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General Discussion / wow germany...
« on: 04:03 PM - 07/08/14 »
I thought your team was going for a KEM strike for a minute there. Bravo. What a beating.

General Discussion / animals as leaders
« on: 04:07 AM - 06/15/14 »
Changed my life....
Animals As Leaders - Tooth and Claw: http://youtu.be/9P4GsF1zdzM

General Discussion / Pop in 7/4
« on: 02:57 AM - 12/10/13 »
What was the last song in 7/4 time that was popular? The only one i can think of is this one, and if you have no clue what im talking about then disregard this post.

General Discussion / anyone with a ps4
« on: 01:15 AM - 11/24/13 »
Has anyone tried to use  native mouse and keyboard support for ps4? Errr..... Im pretty sure that it doesn't work for games but does it work with the gui or in any shape or fashion?

General Discussion / logitech g602...
« on: 03:57 PM - 09/01/13 »

General Discussion / Console players struggling on pc...
« on: 04:03 AM - 08/25/13 »
So console to pc instead of pc to console... watch. Thoughts?

General Discussion / Comedians....
« on: 11:42 PM - 08/21/13 »
Warning: not suitable for children under 23

Just thought id start a little thread here for entertainment purposes. As most of us do, i love to laugh and im sure theres a lot out there i havnt seen... so post away....

unfortunately though, a couple of rules, well one for me really. Keep the clips under 15 min or so, dont post a whole show, just some of the best excerpts (did i spell that right?) The Idea is that once in a while while your perusing through all the internet warrior posts you can get some serious laughs quick at the job or wherever in small doses.

Enter Bill Burr:

General Discussion / wow internet providers
« on: 09:12 PM - 07/31/13 »
prolly didnt need a new thread but this is kinda crazy... my local ip (which is cable) advertises 20 down and 5 up, far from great but itll definitely work. Decided to do a speed test at 8pm est and only got 7 down. again at 11pm 18 down, jesus. thats a lotta bandwidth consumption during peak time. Anyone got it worse?

General Discussion / funny, weird, i don't know
« on: 07:39 PM - 07/31/13 »
so another forum that i frequent bc it offers dedicated servers for p2p games (cod) head dev made this statement about 2 weeks ago, imagine if obsiv did something like this lol

Hello, community.

Today is a very mad sad day. Why, you would ask? Well, as I am hereby announcing that fourDeltaOne, including its community forums and game services (which include IW4M, IW5M and the friends list support for Operation2) will likely be shut down sometime this season.

Again, you might wonder to yourself, 'why?' I could say it has multiple reasons. Firstly, as some might've seen by my responses to various topics on the forums, the entire community tends to be just completely retarded. Yes, that probably includes you. Secondly, the staff is disorganized, and nothing would be doable to fix this - almost all the good people that were around this community from aIW have gone on to greener pastures now, and the current staff is for the most part the best we can get over here.

As known, any update that changes the current games gets responses like 'why did you release the update????? the game was fine before!!!!!!111!!!!!!1111', 'our clips dont look elgit anymore this sux you suk and updates suk', 'my game crashes, fix it now or suffer' and 'the game is so bad now that it's modded'.

The latter part even is true. At least 95% of the populated servers running now on IW4M (and a similar sample on IW5M, I'd guess) are running a bad mod (iSnipe/'trickshot'/similar sniper rifle-oriented modifications primarily, but also mods that serve no purpose and are named 'team_deathmatch' for no reason take a part on this), only running a single map/'best maps' (which excludes 40% of the entire game's content) or otherwise configured in a way that, while the majority of the retarded players here seem to like it, forces everyone else to play on these servers too, due to normal servers never getting populated.

In fact, one of ATVI's own game 'environments' has even suffered the same fate: the 2010 title we all call 'T5' is only ever played on 'Nuketown', or with nothing but those @#$% useless sniper rifles. Proper modifications (like the port of the WaW 'Tank War' game mode, for instance) don't even get a chance on the game, and the most playable server ends up being 'knife/crossbow domination'... as even the regular servers don't run anything sensible!

Sadly the community for these games seems to be pretty much dying out, as shown by the people on the newer titles (Operation2 and in part IW5M) clearly showing a lower average intelligence than the already-low average - I'd actually say these games have brought very few to no actual worthwhile additions to the current active community member group. In fact, most of the current group shows 'little to no interest' in the titles provided by the community itself - which makes them highly prone to go elsewhere, and leave us with... nothing?

I want to prevent such a slow death paired with me going crazy... but at the same time I won't want to stop working on my current projects, as there's still a lot of goals to accomplish... even though I'm barely able to complete any of them with my short attention span and the lack of able developers to help out.

We had a few, certainly, but most of them either disappeared, got C&D'd or got angry at the time it took me to deploy updates; none of them ever bothered with any of my main project goals, however.

Anyway, in the best case for you people I'd just leave this community rotting a slow death, not caring about it anymore, except for restarting services, and just focusing development on my future advanced research projects, rather than the currently existing projects.

And, when they are done, the current projects will be shut down, and migrated to any ARP that might be similar. If any(one is still around by then).


so previously this guy couldve made some money off his technical knowhow, but now lol.

so lately ive been into immersion... working on 2 more monitors for flight sims, racing sims and fps. i can toss competition to the wind as i have enough at work. cool vid/product  i saw that adds a nice effect on things.

General Discussion / really good youtube quality
« on: 01:44 AM - 06/26/13 »
so for you guys that like to upload in great quality, mostly for pc gamers i found this helpful. Maybe you will too.

here is an example of what it looks like

im curious if we can get console gameplay to look better using this method aswell... im no tech monster but thought this was pretty cool. But most of the ppl uploading these vids are playing on some serious resolutions so its ptobably not possible.

Intel just launched its latest 4000 series today... are you impressed? TBH Im not really... at least for my applications... id like to see some tests with pro tools and sony vegas or premier actually.

General Discussion / metro last light
« on: 02:59 AM - 05/28/13 »
Whos played it? Currently playing it and so far im liking it. Ran into an ai bug though and hopefully i can revert to a save point previous to the one before it. Sux i was having a blast.

General Discussion / gtx 780... kinda pissed
« on: 03:15 AM - 05/24/13 »
Well as most of you already know nvidia has launched its gtx 7 series.... i knew it was coming a couple months back and embraced it as a chance to get another 680 to sli for cheap. Price on the 780 is 650$ us now... while the 680 is still 460$ us. Hmmm what do you think? Go for another 680 or get a 780 and sell my 680 for as much as i can get?

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