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This has nothing to do with 'throwing money' at software after paying for hardware. It's about providing a steady source of income over the life of a product, instead of a large profit up front and basically nothing ongoing.

I find it hard to believe that people who are willing to pay THOUSANDS of dollars to big corporations for consoles, TVs/montiors, games, peripherals, etc. could be so against paying $1-$2 for quality STs and ongoing support from a small studio like XIM. This is how I envision it being priced;

1 ST = $2
5 STs = $9
10 STs = $17
20 STs = $30

How many of you buy more than 10 games per year that require STs? I urge you to stop thinking about how it would impact you personally and look at the bigger picture here. This extra ongoing income could benefit all of us in terms of extra staff, more frequent/better software updates, etc.

This is a solid business model, especially for small businesses who need more steady income. Again, IF they decide to go this route, I would prefer (as a consumer) if the initial hardware cost was discounted. Or there was an offer for x free STs with a XIM purchase.

TLDR; Obsiv needs to decide if he (and his staff) are willing to spend 60+ hours per week providing ongoing support for basically no ongoing revenue.

The profit from skins after paying for design and printing is probably very minimal.

However, I think paid STs are a good idea if the initial cost of the XIM hardware can be subsidized. It would give consumers a small upfront discount, and supplies the XIM team with an ongoing stream of revenue, which in turn gives them the motivation and ability to continue working on new features and upgrades.

The XIM Edge hasn't been in stock for over a year (or longer). So, in essence, the XIM team has been providing STs, firmware updates and ongoing customer support for free. I'm sure the initial product pricing took this into account but from a business standpoint it's not the best model.

I think $2 per ST is more than fair. Or they could sell 'bundles' of 5/10/20 for a small discount. In the grand scheme of things, this is a very small investment for individual users but on a large scale (5,000 STs per month) it gives the XIM team a steady income to work with.

That extra income could be used to hire additional staff, develop more products (XIM peripherals), new software and add more polish to existing software.

General Discussion / Re: W11cemeisters XIM mouse kit
« on: 11:13 PM - 04/08/14 »
What did I miss ? Why you guys whining about a 100g mouse ? I like heavy mice and I might get one the ones in OPs post .

This one is probably pretty heavy.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: xim4 price?
« on: 10:48 PM - 04/08/14 »
I'm not saying paying for ST's is the way to go or maximize profits or anything.

I don't think of it as maximizing profits, but more of securing an ongoing revenue stream. Look at it like this; XIM might sell 5,000 adapters upon release, and I'm sure they will continue to sell hardware at a steady pace for 3-6 months. But at some point the sales will dwindle. This is a niche product and the target market is fairly small, competition or not. I'm not saying this is the model that Obsiv should adpot, but it would be the best way to secure ongoing revenue to ensure future software maintenance and firmware/translator upgrades are accounted for.

I suspect most people only play a max of 3-5 games at any given time. So even if they charged $1/$2 you're looking at an insignificant amount for individual users, but give the XIM team the motivation to continue releasing quality software over the life of the product.

I guess the question for Obsiv is: IF people are willing to pay for STs, would it allow you to lower the initial hardware cost for consumers?

General Discussion / Re: W11cemeisters XIM mouse kit
« on: 10:23 PM - 04/08/14 »
I'd love to see this come to fruition, you guys are doing some good work here.

I sometimes feel like mouse selection is such a personal choice that no 2 people would ever be able to agree on a 'perfect' layout. For me (claw grip, high sens player) this is the most comfortable, lightweight mouse I've come across in 15+ years of PC gaming. It feels like it could be good for palm grip too.



I would use this as my everyday mouse but the button layout and sensor leave a lot to be desired. @#$% fine mouse for 30 bucks though.

Beta / Re: [XB1] Audio passthrough stopped working
« on: 09:56 PM - 04/03/14 »
make sure you change the volume levels
I think it might be a Mixamp issue. I see some other posts about it on their website.

There was a new controller update today?
Not sure, it might have been the old update which I never applied because my setup had been working fine previously.

Sorry for the false alarm.

Beta / Re: [XB1] Audio passthrough stopped working
« on: 08:25 PM - 04/03/14 »
Updated my controller and now everything appears to be working OK now. Although the voices in chat are very quiet.

Beta / [XB1] Audio passthrough stopped working
« on: 07:44 PM - 04/03/14 »
I've been using 20140329 since it dropped, and chat/audio have been working great until tonight. I can hear my friends in party chat, but they sound far away and my mic is not working.

I've tried a hard reset, different controllers, nothing seems to work.

My Xbone system firmware is 1404.140331-2200. I believe this was new today, so it may have broken something.

EDIT: Titanfall ST is drifting again too. Tried with Drift Guard on and off, no difference.

Beta / Re: New Firmware update soon?
« on: 02:03 PM - 03/16/14 »
im sure microsoft will patch that kinect problems at some point as well as making it acessable for all voice-chat related features, even ghosts
both consoles are full of bugs right now, we shouldnt take for gold what we see right now

Regardless, unless something changes, using a XIM4 will require extra hardware (either Kinect or a 2nd controller) to utilize voice chat. It's not ideal for a lot of people and ObsIV has said, even when looking for a PS4 solution, that he would prefer not to require extra hardware to use the XIM4 as intended. Here's hoping they can find a fix before release.

Beta / Re: Re: Do i have to buy XIM4 ?
« on: 06:09 AM - 03/16/14 »
I hope that means 99,999 units.  :)

Or it could mean 10,000 units. Or 25,000. No way to know, but we can be sure they will meet demand one way or another.

Or 100.00  :P

I find it hard to believe they have enough demand to move 10k units at launch, but I could be wrong. I just hope there is enough to at least satiate the beta testers who have spent time and money to help finalize the product.

Beta / Re: New Firmware update soon?
« on: 06:02 AM - 03/16/14 »
This, however, isn't one of them. Put down the flamethrowers and back away from the man tied to the stake in the bonfire.

It's the same reaction I received when I posted a similar thread asking for an update on X1 audio a couple weeks ago. Sadly, this is no longer a place where people can discuss their opinions in a civilized manner without being labeled 'entitled', or have their words twisted to make them look like a martyr.

lock this bull

I agree. There is no meaningful discussion here.

Beta / Re: New Firmware update soon?
« on: 06:45 PM - 03/15/14 »
Bummer. Just six hours ago it was said X1 Audio would not be allowed to delay this another day, now X1 audio is delaying this another day.

And before that he said he wouldn't delay X1 audio for PS4 support, but he did. People were upset about that too (myself included). It's a waiting game, only ObsIV and Orbital know how close they are to releasing the drops and what bugs will be fixed/not fixed.

I just hope we might still see XIM4 proper before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

Beta / Re: TitanFall ST
« on: 09:37 AM - 03/13/14 »
Dunno why respawn did that.

The common factor with bad look mechanics and source games is Valve, not source.

Go play CS:GO on PC with with a 360 controller.

Doesn't the common factor become the engine when you have non-Valve studios using it, and having equally bad look mechanics? ie. Titanfall

Beta / Re: TitanFall ST
« on: 09:41 AM - 03/12/14 »
I had to pull up a google images search of ps3 controllers to figure out the mappings.  It is a pain, sorry.

I got most of them except I can't get ADS to work. Can you share a screenshot or something?

Nevermind, I got it. L2 is ADS.

Beta / Re: TitanFall ST
« on: 09:30 AM - 03/12/14 »
Yes, the PS3 Killzone 3 ST.  It makes it a tad difficult to map buttons, but it best matches the look mechanic.

I've never owned a PS3, would anyone be able to translate the buttons to Xbox buttons?

ie. I assume Circle (PS) = A (XB)?

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