing everything in the past. To the lagged player, s/he has a direct line of sight to the other player. The player lines up the crosshairs and presses the fire button. In the meantime, the low lag player has run around a corner and maybe even crouched behind a crate. If the high lag player is sufficiently lagged, say 500 milliseconds or so, this scenario is quite possible. Then, when the lagged player's user command arrives at the server, the hiding player is transported backward in time and is hit. This is the extreme case, and in this case, the low ping player says that s/he was shot from around the corner. However, from the lagged player's point of view, they lined up their crosshairs on the other player and fired a direct hit. From a game design point of view, the decision for us was easy: let each individual player have completely responsive interaction with the world and his or her weapons.

In addition, the inconsistency described above is much less pronounced in normal combat situations. For first-person shooters, there are two more typical cases. First, consider two players running straight at each other pressing the fire button. In this case, it's quite likely that lag compensation will just move the other player backwards along the same line as his or her movement. The person being shot will be looking straight at his attacker and no "bullets bending around corners" feeling will be present.

The next example is two players, one aiming at the other while the other dashes in front perpendicular to the first player. In this case, the paradox is minimized for a wholly different reason. The player who is dashing across the line of sight of the shooter probably has (in first-person shooters at least) a field of view of 90 degrees or less. In essence, the runner can't see where the other player is aiming. Therefore, getting shot isn't going to be surprising or feel wrong (you get what you deserve for running around in the open like a maniac). Of course, if you have a tank game, or a game where the player can run one direction, and look another, then this scenario is less clear-cut, since you might see the other player aiming in a slightly incorrect direction.


Lag compensation is a tool to ameliorate the effects of latency on today's action games. The decision of whether to implement such a system rests with the game designer since the decision directly changes the feel of the game. For Half-Life, Team Fortress and Counter Strike, the benefits of lag compensation easily outweighed the inconsistencies noted above.

General Discussion / "get stung on!"
« on: 07:40 PM - 01/05/12 »
So playing last night and get a random message from some scrub saying "get stung on" then I proceeded to receive a message from every member of my friendslist. @#$%. Who does that @#$%... I guess some random 9 yr. Old might think it was funny. I reported the guy and got on with my game but seriously... Lame scrub. At least do something good that makes my xbox catch fire or something why waste the time even in your own miserable, no @#$% getting existance?

General Discussion / Internet problems help if possible
« on: 12:47 AM - 12/09/11 »
So im not really that versed in routers and isps and modems etc. but I know some of ypu here are so I thought id ask.

Recently while playing online I get these huge lag spikes like every 4min or so that last for like 5 sec. In game (xbox) it kicks me from parties and just teleports me around the map. Then all is fine im back in the party and back in the game. I reset my router and modem and that seemed to help for a couple of hours but then the next day when I get on again its back.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

General Discussion / Cod elite benefits
« on: 01:00 PM - 11/13/11 »
So in the description it says hd recording capability.... Anyone have any experience with this cuz that and the maps may be thw only reason I buy this service.

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